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Mr. Romney the charge needs to be made that the massive deficit spending of the democrats in 2008 collapsed the banking system and the evidence is in the Federal Reserve’s yearly and monthly budget records. This is what the Europeans mean when they blame America for collapsing the banking system in 2008 and the media never explains how or what Europeans mean by the accusation we collapsed or caused the world banking system to fail.


Barack Obama was a part of this massive deficit as a congressman in 2007 and 2008 as he is president now and has been for 3 years and 9 months. Why didn’t he fix it when he had total control by a supper majority in congress 2009 to 2010? He has no intention of fixing anything only destroying everything.


Here is what these federal budget documents show for 2008. $454.8 billion on deficit spending for Fiscal Year 2008 on budget deficits and an off budget deficit of $ 581.8 billion this gives us the total of $1.035 trillion for the democrats 2008 deficit.


First democrat budget 2008 Gross Public Debt $ 9,986.1 trillion



Last republican budget 2007 Gross Public Debt $ 8,950.8 trillion



The total democrat’s first year on and off budget 2008 deficit $1.035 trillion


The importance of why this matters is the dates because 70% of the $1.035 trillion in deficits happened just 5 months before the bank collapse not after.


Again this was done before the bank collapse not after and I believe it caused the world’s banks collapse of 2008 and not a result of it as the lame stream liberal news media and the democrat party has lied to the American people. If I wanted to destroy the American economy I would have done exactly what the democrats did do in their first budget as soon as they got control of congress in January of 2007.


Evidence and government reports are below as evidence to what I just said.


Democrats took control of congress in January 2007


Democrat’s first budget was from October 1, 2007 to September 30th 2008


Democrats first on budget deficit was $452 Billion on budget


Democrat’s first budget deficit including on and off budget total was $1.035 trillion.


This $1.035 trillion deficit did not include the bank bailout of $ 700 billion signed into law on October 3, 2008. this was after the close of the fiscal budget year ending on September 30, 2008 and would be in addition to the $1.035 trillion deficit. I have and am still hearing from the liberal and some conservative media that the bailout was the reason for the huge deficits but this was a special spending bill separate from the regular budget and was never all spent only about half was used and most has been paid back or will be. This is part of the political game of blame the banks for what the politicians did to give them cover and blame George W. Bush.


The average monthly off budget deficit of $ 581.8 billion combined with on budget deficits is what collapsed the banking system and $48.4 billion average in off budget deficits from May 2008 to September 2008 each month accumulative combined with the $454.8 billion on budget deficit spending is what dried up all available money in the banking system worldwide. Most of this deficit spending for fiscal 2008 or 70% happened in this five month period just before the 2008 bank collapse. This is not a theory it is from the records of monthly spending of Federal Reserve and CBO documents and hiding in plain sight.


Prior to the collapse the federal deficits were financed by banks and or governments of foreign countries. We didn’t start just printing money until after the banks collapsed in September 2008. The average on and off federal budget deficit in those 5 months before the bank collapse in 2008 was $140 billion a month and here we are it is September 2012 and the monthly on and off deficits have consistently averaged around $120 – $130 billion every month since May of 2008. All this happened after the Democrats got control of congress January 2007. None of this was done by the republicans and all of it was done by the liberal, progressive, socialist, democrats.


I would also like to remind readers of this – the entire prior year 2007 republican deficit was $161 billion for 1 year or $13.4 billion a month and all of a sudden it’s $161 billion every 40 days. This acted as a shock to the worlds banking systems and caused the world-wide banking system to collapse. If it was just our mortgage problems why did the whole worlds banking system fail? American private banks like Lehman Brothers failure by them self’s cannot dry up the world’s money supply but the Federal Reserve can and they did to finance the deficits from the democrats out of control spending. If it was just 1 bank that failed that wouldn’t cause the world-wide banking system to collapse either. It would take a world bank to collapse the system and that’s what the Federal Reserve is a world bank.


Here is the 5 monthly on budget deficits just before the 2008 bank collapse. This is just on budget deficits and not the off budgets that’s additional to these 5 months.


May 2008 Deficit -166 billion

June 2008 Deficit -33 billion

July 2008 Deficit -102 billion

August 2008 Deficit -112 billion

September 2008 Deficit -45 billion (the month of the world-wide bank collapse)


The total federal deficit for the period from May of 2008 to September 2008 was $ 458 billion. This is more than the entire on budget federal deficit for all of 2008 of $ 452 billion which means that up to that point we were on budget deficit nearly balanced and except for off budget spending we were up to that point of April 2008 and then an avalanche of all time record amounts of on budget and off budget combined federal deficit spending never before seen in history dried up all liquidity in the world banking system and left it broken to this day.


This is the on budget deficit for the 5 months prior to the 2008 bank collapse or $ 458 billion in just 5 months. Adding the average off budget deficits of $48.4 billion each month for those five months totals another $242 billion and the on and off budget the total is $ $700 billion. The close of the 2008 budget was September 30, 2008 and the bailout of TARP $700 billion was after the close of the 2008 budget year. Don’t let the media or anyone lie to you that the deficit was caused by the crash of the banking system as the banking system collapse was the direct result of the $1.035 trillion deficit spending of the democratic majority control of the senate and the House of Representatives. The democrats didn’t inherit this mess they caused it and the calendar and government records proves they caused it.


This is also the exact dollar amount of the 2008 bank bailout of TARP $700 billion and now we know the truth of how they came up with that number. Take notice this $1.035 trillion dollar 2008 budget deficit does not include the bank bailout of $700 billion that was special legislation and separate from the regular federal budgets in 2008 and in 2009. TARP was never part of the regular budget deficits it was special legislation and the banks have paid almost all of it back as of 2010. The reason the banks don’t complain is there in bed with the politicians and are happy to collapse the system and steal everyone’s money.


The Federal Reserve had to put back into the worlds banking system the money they took out of the world banking system prior to the bank collapse and that was caused from massive federal deficits of the liberal progressive democrats from May of 2008 to September 2008 and this budget was voted on according to constitutional law by April 2007 and this was 19 months before the collapse of the system. This was calculated and not an accident how can anyone spend $1 trillion by accident?


TARP dates and explanation of the bailouts.



The total democrat’s first year on and off budget deficit ending September 2008 the very same month the world banking system collapsed was $1.035 trillion. I repeat this happened before and not after the bank collapse of September 2008 and then the democrats blamed republicans and the banks for what the Democratic Party intentionally did by April 2007. If I wanted to destroy America this is how I would do it.




For those who blame Bush I say this, there has not been a federal budget produced by a president since President Eisenhower that was paid any attention by congress. As anyone who would say its Bushes fault I recommend you go back to school study some history and read the constitution as it clearly states the federal budget originates in the House of Representatives not the president’s office. The president does produce a recommended guideline for what he would like in the budget but it’s always ignored by congress. To suggest otherwise is just false information and you would be lying about the facts. Congress spends the money not the president. Read the constitution that’s what it says.


Take special note of the facts and the dates of this 2008 budget that was passed by April 15, 2007 or 1 year and 6 months prior to the collapse of the worlds banking system. Also the democrats did this just 4 months after taking majority control of both houses of congress in January of 2007. The normal deadline for congress to pass a budget is April 15th of each year and the budget year starts October 1 and ends September 30th if it was not intentional then what the hell was it!


Why hasn’t anyone in the Republican Party after 4 additional years of these intentional trillion dollars a year deficits pointed out that the Democratic Party is and has been intentionally trying to destroy America’s economy through the process of the federal budgets and deficit spending and also again using the private banking system to do it? This is being done so they can blame banks and Wall Street to give cover to the politicians.


The charge that all republicans running for congress and for the president’s office should make is this.


The democrats are trying to destroy the country economically from within the government with the massive trillion-dollar federal deficit spending year after year.


You have a clear choice do you want to destroy America from within or do you want America to prosper?


Also if the democrats are successful in their destruction of the current economic and political system the government all of its socialism goes with it the same day the existing system collapses. So the 47% on the dole will lose all government support if the system collapses. Not a scare tactic just a fact. Also the other 53% not on the dole will lose everything they have as well if the system collapses. It doesn’t matter where you put your money the collapse of the system will make you penniless if you can’t get your money out of the banks.


If Romney’s 47% statement wasn’t correct then why does Obama consistently pole at a 47% average? Common sense and statistics proves what Romney said was true. But the media twisted it into something he didn’t say and this is what they always do from 35 years of observation of the lame stream media. The whole Democratic Party is based on lies and if you look at their constituents is it any wonder why?


What the Democratic Party is doing is seditious treason by the legal description and or definition, but that part may or may not be included and left up to the person who makes that charge of treason. As the liberal progressives may try to dismiss the evidence above as a conspiracy theory and do what they do and turn the truth or facts into a fiction with the use of the word conspiracy to discredit facts.


The idea is to make a really big stink about all this intentional destruction of the wealth of America and let the American people decide what to do with the truth.


Force the liberals and the media to demand apologies and then tell all concerned I will not apologize for exposing democrats for what they have done and telling the truth about their treasonous plans to destroy America from within. (A further intentional insult) This is what Allen West does and god blesses Alan West for telling the truth. He is the bravest man I have ever come into contact with and he knows what’s going on in America and he has identified the enemy from within, the Democratic Party and the progressive communist caucus.


Alan West calls progressive caucus a bunch of communists. He has had the same education that I have about political economic systems and you won’t learn this in college you have to seek the truth on your own.




Go have a look for yourself at the communist party USA website and compare that to the democrat’s website and then have a look at the progressive caucus and then the unions and anyone else in the Democratic Party they all look like or have the same stance as the communist party USA website. Well of course they do they are all communist just like Alan west tells us they are and McCarthy was right too.




Grab the democrats by the nose and kick them in the ass. (Romney Did) If you want to piss off a liberal tell them the truth. If you want to piss of a conservative tell them a lie. This tells it all about the liberal and progressive character.


Always attack and force the liberals to defend. Every answer or any rebuttal should be in the form of additional attacks using the truth which always turns liberal or progressives into raving maniacs and never defend or apologize always attack. In war and politics defending a position is an admission of defeat and weakness’. (General George Patton tactics)


We also have to grab the American people by the nose and lead them to the truth.


This is what happens when the democrats are in charge. This is the monthly employment report that shows charts of what happened to the unemployment rate as soon as the deficit spending of the new 2007 democrat majority got control and started to deficit spend like the crazy people they are.




See the charts on page 1 just under the headline. This is before the banks collapsed not after. This shows how the employment went from 4.5% while the republicans controlled congress in 2006 and how it rapidly changes after January 2007 when democrats took majority control of congress and unemployment skyrocketed up to 6.5% prior to the bank collapse not after and eventually went over 10% unemployment.




The more congress spent the worse the job situation got. See the charts just under the headline number. This also proves that government spending and deficit spending does the opposite of what liberal progressive democrats tell you. The more the democrat’s deficits spent the worse unemployment and the economy got.


The stimulus of $800 billion in 2009 did very little for permanent job creation and thus destroying the myth of government creating jobs by borrowing and spending money they don’t have. The government has borrowed or printed $7.4 trillion in just the last 5 years and the economy still stinks. As the government barrows the money it’s not in the banks anymore for the private sector to buy houses or for business to barrow for expansion and job creation.


I will do another page very soon showing all the specifics and naming the major players and legislation that caused the 2008 bank catastrophe and all of it comes from the Democratic Party’s legislation.


If you wish to contact me please leave a message. I will see it before it is posted.


If you are a liberal, progressive democrat don’t waste your time or mine trying to post here. I have been in the political economy for 46 years, not reading about it but living in it as a business owner and employer and your B. S. is just that to me and your lies don’t belong here.

James Garrett



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 A series of events are about to take place in America

There is a building momentum of events about to take place and unfold into history. These events will dramatically change everything in the next seven weeks. It is not one thing that will cause this change is a combination of many things. These are ongoing problems and have building one upon the other over time.

I would like to point out these current economic affairs and identify them for the people. If the people are going to prepare for this the time is now. I believe in just the next seven weeks by July 8th 2011 the true nature of the economy will show itself and there will be a dramatic shift in the economy, the government won’t be able to hide their distortions anymore. All this will build into additional events that will prove we are in the double dip recession. (I believe it started in November and December of 2010)

The only place the economy that really shows strength is in the employment reports. There is a reason for these higher numbers. In the January employment situation report that came out on February 3, 2011 stated on page 4 that as of January 2011 they would count self-employed people Incorporated and unincorporated as employees. That number added to the current employed number is about 1 million additional self-employed people or employers now counted as employed people. Now you know where the huge numbers are coming from as all the other economic indicators contradicts the possibility of 200,000 jobs a month being created.

The first quarter GDP was 1.8 % and in 2 of those months they reported job numbers around 200,000 and that’s just not possible with a 1.8% growth rate.

All of this dollar growth in spending was from higher gas, food prices and other inflation in the economy or just plain higher prices.

Problem number one; these falsely bloated employment numbers will show the true nature of the economy when they run out of self-employed people to add to the employed number. That will come out in the July 8 report 2011 and then we will know the true nature of the employment situation.

I believe these unemployment figures will be the trigger for a sudden downturn of both physical and psychological sentiment in all sectors of the economy. This is just one of many other items in our economy building one upon the other.

Problem number two: The budget deficit that has been one of the primary causes of the current devaluation of the dollar and this is a large part of what has caused the higher gasoline prices and this will get worse in the next three months.

The debt ceiling is currently being negotiated with budget cuts in Congress.

 There will be no meaningful budget cuts that will truly reduce the deficit short-term or long-term.

 Long-term budget cuts mean zero if we don’t cut short-term spending because we have to make it to the long-term for those long-term cuts to make any difference. Anyone talking about or projecting that in 5 or 10 years will be broke is ignoring the fact that we went broke a long time ago.

The Democrats still control the Senate and the presidency. We have already seen their resistance to meaningful cuts and nothing good will come from the negotiations in the next two months. The debt ceiling will be raised but as the world gets a look at the so-called cuts in spending for the lack of meaningful budget cuts all confidence in our ability to fix the problem will go away. When confidence goes away so will the value of the debt bonds and the value of the dollar.

Problem number three. $4.00 dollar a gallon gasoline takes $440 billion out of economy when compared to $2.50 a gallon price of just 8 months ago. No one has reported this in total dollar amounts. Only vague statements that it hurts the economy, well how bad does it hurt? At the $2.50 a gallon crude oil refined is about 4.8% of the economy. At four dollars a gallon for gasoline its 7.8% of the economy this is a 3% shift in spending from all other sectors of the economy.

Problem number four; healthcare insurance from new regulations of the Democrats and Obama’s health care legislation has been costing the American people a minimum of $250 billion more a year in additional premiums this started in the last quarter of 2010. This has not been reported in total dollar amounts either, just vague statements of higher premiums and no total dollar amount figured an attached and subtracted from GDP. I calculated this is about 1.7% of gross domestic product on a yearly basis. This is equivalent of an additional dollar per gallon of gasoline being imposed on the American people. It has the same effect on the economy as gasoline neither one adds anything to the quality of life nor to our assets the money just disappears into thin air.

Adding up these two problems alone its negative 4.7% of GDP and much greater than the 3.5% GDP growth expected in the second quarter and all of 2011 and much more than the 1.8% GDP reported in the first quarter of 2011. These gross domestic product numbers are not inflation-adjusted when reported to public. If you inflation-adjusted the 4.7% negative to the economy for gasoline and healthcare costs we have a 2.9% negative inflation-adjusted gross domestic product and this makes it impossible for the economy to be creating 200,000 jobs a month which is explained by the government adding the self-employed business owners to the number of employed. The employment numbers are in fact phony numbers and the people who are reading or listening to this now know why.

 Adding it all up and attaching dates to it.

 Problem number one: unemployment reports are bogus and the true nature of the employment situation will show its true nature in the report of July 8 at 2011.

 Problem number two: the budget deficit and the debt ceiling will not be resolved. This problem will come up in July with no specific date but we do have a default date of August 2, 2011. They will raise the debt ceiling before this August 2, 2011 date.

  Problem number three: The second quarter GDP from March to June of 2011 comes out on July 28, 2011 this number will either be negative or very low number. Remember earlier we figured due to higher gasoline prices and the cost of health care we have a -4.7% shift in spending in just those two sectors and this does not count higher food prices or other prices that have gone up because the higher gasoline prices.

 Problem number four: Even higher gas prices than were paying right now. This will be caused from a further devaluation of the dollar and the inability of Congress to bring deficit spending under control. The full results of this will probably be felt in August and September of 2011.

 Problem number five; even higher health insurance premiums that will continue to increase as time goes on. All this comes from the Democrats and president Obama’s healthcare insurance as different additional requirements kick in overtime forcing up insurance premiums higher to the public.

This is all ongoing right now and building one upon the other as each week passes. Working against the American economy and the American people this is all being done by the Democratic Party who still controls two of three parts of the legislative government. If I was a person that wanted to destroy the United States from within, I would do exactly what the Democrats have done in their four years of controlling Congress from January 2007 to 2011 and they continue their intentional destruction of the economy and the country by refusing to cut any Government deficit spending.

Government reports are always way behind reality of things; it takes two business cycles of 60 days each or 120 days for the true nature of the economy to show up in government reports. Even when the government doctors up the numbers sooner or later the true state of the economy shows up.

Everything I have looked at tells me that from after the July 4 holiday we will have a dramatic change in all things in the economy. It is all attached to our $1.5 trillion yearly deficit and the apparent lack of ability to do anything about future deficits and it’s all because of our politics. This will cause a change in the value of the dollar like we fell off a Clift. This will lead to dramatically higher inflation or a severe devaluation of our currency which will cause all prices to dramatically increase not just the cost of gasoline. This will come mostly in the fourth quarter October 2011 to December 2011 and get much worse in 2012.

 Everything points to July and after the July  4th holiday. This is when it all comes together I believe the crap hits the fan and all this will unfold in just seven weeks.

 Next week house of representative are supposed to vote on raising debt ceiling the plan is for it not to pass. May 30th to June 3 2011

 Unemployment report comes out next Friday June 3, 2011. I am neutral on this one as I expect it will still be positive due to adding the self-employed.

 Quantitative easing stops June 30th

 Without QE 3 who will buy the bonds? If you total all the countries in the worlds who have purchased our debt bonds with their printed up phony money it doesn’t even come close to the $130 billion a month the Federal Reserve has been selling to pay for our deficits. That is what Quantitative easing  really is for, its money given to the banks in the guise of adding liquidity to the banking system and they banks turn the digits into the purchase of the debt bonds. China’s average bond purchases since the bank collapse in September 2008 has only been $10 billion a month and all other countries combined is just a little more than that, the rest comes from Quantitative easing or more than $100 billion a month is more or less just money made up out of thin air. So what happens when Quantitative easing ends in June? QE 3 or more money made up out of thin air to finance the federal budget deficits further destroying the value of the dollar.

 Israel – August 22 2011 Iran’s nuclear reactor comes on-line. Will Israel bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities? What happens if they do? Higher gasoline prices!

 July 8 the unemployment report will be bad. What will the markets do? This will show we are going into double dip recession.

  There’s certainly a lot going on right now!

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The proof of the headline can be found in the January 2011 report. See direct link below, read it at top of page 4 of the report.

 Changes to Household Survey Data

Effective with this release, two additional data series—”Self-employed workers, unincorporated” and “Self-employed workers, incorporated”—have been added to table A-9  (This is copy and pasted directly from the report)




They are counting self-employed as employees now. This does show up in the body of the reports month over month you can see it if you look at total employed the number are way off from the headline numbers. Look back at October to January reports Summary table A. Household data, seasonally adjusted and you will see big differences in the headlines and the body of the reports.


How can the economy be creating 600,000 jobs over the last 3 months and first quarter growth comes out (lower than the inflation rate) at 1.8% GDP growth? GDP is not inflation adjusted. The government is fixing the numbers and lying to the public.


Core Inflation rate projected for 2011 is 2.1 % if you take out food and gasoline. So we have to stop eating and buying gas so we can get to work and make money to buy food and eat and only than would inflation be 2.1%. Add in food and gasoline and Inflation is running about 5% on yearly base. So again how is the economy creating 600,000 jobs in the last 3 months? The numbers are fixed as they blend in the self-employed into their respective employed categories. This is not a conspiracy theory read top of page 4 of the  linked report it tells us that’s what there going to do. Almost no one ever reads the body content of these reports.


Commonsense proves that the economy can’t be creating any jobs. In the fourth quarter of 2010 the economy was growing at a rate of 2.7%. The first quarter the economy is said to be growing at 1.8% these numbers point to a slowing economy not a growing economy. The last time the economy added 200,000 jobs a month consecutively and three months in a row was in 2004 to 2006 the average yearly growth rate was between 5% and 6% and the unemployment rate was around 5%. Some quarters in the last economic expansion from 2002 to and up to 2007 the economy is growing at a rate of 7.9%. And even then we were only getting 200,000 and 300,000 jobs a month. There’s something really wrong here and I hope I have properly explained why we are getting these huge so-called job creation gains.


So once again using common sense and since none of the other reported numbers are adding up to what they are telling the public what else could be going on? So the only thing it could be is their adding or blending in the 1 million self-employed people who otherwise under the old rules would not be counted. This is exactly what is in the January report from the department of labor and statistics. They said they were going to do it and they did it, but what they are doing is deceiving the public for political purposes to make things look better than they really are for Barack Hussein Obama.


Here is more proof , Just five months ago in December of 2010 Barack Obama made a speech bragging about the 150,000 jobs created in November and he said we’ve created 1 million jobs now but that’s not good enough we need to do more. So how did we go from 1 million jobs to 2 million jobs they are currently boasting about in just five months and even the bogus headline numbers don’t add up to the current 2 million number the liberal media and B.O. are currently boasting about. And once again where do we get that additional 1 million from? This number comes from People who are already self-employed who are now counted as newly created jobs and employees for the benefit of political gain for Barack Obama. Just another great big lie to add to the long list of big lies told since Barack Obama became president. Lies told by him and lies told by liberal fringe lame stream news media.


So what’s the big deal and what makes it so important? If you make decisions based on bad information you’re going to make big mistakes. The perfect example of this making bad mistakes based upon disinformation is the very fact that we’ve got Barack Obama as president in 2009. Based on bad information the democrats took control of the house and the senate in 2007 and again in the 2008 elections the lame stream liberal news media ran a campaign of disinformation to the public about Barack Obama. We had bad information and we made a bad decision. We the American people gave the democrats a supper majority in the house and the senate in 2009. Now we are ware we are on account of the bad information being  given to the public all coming from liberal fringe lame stream news media disinformation campaigns.


The results of making a decision based on bad information is we now have a president who hates America, he is proven to be the most socialist president the United States has ever had. He is on the record as saying he wants to push an energy prices up sky-high. We can see the evidence of that in the price of gasoline and he says we can’t do anything about it. He has stated many times in his two books that he doesn’t like white people, so we have a racist as president. He is also a Moslem as he states this in his own books he would side with them if the political winds changed and he has. On top of everything else he is a compulsive liar but this is just typical of the liberal progressive Democratic Party.


The bigger problem is when the rest of the world finds out how we are fixing our economic numbers there will be a price to pay in confidence lost in our currency. The only thing that gives a paper or Fiat currency any value is confidence. Once the confidence in that currency is lost it declines in value rapidly against other currencies and this is what is coming very quickly in the next 4 to 5 months once the rest of the world figures out what we’re doing. The bogus 1 million people being added will run out in two more months May and June of 2011. The report for June comes out the first Friday in July. This is the last report that will have positive numbers and all following reports we will see the true state of the economy and the job market. This will show up quickly in the price of gasoline since we import 72% of our crude oil.


For all of 2010 the inflation rate of 1.6% was nearly the same as 2.7% GDP growth. Since the GDP growth number is not inflation adjusted to find it too true state of the economy you have to take away the inflation rate and that means the economy grew at 1.1% for the whole year 2010.


The point is with these very low growth rates and the huge number of jobs being added now and looking at prior six months before these huge numbers appeared out of nowhere there was almost no job growth at all. Even with a higher GDP number of 2.7% in 2010 than we have now at 1.8% in the first quarter of 2011 and somehow were now adding 200,000 jobs a month. This just doesn’t add up!


 It won’t take very long for our trading partners and the people who hold or purchase our treasury bonds to figure out where cooking the books. Once they lose confidence in our economic data they will lose confidence in our debt bonds that we are trying to sell into world markets at the rate of $130 billion a month. Take a look at these charts below and you will see something just doesn’t add up and if you can see it, the rest of the world will too and their goes the confidence and the value of the dollar. These charts show that the economy has made a downward turn and inflation has gone up making matters even worse and for some strange reason the economy has created 200,000 jobs each month three months in a row and now you know why. This all just does not add up unless they are cooking the books and now you know how they are doing it.



U.S. Inflation Raises 2.7% in March Published: 4/15/2011 12:36:15 PM    By: TradingEconomics.com, US Bureau of Labor Statistics


  These charts show inflation is now higher the growth rate of the economy and that in real terms means the inflation adjusted number shows the economy is shrinking not growing. We are just spending a lot more on gas and food and that gives the false appearance the economy is growing but it’s not. To see the True state of the economy: go here http://tiny.cc/658bx


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