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We don’t really have to January 2, 2013 to go off the fiscal cliff. It’s December 4, 2012 and congress goes on Christmas vacation Friday December 14th 2012 and they don’t come back till after we fall off the cliff. Taxmageddon will show up in the stock markets and will come well before January 1, 2013. If no deal is done before that date of Friday December 14th 2012. (There won’t be any deal) The stock market will show the results prior to the date not afterwards. If you have a 401-k or any other investment in stocks or bonds brace yourself for heavy losses.

This is a warning on Friday December 14th or in just 10 days all stock markets will start a rapid decline worldwide and this will continue into Monday the 17th and all the way to Friday the 21st December 2012 if no deal is done. The republicans will stay in Washington but the democrat controlled Senate will be ordered shut down by Harry read and the correction or crash will take place. The democrats will blame the republicans as that is what they are already doing even before there’s anything to blame anyone for. What will the blame game be like after markets crash? Friday December 14 is the normal scheduled Christmas break for congress.

The real cliff comes from a market reaction to the lack of any deal that stops America’s economy from a $600 billion shock. That shock comes from the shift in taxes and spending equal to a 4% negative to GDP and the biggest losses will not be the taxes themselves but the market’s reaction to those tax increases could cost trillions of dollars in lost stock values.

If the stock market’s losses are 2000 points on the DJIA for example in dollars it is equal to $2 trillion in lost stock values. This is the true result of Taxmageddon if congress allows us to go off the Cliff. It has been said for every 1000 points lost on the DJIA is approximately $1 trillion is lost in stock values across all U.S. markets.

Currently Republicans have no options to avoid the fiscal Clift or taxmageddon that will not destroy the economy and all the choices that democrats will allow to pass the senate will force a recession. All the options are really bad and the only one that will work for just a little while is keep everything the way it is and extend the current tax rates, but Obama has said and he insists he will not except that outcome of kicking the can down the road. If anyone is holding the middle class hostage it is Obama not the republicans in the house. Obama wants a grand bargain for which there is no good economic out come for anything he wants, what Obama wants will cost millions of jobs. That’s not an option Republicans can agree to.

Obama has proven over the last 4 years he understands nothing about economics, business or how jobs are created. It needs to be said Obama’s an idiot to top all idiots; he is the king of fools and will lead America to its complete economic destruction in the next few weeks. Obama’s winning of the election doesn’t prove his genius; it just proves how stupid the American people have become, all because of Obama phones that cheaply bought votes with tax payer’s money. (That is if he really won? As I believe the election was a complete fraud)


Obama says he will only accept a full 4.9% tax increase to the wealthiest tax payers and they are the job creators. That’s not a bumper sticker slogan anymore or a political talking point, it is just the facts. By the numbers it can be proven true that what Obama is demanding will certainly put us in a recession according to the congressional budget office = CBO. Let’s look at what faces the American people in the next few weeks and what the democrats have done in the past 6 years of the control of congress since January 2007. The American people have been setup with this no win scenario that we now have and democrats will be able to blame it all on the republicans no matter what republicans do because democrats control 85% of what is so-called the main stream media.

If congress does nothing we get the full force of the fiscal Clift which is a $600 billion shift in taxes and spending cuts. The media has been talking about this fiscal Clift but no one clearly explains exactly what that means. I don’t think any of media types are smart enough to see what it is or what it truly means for the economy, but I will attempt to explain it here. It’s not a matter of speculation it’s just really simple math and understanding economics.

If Republicans do what Obama and the liberal progressive democrats wants here is what the congressional budget office said about a deal republicans offered to raise taxes on the wealthy in the budget act of 2011 debt ceiling increase that threaten to shut down parts of government.

The CBO scored the proposal the republicans offered in 2011 that would raise taxes on the wealthy by roughly $80 Billion. The result was a recession and negative GDP growth of .5% or ½ %. They also said it would force 700,000 private sector jobs to be lost and by the end of 2013 push the unemployment rate from the current rate up to 9.1%. Again this was in 2011 and now Obama and the democrats want double or two times that much to $160 Billion in higher taxes from the job creators or the wealthy and that means twice the job losses to 1.4 million and twice the negative GDP growth -1%. This is what Obama wants; this is his so-called grand bargain. Only a complete idiot would think that’s a good idea, but that’s just Obama.

This doubling of higher taxes to the wealthy tax payers is the option that Obama is giving the republicans and this is not an option republicans can except, but it is insanity to ask for a tax increase that will force 1.4 million jobs to be lost to the middle class then lie about wanting to protect the middle class and force a recession in an already very weak economy that will loss 1.4 million jobs in the middle class. (Twisted logic) The only ones here protecting the middle class is the republicans not Obama.

How can the republicans agree to such an insane proposal when Republicans know it will cost so many jobs in the middle class and force us into a recession at the cost 1.4 million middle class jobs? They cannot. What sane person would vote for that? No sane person would vote for Obama’s so-called grand bargain and it’s not a deal of any acceptable kind. This whole Obama so-called deal is like trying to make a bargain with a terrorist who wants to kill you.

The Republicans have offered some concessions to higher taxes on the wealthy in recent discussions, but not the $80 billion and certainly not the $160 billion as the economy is weaker now then in early 2011 and any sizeable tax increase would not be good for the economy. There is no such thing as a grand bargain in what Obama is asking for; it’s more like a grand screwing to the American worker. Republicans are being asked to accept our grand economic destruction and the complete collapse of America’s economy into a deep recession or will it be a depression?

Taxes on the wealthy doesn’t include the automatic spending cuts from The Budget Control Act of 2011 said to be about $150 billion more that comes out of the economy and will have an additional negative effect on the economy. Obama is not trying to fix our fiscal issues and problems; Obama is trying to destroy the Republican Party and America along with it. I am all for spending cuts we need to shrink the spending of the federal government but not this way, not while taxing the crap out of everyone and forcing a depression like economy. These budget cuts should be done in increments’ in separate pieces of legislation over time slowing as the economy grows. I know this will not happen but that is the way it should happen.

The options the republicans have are unacceptable and the whole problem with the country is making deals or compromising with the democrats a party that wants to intentionally destroy the country. Obama and the democrats have found a way to blame the whole thing on the Republican Party but the truth is the whole thing was contrived by the democrats. The democrats want America to go off the fiscal Clift because they can blame any deal and all of them are bad on the Republican Party.  No matter whose fault it really is the liberal fringe lame stream news media will carry the lie and the people will believe the lie. America’s favorite pastime is blaming someone else for what they did to themselves by voting for democrats and Obama to get the free stuff.

I have told you about what the CBO has said about just taxing the wealthy and it has a really bad outcome and now let’s have a look at the math on the even bigger problem going completely off the $600 billion cliff. There is very big chance of the whole economy completely falling apart if the full force of taxmageddon if the existing law isn’t changed. The cost is a dramatic 4% of GDP just disappears into thin air. This will have the same economic effect as a gallon of gasoline going from $3.50 a gallon to $6.00 a gallon. You can probably relate to that and you know what that will do to your finances then multiply that time 140 million working Americans and the national fleet of 250 million cars. I did do the math based on our usage and the $600 billion taxmageddon it’s a very close estimate. This is an example for the effects and it will not necessarily affect the price of gas but the overall economic effect will be the same. (Catastrophic)

This taxmageddon automatically just happens in less than 4 weeks on January 1st 2013 if congress does nothing because this is already the law. Again stock markets will react before that date of January 1, 2013 not after. The optimism market players have that congress will stop taxmageddon comes from fantasies of the media and or wishful thinking.

The last 2 years has proven we have a senate that refuses to bring anything that passes the house to be allowed an up or down vote. At last count the republican controlled House of Representatives has passed 39 bills and Harry Reid hasn’t allowed any of them to go to the floor of the Senate for a vote. The house of representatives is functioning just fine passing 39 bills proves that. It is the Senate and or Harry Reid that is completely dysfunctional. The house has also passed 2 bills to fix the Clift or taxmageddon but dirty Harry wont allow a vote on either one. The truth is the democrats are screwing things up they are the dysfunctional party and they want to force America to go off the fiscal Clift. There purpose is to destroy the Republican Party and America with them. Will the democrat’s devious plan work?

If congress does nothing we get the full force of the fiscal Clift the media has been taking about but no one clearly explains exactly what that means to you and the whole country and the whole world will suffer great economic distress from our taxmageddon. I don’t think any of them are smart enough to see what it really means but I will attempt to explain more clearly here.

Here is what taxmageddon or the fiscal Clift means to you and to the whole economy and this number seems to get bigger by the week as more deductions are found that just go away and the higher total of the taxes mount up. The total amount of higher taxes collected from the wealthy and the middle class and the working poor (now 28 million that now pay no taxes at all and probably voted for Obama) is now $ 538 Billion in higher taxes as all tax rates go up 5% higher than they are now and around 20 tax deductions go away. This huge number of $ 538 Billion and based on the CBO estimated results of what $80 billion in higher taxes to only the wealthy was projected to do can be used as a guideline to calculate the economic impact of going off the Clift or taxmageddon.

The CBO has currently stated they cannot do an estimate on taxmageddon deal because they need the legislation to score the cost to the economy but that legislation doesn’t exist yet so we have to use the last CBO estimate as a basis on the budget act of 2011 debt deal that got us in this mess.

The higher tax of taxmageddon of $ 538 Billion on every one that works or has taxable income is 6.7 times the $80 Billion scored by the congressional budget office in 2011. Logically and mathematically the higher taxes would have the same multiple in its negative economic effects of 6.7 times the money that goes missing from the private sector economy into the black hole of government deficits of $1.1 trillion for 2012. So the math is 6.7 times the 700,000 lost jobs or 4,690,000 jobs lost. The negative growth rate of -.5% will be 6.7 times more or -3.35% This is to show the trend that when this much money being taken from the private sector in just simple straight math and it shows it will be catastrophic for the economy and jobs. This will be worse than the 2008 bank collapse because it doesn’t stop this time. No big stock market corrections or crashes are in the CBO estimates, there not allowed to do that.

I can tell you it will be a lot worse than any CBO estimate and there are a number of reasons. Here are just a few: first people will change their spending habits according to affordability after a stock market correction or a market crash. The working population or the tax payers that support the whole economy and socialist system will pull back spending as 50% of the working population are somehow invested in the stock market like in a 401k retirement program and that hurts business even more as everyone feels poorer and spends less. Adding to the devastation caused from the $538 Billion in higher taxes. The stock markets worldwide will adjust to America going into a recession along with all American stock markets as we are all tied together economically whether we like it or not that’s just the way it is. The CBO is not allowed to speculate on how markets will react they have a stricter set of guidelines and that’s why they are way off on most of their estimates long-term. There estimates are good for a few weeks to maybe 6 months, after that as time goes by their longer term estimate are useless.

No matter what the outcome the Republicans will be blamed for it. The election didn’t change anything and we will get 4 more years of congressional gridlock and 4 more years of an Obama’s dictatorship.

Some examples you can reference to see how people react and change their spending habits after any economic catastrophe is the 2008 bank collapse the 1987 stock market crash and the September 11, 2001 attack on the twin towers in New York. People just stopped spending and the economy went directly into a recession and my point is – things will get a lot worse than the -3.35% negative economic decline and will more likely be in the 6% negative GDP range just like after the 2008 bank collapse and the first quarter of 2009 was negative – 6% GDP and we have still not fully recovered from that. On top of that the Federal Reserve can no longer bail anyone out they are out of options but they can take over the banks and federalize them.

The overall dynamics of the economy has changed dramatically since 2008. This decline will be worse than any decline before because of the huge $16.4 trillion total deficits and a much larger portion of that are held within the banking system now in 2012 than in the 2008 bank collapse. A GDP growing at only 2% and Inflation said to be low at 2.2% if you believe that? The economy isn’t really growing at all, it’s the inflation that makes it seem like it is. We are in a much weaker position economically in 2012 than in 2008. 

This is a worldwide problem as all the major economies are doing the same thing. The total world-wide printing by governments has increased $21 trillion in just the last 6 years and most of that new debt is in the banking system.

The middle class with 401k Retirement plans or any money involved in the markets stocks or bonds will likely lose 40% to 60% of their money in those retirement accounts. Just like in 2008 after the banks froze up and this is just to start with, so the working people who support the economy will not be spending at the same rates they are now and all the false optimism will be forced away with a collapse coming in just 10 days when congress goes home for Christmas vacations while the economy through the stock markets just falls apart.

I have followed and been directly involved in every economic catastrophe since Jimmy Carter was president as a business owner and Obama and the democrats’ have set us up for the biggest collapse in world history. (The political economy)

In the last 4 years since the bank collapse of 2008 here is what has changed and will give us a multiple of 3 to 4 times worse than in the last bubble bursting and all created by the Federal Reserve poor economic and monetary policies. The banks have been buying trillions in U.S. treasury debt adding to what they already hold and adding trillions to the problem because the Federal Reserve has been making up phony money with these dollar amounts in trillions and creating a new much larger bubble than we had in 2008. The Federal Reserve has been buying old debt with the Q.E 1-2-3, and the so-called twists and the banks have been investing some of the money into the stock markets and commodities as well and repurchasing new federal debt with the very same money the Federal Reserve has been putting into the banks. (A Ponzi scheme; if you or me did this we would go to jail for a very long time like Burney Madoff)

This pumping of artificial money into markets has artificially inflated stock prices by pumping trillions of dollars into the banks creating money out of thin air with nothing but faith to back it up. Markets will collapse quickly as that faith will evaporate in a steep decline or even worse a panic sell off like in the 1987 crash and like all other crashes will take everyone by surprise. The banks are holding this huge multi trillion-dollar bag of dogey doo in U.S. government debt and banks will be blamed once again for what the politicians did or didn’t do. This is a 1934 cartoon from the New York Times. This has happened before.


The banks and the biggest investment firms which are banks are the biggest players in the artificially propped up stock markets and the bond markets. This is a worldwide condition that every government and economy in the world has been doing the same thing for the last 4 years. This bubble only needs a trigger to set it off and I believe the trigger is taxmageddon that comes in 10 days. This starts on December 14, 2012. The markets will decline and this decline will continue till Friday the 21st of December. The reason it stops there is because the 25th is Christmas day holiday and markets will be closed Saturday December 22nd to Wednesday the 26th of December. After that all the damage will be done and whatever congress and Obama do after that will make no difference, it’s too late to fix anything once the markets correct or collapse.

The economic losses will be similar to a repeat of the 2008 bank collapse only multiplied times 3 to 4 of what happen in 2008. There will be no rescue from the Federal Reserve and no bailouts of the banks as the federal government with the Dodd, Frank banking act allows the government to just take over the whole banking system there are no limits to what the government can do now under Dodd, Frank and that’s what will happen as that’s exactly what the bill is meant to do. Nationalize the banking system and here we go to the government controlling everything. (Communism) So what’s next? They’re going to steal all your money no matter where it is.

How much do you trust the government having control of all your savings and what do you think they will do with it once they have legally taken control of the banks and nationalizing the whole banking system and all the money? What did they do with the social security money? They spent it all, need I say more? If or when this happens think about what you will do if you have savings in the bank and that’s what everyone else will do. The results will be Runs on the banks just like in the great depression and finally just closing the banks as they run out of paper and digits in the computers. Banks only have about 10% of their deposits in cash or liquid assets the rest is loaned out to someone and even loaned to other banks that may go bankrupt and close their doors these loses quickly dominos through the entire banking system no matter who owns them.

The Federal Reserve has no bullets left and the bazooka doesn’t exist anymore.

In 2008 prior to the collapse of the banks the federal deficit total was about $9.6 trillion and its now $16.4 trillion. The interest rate set by the Federal Reserve was 5% in 2008 now its .5 or ½% it can’t get any lower than zero and lowering it 4.5% has done little good for the economy and reducing it, another ½% won’t make any difference after a market crash. We also will have reached the current debt ceiling of $16.4 trillion by the last week of December 2012 or first week of January 2013. Little has been said about this debt ceiling being reached but their parts of a grand deal Obama wants that’s no deal at all and will not come.

If I wanted to destroy America I would have done everything the democrats did since they took control of congress in January 2007 and I would refuse to change anything just as democrats and Obama have done and continue to do. If I wanted to destroy America I wouldn’t change a thing.

We are currently barrowing nearly $100 billion a month for deficit spending and just printing and digitizing most of that up in computers the paper doesn’t even exist, it’s mostly cyber money on a hard drive in computers. If markets do come crashing down in 2 weeks with the debt ceiling increase tied to a tax increase bill that will not come and congress is out on vacation it all comes to a head at the same time. Once things do fall apart it’s too late to fix the damage already done.

This is the perfect storm and America’s judgment day has arrived. If congress does pass something and it’s not economically sound like raising taxes on the wealthiest 2% the exact same thing will happen and markets will react as if congress did nothing at all. We will all pay a price for the people who backed Obama and voted for him. The utopia Democrats all dreamed of and like they have dreamed of in socialist Europe for the last 150 years that utopia never did materialize and will never come for America either. What is coming will be more like the opening of the gates of hell.

The Federal Reserve is a bank. It is not a branch of government and isn’t controlled by congress directly. When this bubble bursts there’s not enough money in the world to fix this crash. The Federal Reserve holds around $4 trillion in its own issued debt and when the crap hits the fan this time the Federal reserve bank will be just as broken as the banking system they artificially propped up for the last 4 years and its all self-inflicted from poor monetary policy’s mostly since 2007. They think they have it under control but if they did we wouldn’t be in this catastrophic position.

I am a realist and do not hope for any better outcome for which there is no evidence of any possible better outcome. Hope is like wishing for something it only works in fairy tales but not so much in the real world. I have watched and participated in the political economy for over 30 years and I know what the politicians will do before they know what they’re going to do.

There are no grand deals to be made and any choices they do make will be bad ones for the economy. The policies of the federal government and the democratic controlled congress have put us in a box we cannot get out of. All of the possible outcomes stink. The poorly contrived political economic policies of the past our going to haunt us and our children through eternity and the bill is coming due now,  in the next few weeks not in 5-10 or 20 years.

We are about to witness the destruction of America through its economy from within our own elected government. This is all absolutely intentional it is not by accident that this is going to happen. Liberal progressive Democrats are just the tool or the useful Idiots for the destruction of America. There is someone else behind all this but this article is not about that.

The visible and undeniable end of America starts in 10 days. Obama is not trying to fix our fiscal Issues and Problems; His s trying to destroy the Republicans and to do that Obama’s going to destroy the economy and the country with it.

Congress goes from one screw up to the next screw up and the reason for this is the compromise of capitalism in trade offs for a larger more expensive government and more socialism and wealth redistribution. This will only end when we collapse under the weight of too much socialism, the government will go away with it and that’s weeks away not years. The deal Obama and the democrat controlled senate offers are going to collapse the economy. Keeping taxes the same for everyone will just put off the date as it will come up again.

The bottom line on taxmageddon or the so-called cliff is no matter what happens Americans gets screwed.

 If we get exactly all that Obama’s asking for we go off the cliff and into a deep recession. The congressional budget office has stated this and I agree.

 If congress does nothing at all we go of the bigger cliff. So no matter what: deal or no deal we go off the cliff. That’s the deal, we go off the cliff.

 The only alternative is keeping all tax rates at their current levels for everyone and Obama said that’s not acceptable. So we go off the cliff.

 The republicans are already being blamed for this but they haven’t been in control of congress since 2006 and they still are not in control but the lying media says republicans are to blame.

  Lou Dobbs agrees with me 


Paul Ryan: That leads us to conclude Obama’s trying to get us to our fiscal cliff,” Ryan said. “He doesn’t want to come to the middle.”



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Have you been watching, reading or following what has been going on in Europe with the Greek debt and now its Italy and Spain that may also need bailing out. What the hell is going on over there in socialist Europe? The socialist have finally run out of people to steal from! They can’t decide on how they’re going to print $600 billion in Euros and who’s going to be responsible to pay for that.

The latest speculation is a breakup of the European Union and a reforming of a smaller number of countries into a new union. If that happens what happens to the seven little pigs and France becomes one of them and they seem to forget that. French banks hold a lot of debt in Italy and Greek government debt. This debt is also termed by the media as sovereign debt which means government deficit spending just like we have in America it’s the same thing that’s currently destroying Europe.

What does this mean for America how will it affect you and your money?

First the liberal fringe news media whom you know are all liberal, progressives’ democrats or socialists by another name. They are hiding behind words in plain sight of a dumbed down undereducated public. While the liberals spin twist and lie about what is happening in Europe to hide the failure of their political beliefs that socialism is better than capitalism I will only tell you the scary truth.

Too much socialism worldwide has collapsed the capitalist system that supports the socialism and the parasite has killed the host. That’s why the wage base has dropped so severely in the last 4 years and now 52% of working Americans are under the middle class income bracket and the poverty level is increasing faster than it ever has before. We are turning into a third world country at lightning speed right now and the middle class only makes up 42% of the workers as wages keep dropping. The tax base hasn’t gone up in 4 years now and the federal deficits keep getting bigger.

The cost of labor keeps going up because of the new Obama healthcare rules which is included in wages cost to an employer that provides healthcare coverage to their employees. This is reported in the wage base numbers the department of labor monthly reports. Overall the wages being paid to employees are being forced down at the lower end and 49 million people have been pink slipped or fired in the last 4 years most have found new low paying Obama jobs at McDonald’s or wall mart. This is the liberal progressive democrats and Obama’s economy. This is what socialism does it redistributes wealth and creates a one class system just like in Marxist communism there is only one class and everyone is equally poor. That’s not a bumper sticker slogan that is how Carl Marx designed the communist economic system a one class system of poverty there’s your equality and everyone suffers equally.

America is getting a big sampling now of what Europe has had since the second world war an economy that only grows at the inflation rate or no real growth at all. How does it feel to be like socialist Europe?

What’s really going on now in Europe is they are trying to find hundreds of billions of dollars to put into the banks and they are blaming the banks for being under the 10% liquidity limits set by banking regulations. Where did all the money go? The government deficits and the barrowing by the governments from the banks took all their available cash and there’s none left to steal whoops I mean barrow, know I mean steal as in theft because eventually the end game is the people are responsible to pay the debt with their taxes thus they are stealing your future and the future of all the children just like we are in America. This is how socialism is supposed to work; wealth redistribution is what socialist economic systems do.

All the historical evidence of Socialism proves it is a parasite that always kills the host.

Now that banks have been dried out by the government’s barrowing all the money as the shell game goes on and on. If the European Union does get their act together and they do figure out a way and come to an agreement on how to print barrow or steal a total of about $600 billion it only fixes the problem for about 6 months and they will be back at this again by spring of 2012. (That year keeps coming up?)

The larger world problem is what happens if they don’t fix things now or later.

What is being reported is that American banks haven’t loaned any money to Greece or Italy directly but they have loaned money to France and German banks which are huge holders of Greek and Italy debt along with Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Belgium and most recently France is the new pig because it holds so much of the other pig’s debt. If Greece defaults on its debt than Italy will probably go with it as confidence in their ability to pay is lost. Than the French banks become at risk or insolvent than American banks are at risk for the money loaned to them for billions of dollars lost or at risk in this new self-created mess or a domino effect of bank failures due to government debt caused from all their socialism. The liberal progressive news media will continue to blame it on the banks.

American zombie banks will become the new pigs in America they will have to be bailed out by someone or become insolvent and close their doors like Indy Mac in California. Depositors could lose all their money if there’s another slew of bank runs like we had just 3 years ago because our government can’t afford to keep bailing out the banks there’s no more money left. The FDIC insurance just had to get a bailout last week as they ran out of money too.

We have even bigger problems this time for many reasons.

There is a market called the derivatives market which is like insurance on all forms of investments including government debt. This is like the credit default swaps that AIG sold insurance on that collapsed in 2008 when the entire banking system collapse and hundreds of billions had to be paid by AIG and other like kind insurance companies. The credit default swap market was valued at around $60 trillion in 2008 and now it’s about half that or about $30 trillion. Rumor has it that’s the credit default market has locked up again in the past few days in Europe.

The bigger problem here is this derivatives market it is over $600 trillion. (Yes that’s trillion with a T) This is why they had to bail out AIG it wasn’t just the jobs that would be lost from their collapse or the credit default swaps that the banks were holding. It was the derivatives market they needed to save by saving the AIG and make this overlapping insurance system whole again. Governments did not want anyone to know about the derivatives market at least not the general public anyway. They were afraid of a full-scale bank run that wouldn’t stop like in the 1930s bank collapse and that caused the great depression to be great and stay great. This is getting ready to happen again when Europe’s banks go down we will go with them because all our economic systems and the banks are so tied together it is unavoidable.

We are in really bad shape compared to 2008 let’s take a look at then and now. In 2008 we only had a $10 trillion federal debt now its $15 trillion and increases by $120 to $130 billion every month.

We are now barrowing or printing 43% of all federal government spending. In 2007 barrowing was only 3% the economy was bigger and the deficit was much smaller

We have very high unemployment 9.1% and that’s a very deluded number the real number is much higher around 17%. In 2007 unemployment was 5%

A disappearing middle class

Only jobs available are low paying jobs in Obama’s economy, except in North Dakota due to new oil being mined there but that not something that’s Obama’s idea if he could he would stop it.

Federal deficits of $1.9 trillion a year when including on and off budget deficits.

We are in an entirely different position now then back in 2007. The government cannot afford another bailout like in 2008. If the credit defaults swaps lock up again and if the derivative insurance market blows up there’s no one or any group of countries to bail that out again under existing circumstances.

I got news for you; that derivatives market doesn’t have to blow up to collapse the system. If you look at the hard time Europe is having trying to come to an agreement on how to come up with $600 billion and then consider the supper committee has made it public they will admit defeat on Monday October 21 2011 and they can’t come up with $120 billion in cuts and revenues/taxes. what do you thing will happen when they need trillions more to bail out the system again under all these circumstances and the clock will be ticking while fear and panic will be the only outcome.

Europe’s has no money left now and they need hundreds of billions to get them into next year. Even if they do get their act together this will be an ongoing continuous problem that will not end until it collapses the worlds banking systems.

Let me make this clear it’s not the banks it’s the government’s barrowing all the money from the banks that is causing the problems in Europe and here in America. This is the people’s money, the average saver/citizen that might have a few thousand or a few hundred thousand dollars in the bank. The liberal progressive socialist democrats are stealing all your money because they really believe its there’s not yours, its there’s to redistribute and there blaming the banks for being greedy. Keep your money in the banks at your own peril when you lose it all’ I warned you.

Get you money out of the banks before it’s too late!

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This is a record of monthly spending from the first year budget when the democrats took control of congress in January of 2007. This budget was to be passed by April 15 of 2007 and started October 1, 2007 and ended September 2008 the month the banks collapsed.

What is so important to know is that in the prior 5 months before the bank collapse in September 2008 the democrat’s on and off budget deficits were already averaging $130 billion a month.  The Federal reserve borrowed $683 billion in that 5 month period prior to the bank collapse. The Federal Reserve dried up the banking system financing deficits of the democratic party.

This spending level continues at the same level in all of the 2011 budget at $130 billion each month. It was the runaway purposeful spending of the democratic congress that caused the banks to collapse not the bankers as everyone has told you. I know you want to believe it’s the banks fault and their greed,  so does the government but who controls the banks? The government does.

Table 1

Date Fed. Deficit   $ Billions Off budget $ Billions Total year   deficits billions  Job creation New Housing sales yearly
04/2008* Surplus 160 -43.33 +117   +145,000* 526,000
05/2008* Deficit -166 -43.33 -209   -861,000* 512,000
06/2008* Deficit -33 -43.33 -76   -126,000* 530,000
07/2008* Deficit -102 -43.33 -145   -248,000* 515,000
08/2008* Deficit -112 -43.33 -165  -640,000* 460,000
09/2008* Deficit  -45 -43.33 -88/978  -403,000 464,000
10/2008* Deficit -155 -39.6 -194.6l  -320,000 433,000
11/2008* Deficit -171 -39.6 -210  -533,000 407,000
12/2008* Deficit  -83 -39.6 -122  -524,000 331,000
01/2009* Deficit -63 -39.6 -102  -598,000 309,000
02/2009* Deficit -193 -39.6 -232  -651,000 337,000
03/2009* Deficit -191 -39.6 -230  -663,000 356,000
04/2009* Deficit – 21 -39.6 -60  -539,000 352,000
05/2009* deficit 189 -39.6  -228  -345,000   342,000
02/2011* Much worse  2011 est.  $1.9 trillion   -N/A  270,000

How could a hand full of banks in the United States collapse the whole worlds banking system?

If it was the banks fault why does this same level of Federal Government deficit spending at $130 billion each month continues 4 years later?

Why was the trouble asset relief program (TARP) almost exactly the same amount $700 billion compared to $683 billion in deficit spending in the 5 months prior to the bank colapse in September 2008? A little close don’t you think?

Since when does the government ever tell the public the truth? That would be something new.

That movie they made about the bank collapse was so full of false information it was nothing more than a propaganda piece for the liberal, progressive Democratic Party, just a pack of lies. Look at where the movie originated in Hollywood a den of liberals.

See the carton below dated 1934 to show this is nothing new this is exactly what the liberals did in the great depression different day same old crap.

A combination of the deficit spending forcing the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates and an ever-growing need to barrow more and more in the world financial markets forced the collapse of the real estate market and thus the worlds banking system. In the last column I jump ahead to February 2011 to show that it’s just as bad and even worse as the Federal Reserve barrows, prints or digitized money to cover the $188 billion in March of 2011 this is an all time record high. This will get worse!

My most current yearly estimate of the 2011 on budget deficit is $1.6 trillion and an additional off budget deficit of $330 Billion this gives us a total of $1.93 trillion for 2011. The overall situation has gotten a whole lot worse and no one is reporting this. Don’t any of these people reporting the news own a calculator to figure all this out? I guess not. It all comes from public government records hiding in plain sight.

The cartoon from 1934 says a lot about how many times liberal progressive Democrats have tried to collapse capitalism. It reads Plan of action for the U.S. spend, spend, spend. Under the Guise of recovery Bust the government Blame the capitalists (BANKS) for the failure. JUNK THE CONSTITUTION AND DECLAIR A DICTATORSHIP.


Also take notice of who is riding in the wagon and who they are. Harvard and Columbia the same place they claim B.O. was educated.

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The proof of the headline can be found in the January 2011 report. See direct link below, read it at top of page 4 of the report.

 Changes to Household Survey Data

Effective with this release, two additional data series—”Self-employed workers, unincorporated” and “Self-employed workers, incorporated”—have been added to table A-9  (This is copy and pasted directly from the report)




They are counting self-employed as employees now. This does show up in the body of the reports month over month you can see it if you look at total employed the number are way off from the headline numbers. Look back at October to January reports Summary table A. Household data, seasonally adjusted and you will see big differences in the headlines and the body of the reports.


How can the economy be creating 600,000 jobs over the last 3 months and first quarter growth comes out (lower than the inflation rate) at 1.8% GDP growth? GDP is not inflation adjusted. The government is fixing the numbers and lying to the public.


Core Inflation rate projected for 2011 is 2.1 % if you take out food and gasoline. So we have to stop eating and buying gas so we can get to work and make money to buy food and eat and only than would inflation be 2.1%. Add in food and gasoline and Inflation is running about 5% on yearly base. So again how is the economy creating 600,000 jobs in the last 3 months? The numbers are fixed as they blend in the self-employed into their respective employed categories. This is not a conspiracy theory read top of page 4 of the  linked report it tells us that’s what there going to do. Almost no one ever reads the body content of these reports.


Commonsense proves that the economy can’t be creating any jobs. In the fourth quarter of 2010 the economy was growing at a rate of 2.7%. The first quarter the economy is said to be growing at 1.8% these numbers point to a slowing economy not a growing economy. The last time the economy added 200,000 jobs a month consecutively and three months in a row was in 2004 to 2006 the average yearly growth rate was between 5% and 6% and the unemployment rate was around 5%. Some quarters in the last economic expansion from 2002 to and up to 2007 the economy is growing at a rate of 7.9%. And even then we were only getting 200,000 and 300,000 jobs a month. There’s something really wrong here and I hope I have properly explained why we are getting these huge so-called job creation gains.


So once again using common sense and since none of the other reported numbers are adding up to what they are telling the public what else could be going on? So the only thing it could be is their adding or blending in the 1 million self-employed people who otherwise under the old rules would not be counted. This is exactly what is in the January report from the department of labor and statistics. They said they were going to do it and they did it, but what they are doing is deceiving the public for political purposes to make things look better than they really are for Barack Hussein Obama.


Here is more proof , Just five months ago in December of 2010 Barack Obama made a speech bragging about the 150,000 jobs created in November and he said we’ve created 1 million jobs now but that’s not good enough we need to do more. So how did we go from 1 million jobs to 2 million jobs they are currently boasting about in just five months and even the bogus headline numbers don’t add up to the current 2 million number the liberal media and B.O. are currently boasting about. And once again where do we get that additional 1 million from? This number comes from People who are already self-employed who are now counted as newly created jobs and employees for the benefit of political gain for Barack Obama. Just another great big lie to add to the long list of big lies told since Barack Obama became president. Lies told by him and lies told by liberal fringe lame stream news media.


So what’s the big deal and what makes it so important? If you make decisions based on bad information you’re going to make big mistakes. The perfect example of this making bad mistakes based upon disinformation is the very fact that we’ve got Barack Obama as president in 2009. Based on bad information the democrats took control of the house and the senate in 2007 and again in the 2008 elections the lame stream liberal news media ran a campaign of disinformation to the public about Barack Obama. We had bad information and we made a bad decision. We the American people gave the democrats a supper majority in the house and the senate in 2009. Now we are ware we are on account of the bad information being  given to the public all coming from liberal fringe lame stream news media disinformation campaigns.


The results of making a decision based on bad information is we now have a president who hates America, he is proven to be the most socialist president the United States has ever had. He is on the record as saying he wants to push an energy prices up sky-high. We can see the evidence of that in the price of gasoline and he says we can’t do anything about it. He has stated many times in his two books that he doesn’t like white people, so we have a racist as president. He is also a Moslem as he states this in his own books he would side with them if the political winds changed and he has. On top of everything else he is a compulsive liar but this is just typical of the liberal progressive Democratic Party.


The bigger problem is when the rest of the world finds out how we are fixing our economic numbers there will be a price to pay in confidence lost in our currency. The only thing that gives a paper or Fiat currency any value is confidence. Once the confidence in that currency is lost it declines in value rapidly against other currencies and this is what is coming very quickly in the next 4 to 5 months once the rest of the world figures out what we’re doing. The bogus 1 million people being added will run out in two more months May and June of 2011. The report for June comes out the first Friday in July. This is the last report that will have positive numbers and all following reports we will see the true state of the economy and the job market. This will show up quickly in the price of gasoline since we import 72% of our crude oil.


For all of 2010 the inflation rate of 1.6% was nearly the same as 2.7% GDP growth. Since the GDP growth number is not inflation adjusted to find it too true state of the economy you have to take away the inflation rate and that means the economy grew at 1.1% for the whole year 2010.


The point is with these very low growth rates and the huge number of jobs being added now and looking at prior six months before these huge numbers appeared out of nowhere there was almost no job growth at all. Even with a higher GDP number of 2.7% in 2010 than we have now at 1.8% in the first quarter of 2011 and somehow were now adding 200,000 jobs a month. This just doesn’t add up!


 It won’t take very long for our trading partners and the people who hold or purchase our treasury bonds to figure out where cooking the books. Once they lose confidence in our economic data they will lose confidence in our debt bonds that we are trying to sell into world markets at the rate of $130 billion a month. Take a look at these charts below and you will see something just doesn’t add up and if you can see it, the rest of the world will too and their goes the confidence and the value of the dollar. These charts show that the economy has made a downward turn and inflation has gone up making matters even worse and for some strange reason the economy has created 200,000 jobs each month three months in a row and now you know why. This all just does not add up unless they are cooking the books and now you know how they are doing it.



U.S. Inflation Raises 2.7% in March Published: 4/15/2011 12:36:15 PM    By: TradingEconomics.com, US Bureau of Labor Statistics


  These charts show inflation is now higher the growth rate of the economy and that in real terms means the inflation adjusted number shows the economy is shrinking not growing. We are just spending a lot more on gas and food and that gives the false appearance the economy is growing but it’s not. To see the True state of the economy: go here http://tiny.cc/658bx


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 Democrats won control of Congress in the November 2006 elections. Democrats took majority control in January of 2007 and they exploded federal government spending by $1 trillion in just two years or the 2008 and 2009 budget years. This was all done before the bank collapse of September 18, 2008 read on and I will show the proof. Using the federal records from the Department of labor and statistics, the U.S. Treasury department and the Congressional budget office I will prove by federal documents that the democrats intentionally collapsed the system.
This is not circumstantial evidence, it is factual and it is exactly what happened to the country’s economy and why the whole world’s bank’s collapsed and this is what I aim to prove. The economy was intentionally collapse by the Democratic Party for political gain to make George Bush look bad so they could get a democratic president in the 2008 elections and it worked and thus we now have B. O. as president. If this is so and it is what took place the entire democratic party is guilty of seditious treason. See the law as it is written at the bottom of the page.

There are only 2 possibilities 

After looking at the federal off budget and on budget spending records from January 2007 to September 2008 as soon as the democrats took majority control of congress they exploded the deficit spending and created the problems we now have in 2011. There are only 2 possibilities one is they don’t have any understanding of economics at all and they are so stupid they don’t belong in control of changing a liter box for the cat as they are much to incompetent for that duty.

 The other is they do know exactly what they’re doing and there intentionally trying to destroy the country by destroying it economically in the same way Osama bin laden was trying to destroy the country and if that’s the case and it is what happened there guilty of seditious treason.

This is a year to year record of deficit spending and as you can see the republicans were bringing spending under control when the democrats won the election in November 2006 and took control by majority in January of 2007. The 2007 budget was voted on in early 2006 by the Republican Party who then controlled Congress by a thin margin. Notice the deficit was only $161 Billion and the media was screaming bloody murder about that. Now you hardly hear a peep about it unless there blaming the republicans for the current deficit and the deficit is going to be 1.6 trillion for 2011. This is 10 times what it was under republican majority.

Table one: Federal Government spending yearly 2001 to 2013

yearly Oct.1,  Sept. 30 controlling majority votes Deficits billion dollars Gov. Total Spending Total accumulative Deficit Federal tax Collected.
2001 REP -128.2 1,863.2 5,807.5 1,991
2002 REP 157.8 2,011.2 6,228.2 1,853
2003 REP 377.6 2,160.1 6,783.2 1,782
2004 REP 412.7 2,293.0 7,379.1 1,880
2005 REP 318.3 2,472.2 7,932.7 2,153
2006 REP 248.2 2,655.4 8,507.0 2,406
2007 REP 160.9 2,728.9 9,007.7 2,568
2008 DEM 458.6* 2,982.6 9,986.1 2,523
2009 DEM 1,412.7* 3,517.7 11,875.9 2,104
2010 DEM 1,555.6* 3,720.7 13,528.8 2,165
2011 DEM 1,645.1* 3,818.8 15,476.2 2,567
2012 REP/DEM 1,215.2 3,728.7   16,654.3 2,926 Est.
2013 REP/DEM   767.5 3,915.4 17,750.5 3,188 Est.
2014 UNKNOWN        
2015 UNKNOWN        


Once the Democrats got controlled Congress it was all downhill from there. Pay special attention to the 2010 total accumulated deficit up to  fiscal year 2011 which ends September 30, 2011. There is a $1.948 trillion expansion of the total deficit for fiscal 2011 this has to do with approximately $300 billion off budget deficit spending. By my calculations and estimates I believe the 2011 budget deficit will come very close to $2. trillion by September 30 of 2011 and here is why. I have been watching off budget deficits since the 1980s and they have always been larger than the year before. Since this number always seems to grow we can expect it to continue to grow or at least be the same. Also with gas prices going sky-high I believe tax collections for 2011 and 2012 will be very disappointing and they will get a lot less than they are calculating. Their calculations are counting $360 billion in additional taxes collected and GDP growth is only expected to be $600 billion and the tax revenue is figured at 55% and the top tax bracket is only 35% and they only collect taxes on net profits not on gross dollars. They need to rethink their 2011 and 2012 tax revenue estimates.

The first six years George W. Bush was president and the Republican Party controlled the House and the Senate and in this six-year period the on budget deficit spending only totaled $1.5 trillion. In 2009, 2010 and 2011 each of those years each exceeds $1.5 trillion or total of $4.5 trillion in just three years while the Democrats control the House of Representatives, the Senate and the presidency.

The January 2007 budget is the one created by the republican controlled congress, passed by April 15 th of 2006 and the budget deficit for the whole fiscal year of 2007 was only $163 Billion or an average of $13 billion a month. We are now running budget deficit at 10 times that amount at $1.6 trillion a year for 2011 and this is only the on budget amount it does not include off budget spending. This on budget deficit alone amounts to $133 billion a month or 10 times what it was once the democrats got control of congress on January 4th of 2007. The off budget deficit adds another $334 Billion for 2011 and that brings the total to $1.9 trillion and that’s $158 Billion every month in new debt.

 Don’t get exited or upset about off budget deficits this started in the early 1970s. Off budget deficits are not reported with regular deficits spending but doing a little math and taking the on budget numbers and deducting it from the total public debt will give us the off budget deficit for each year. Since I can’t find a public record of the off budget monthly deficits. I will have to use a monthly average to show or prove how the democrats intentionally exploded spending both on budget and off budget deficits and this also came from all borrowed money that’s why it is part of the total national debt. For the total current national debt as it changes every second see the national debt clock. By the way we are one week away from reaching the debt ceiling of $14.3 trillion on or about the end of April 2011.


This is the monthly deficit spending from the time the democrats took control of congress in January 2007. Take note that they started with a republican budget that extended to september 30th 2007.  Also note job creation stayed positive untill government deficits started to dry up the banking system in early 2008.

Table two: Federal Government deficits monthly 2007 to 2008

Date Fed. Deficit   $ Billions Off budget $ Billions   Total   deficits billions Job creation lost jobs Housing sales Yearly
01/2007 Surplus   40 -28.15   +111,000 937,000
02/2007 Deficit – 123 -28.15    +97,000 848,000,
03/2007 Deficit    -95 -28.15   +180,000 858,000
04/2007 Surplus  178 -28.15    +88,000 981,000
05/2007 Deficit    -68 -28.15   +157,000 915,000
06/2007 Surplus 27 -28.15   +132,000 834,000
07/2007 Deficit -36 -28.15    +93,000 870,000
08/2007 Deficit -115 -28.15    +89,000 795,000
09/2007 Surplus 113 -28.15 500.7 +110,000 770,000
10/2007* Deficit -56 -43.33   +166,000 728,000
11/2007* Deficit -98 -43.33    +94,000 647,000
12/2007* Surplus 48 -43.33    +18,000 604,000
01/2008* Surplus 18 -43.33     -14,000 588,000
02/2008* deficit -176 -43.33     -132,000* 590,000
03/2008* Deficit -48 -43.33     -397,000* 526,000

This table is continued below to show all of 2008 and into 2009.

The * in the date column is when the very first democrat budget started in full effect and supposed to be voted on and passed just 4 months after they took control of congress or by April 15, 2007 for fiscal 2008 budget from October 1, 2007 to September 31, 2008. This is the budget that collapsed the whole worlds banking system. In the 2008 budget we spent on and off budget a total of $978 billion and borrowing that much money took every available dollar in the world banking system out of the system and the result was a collapsed banking system.

 The unemployment rate was 4.5% when the democrats took control of congress in January of 2007. I made this chart to show how the democrat’s deficit spending dried up the money supply in the worlds banking system not just the United States and the Democrats caused and crashed the worlds banking system and the real-estate markets, it was not Wall Street and the banks but they did make a very good wiping boy for the democratic party and they still do. The people and the Politicians always blame the rich people and this comes from a human flaw called jealousy or lust. The democrats use this human flaw to gain the favor of the people or the common man and their constituents and this always works. Isn’t that what you want to believe?

 The actions of the Democratic Party created the poor jobs market that has existed way before the banks collapsed and has continued now for over 3 years from December 2007 to 2011. The democrats spend and tax policies have put us right where we are. If deficit spending or Government spending did in fact create jobs, we should or would be adding hundreds of thousands of jobs every month but we are not. If deficit spending or Government spending stimulated the economy it would be booming right now as we are borrowing and spending $1.5 trillion a year average and getting zero results other than an artificially bloated GDP number. The democrats and the liberals think we should do more rather than less and that’s insane. 

The federal government recorded a total budget deficit of $455 billion in fiscal year 2008, $293 billion more than the deficit incurred in 2007. The federal deficit rose as a share of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) from 1.2 percent in 2007 to 3.2 percent in 2008. Also notice that most of this deficit took place in the months just before the banks collapsed, From May to September of 2008. The federal government borrowed $413 billion of on budget deficit spending in just 5 months. This never happened before as the debt had never even come close to this amount in a 5 month period, all just before the banks collapsed in September of 2008. Up to that time the record deficit spending for an entire year was $412 billion in 2005 when the economy was strong and still growing at a rapid pace. We were creating the department of homeland security and fighting 2 wars in 2 different countries at the time so it was not just wasteful spending on turtle tunnels like we have now. 

Under the last republican budget of 2007 the deficit was $163 Billion and that was 1.2% of GDP and under the current 2011 budget year done by the democrats its more than 11% of GDP at the latest estimate of $1.6 trillion in deficit spending in a $15.2 trillion economy. This has been the general condition of federal government deficit spending for the last 3 years October 2008 to 2011, with federal deficits running above 10% of GDP every year since the democrats got control of the budget in April 2007. This mess was not created by the republican controlled congress it was all done under a democrat controlled congress. The federal budget originates in the House of Representatives, not in the white house. Presidents have very little control over the actual budget process. It was not George Bush’s fault as the news media continues to report and so does B.O.

Pay careful attention to the following months after the surplus from April 15th 2008 which is tax collection month, that’s the only reason there’s a surplus for April. The period from 05/2008 to 09/2008 if you add up the money borrowed from the world banking system in that 5 month period prior to the bank collapse, use both on budget and off budget deficits and its $683 billion and that’s $136.6 billion average each month. Don’t you find it odd that it’s almost exactly the same amount of monthly deficits we have now in 2011 or almost 4 years later? So is this by accident or is it on purpose?

 My conclusion is this started way before September 18th 2008. It started as soon as the first federal budget that the democrats voted into law on April 15, 2007 for the fiscal year starting October 1, 2007 to September 30th 2008 and it didn’t take long to collapse the world banking system with the democrats in control of the budget process. The budget passed by a democrat controlled House of Representatives and the senate was by design intentionally meant to destroy the economy for political reasons so they could blame it on George Bush and that’s exactly what happened and that’s exactly how we got B.O. This was their plan, this is what happened, this is what they did, this was all done by the Democratic Party that did control congress; this is seditious treason by its legal definition or are they above the law?

 Housing sales peaked in 2005 at 2.1 million units average per year, look ware we are now in February 2011 at 250.000 housing units per year, that’s an all time record low and an 800% drop in home building sector from its peak and they keep talking it up like its improving.

 End of fiscal year 2008 was 09/30/2008 the first democrat full year budget and ended the month the whole world’s banks collapsed.

 The number of unemployed is always in the millions as people are always losing jobs, getting fired, companies going out of business and so on, but there are usually jobs to be found to replace the old ones except when economic conditions turn negative for whatever the reasons. In this jobs creation column I show the progression of how jobs turned negative as the government spending went up jobs disappear as the banks had no money to lend for business expansion or home mortgage loans and this is because the deficit spending of the democratic controlled house and senate dried up the banks of all available money in the system. These numbers are taken from the yearend report with the revisions to the headline number which were much lower than the actual number of jobs being lost. The * in the unemployment column are from year-end revisions and this is to show the true state of unemployment as the banks were dried up, as the headline numbers are very inaccurate when they are first released. 


Table three: Federal deficits monthly 2008 to 2009

Date Fed. Deficit   $ Billions Off budget $ Billions Total   deficits billions  Job creation New Housing sales yearly
04/2008* Surplus 160 -43.33 +117   +145,000* 526,000
05/2008* Deficit -166 -43.33 -209   -861,000* 512,000
06/2008* Deficit -33 -43.33 -76   -126,000* 530,000
07/2008* Deficit -102 -43.33 -145   -248,000* 515,000
08/2008* Deficit -112 -43.33 -165  -640,000* 460,000
09/2008* Deficit  -45 -43.33 -88/-978  -403,000* 464,000
10/2008* Deficit -155 -39.6 -194  -320,000* 433,000
11/2008* Deficit -171 -39.6 -210  -533,000* 407,000
12/2008* Deficit  -83 -39.6 -122  -524,000* 331,000
01/2009* Deficit -63 -39.6 -102  -598,000* 309,000
02/2009* Deficit -193 -39.6 -232  -651,000 337,000
03/2009* Deficit -191 -39.6 -230  -663,000 356,000
04/2009* Deficit – 21 -39.6 -60  -539,000 352,000
05/2009* deficit 189 -39.6  -228  -345,000   342,000
02/2011* Much worse  2011 est.  $1.6 trillion   -N/A  270,000

 A combination of the deficit spending forcing the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates and an ever-growing need to barrow more and more in the world financial markets forced the collapse of the real estate market and thus the worlds banking system. In the last column I jump ahead to February 2011 to show that it’s just as bad and even worse as the Federal Reserve barrows, prints or digitized money to cover the $188 billion in March of 2011 an all time record high. The most current yearly estimate of the 2011 on budget deficit is $1.6 trillion and an additional off budget deficit of $330 Billion this gives us a total of $1.93 trillion for 2011. The overall situation has gotten a whole lot worse and no one is reporting this. Don’t any of these people reporting the news own a calculator?

 Only 33% of the current deficit is from a lack of taxes being collected from a drop in economic activity as 66% of the current on budget deficit was created by dramatically increasing the spending of the federal government ran by the democrats’ or about $1.1 trillion of the $1.6 trillion for 2011. They did almost all this new spending from the budgets of April 15 of 2007 for fiscal 2008 and exploded spending even higher by April 15 of 2008 for the budget year of 2009. This of course was way before the banks collapsed. This was obviously done on purpose, how could it be by accident? This was an intentionally created train wreck by sabotage for political purposes!

 The current job situation numbers can no longer be counted as accurate, in January of 2011 the department of labor started counting self-employed as being employees or employed. There’s no way to accurately determine the true state of unemployment after that January 2011 change to include self-employed as being employed. This new way of calculating the number of jobs being created will greatly exaggerate the true job situation until they run out of self-employed to add to the total number of employed and that should come in July or august of 2011. This is why the low monthly numbers of 30,000 jobs created all of a sudden jumps to 180,000 and 210,000 and no one is reporting this anomaly either. This was in the body of the employment report dated February 4, 2011 and here it is for download.


 Looking back at some history over the 12 month period from October of 2007 to September of 2008 the number of unemployed persons had increased by 2.2 million people and the unemployment rate has risen by 1.4 percentage points. It was up to the democrats who controlled congress to correct this problem but nothing was done. They had 21 months in power before the banking system collapsed to fix whatever was causing the economic problems but they were too busy blaming everyone else and especially George Bush for what was intentionally created by the democrat’s deficit spending and thereby drying up all the available money in the worlds banking system.

 They did this for absolute power and political gain and it worked. So the democrats could continue to destroy the value of the dollar with their continued deficit spending, push up the price of crude oil and thus gasoline and there by destroy the country economically to get them to save us from them, (but they will blame the republicans) and we will get a dictatorship style government under a socialist style system and a new constitution of their making. They may as well do so since they pay no attention to the one we have.

 This is the part of the law that makes them Guilty. The full text of seditious treason law is below; it describes what the liberal, progressive democrats have done and continue to do.  Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States.  

From 2007 and up to the end of 2011, the democrats will have added deficit spending of $6.47 trillion. They should get a badge of some kind or several badges. One badge should be for spending more on budget deficits in one year then the republicans did in six years. Another badge should be for increasing the total federal debt by 71% in the last 4 years. They should get another one for the record time as it took 93 years to get to $9 trillion in total deficits and it only took the democrats 4 years to get it to $15.5 trillion. At that rate it will double in 2 more years and that brings us to $18 trillion or by 2013. How many ways can I say the currency is screwed and so are the people and in the next 20 months, not years: your dollars will be next to worthless.

 All the numbers come from: Department of labor and statistics: The U.S. Treasury department: Congressional budget office




This is the exact law describing seditious treason.

Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government;

or Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing

or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence;

or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof – Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction. If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.

As used in this section, the terms “organizes” and “organize”, with respect to any society, group, or assembly of persons, include the recruiting of new members, the forming of new units, and the regrouping or expansion of existing clubs, classes, and other units of such society, group, or assembly of persons.

–18 U.S.C. § 2385: US Code – Section 2385: Advocating overthrow of Government



Amendments by act July 24, 1956, as applicable only with respect to offenses committed on and after July 24, 1956, see section 3 of act July 24, 1956, set out as a note under section 2384 of this title.

From Section 6 – 1:  of the U.S. Constitution

 They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses.

We the people should arrest all the democrats immediately for the crime of seditious treason as constitutional law allows for it

I do not seek to over through the government only to expose the Democratic Party for the high crime of seditious treason.

A summary: These records show that once the Democrats took control of Congress they intentionally drove deficits up and dried up the world banking system of all available money to finance their crazy out-of-control spending. I include the 2007 spending budget done by the Republican Party to show how quickly federal spending went from an average of $13 billion month to an average of $34 billion month as soon as the Democrats took control of Congress. Off budget deficits were even higher than on budget deficit spending. A large portion of the off budget deficit spending in the 2007 budget year was emergency spending bills enacted by the democrats and voted against by the minority republicans. Most of the off budget spending in the 2007 budget year was done by the democrat party with emergency spending bills on pork barrel projects and unnecessary actions to social spending. So the huge on and off budget deficit of $500 billion in 2007 was the faut of the democrats not the republicans.

What do you think about the charge of seditious treason are they guilty? Please leave a comment.

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I knew for the last 30 years the democrats wanted to do what they are doing today. Little by little liberal, progressive democrats over the very long period of time of 100 years have been changing the country slowly to socialism. I watch Glenn because he affirms what I already know to be true, but he teaches a lot more in detail and it’s like going back to school when he gets out his black boards. I hear he has three now.

 I wrote a book 20 years ago that predicted what is going on today in our politics and our economy. We are making the final changes to a proven failed political and economic system of socialism. Anyone who says that Europe’s doing OK needs to take a better look. Europe’s economy has been in a constant state of recession for over 40 years. Their normal unemployment rate is always above 10%. There’s very little industry because of supper high taxes on business. In France their two biggest industries are wine and cheese and that’s not a joke, those are the facts. The people who do work in the private sector are taxes at 70% when adding their payroll taxes and there sales taxes on products. For example they have a $5.00 a gallon gasoline tax to pay for there socialized healthcare system.

 Here is our big problem, we can’t afford anywhere near a 70% taxes and pay our existing bills to. Europe started out as socialist countries after the Second World War. They were rebuilt under the socialist economic model. We are structured under a capitalist model and were charging to hard left socialist. The country is already bankrupt. Where is all the money going to come from to support all these new social programs as we go all the way to a European style of socialism? I have done the math and the moneys just not there, even with the higher taxes included in all these new programs. It’s just not economically sustainable from the start.

We don’t have to wait 4 years to see if it works. The negative economic effects from the new socialized healthcare will be Immediate. In 2011 the new healthcare insurance premiums will have a direct negative effect on the economy. There are 180 million Americans with paid health insurance coverage. Everyone I have talked to has to pay an increased premium of $1,200.00 to $3,600.00 each person on their policy. Takeing the lower amount of $1,200.00 and multiplying that times 180 million Insured people will cost Americans $216 Billion in 2011. We are not getting more of a product or service we are just paying a lot more for the same thing. This is the definition of inflation, when costs go up the money disappears into tin air.

 It’s not so much about the cost of the socialism today as it’s about the confidence of the American people. Even before the jobs are lost and the taxes are taken to support the new socialism. Then we also have to consider the confidence of our foreign trading partners, will they lose confidence in our currency? Will they be able or willing to purchase our debt bonds to finance all our existing and all our new socialism when they know they can’t afford their own? I say no they won’t buy our debt bonds, since China has already dumped $50 Billion back into the market. There is a trick the chinese could use to combat our money printing and your going to love this. I expect if they do continue in the future to purchase our debt they may play the same game we are. The chinese government has a printing press like we do and they can print or digitize their currency to purchase our phony money with their phony money. This could offset their looses in the face value of our debt bonds and at the same time get paid interest on their phony money.

 Everything Glenn Beck says will come true and we only have to wait 2 years and by 2012 we will see it all unfold. Glenn has 10 million followers on the radio and up to 3.5 million on Fox news. That compares to MSNBC 350 to 500 Thousand. For the nut job people say Glen Beck is, he has as many 10 times as many followers as other like kind news programs. MSNBC says it’s because Americans are stupid and that could also be part of why there ratings are so low. I love Glenn Beck’s message.

2012 What's really going to happen in 2012

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Why do liberals and progressives news media hate Sarah Palin so much? The word hate is a strong word, but it is mild compared to the words liberals and progressives use when talking about how much they hate Sarah Palin. From observations of watching what the liberal fringe Ilk says about her and how they discuss her and what she stands for I have concluded what it is and why they don’t like about Sarah Palin. There are a number of reasons but I feel these are the most important to the liberal progressive fringe.

 Sarah Palin is pro-life. The liberal fringe is pro-choice; which is pro death to unborn babies. That’s exactly what the liberal fringe is, pro death.  As a woman Sarah Palin does not fit the template of how the liberal fringe thinks a woman should believe, act or behave.  Because the liberals and progressives so-called pro-choice position are so weak the liberal fringe apparently fears her popularity. I have been watching politics for over 33 years and I have never seen them go after anyone like they go after Sarah Palin. They are afraid they will lose the right to kill the unborn babies. This is just one of many reasons they fear her so much and hate her so much.

 Then there’s the problem that Sarah Palin is self-made. She doesn’t fit the template of the down trodden woman needing special laws to make up for the so-called inequities the liberals and progressives claim exist. Sarah Palin made it to where she is on her own without special laws giving women rights over others. These types of laws discriminate over others by their very nature. Sarah Palin got there without using special women’s rights legislation. Liberals don’t like this self-made conservative female. It flies in the face of everything that liberals and progressives try to teach women. Sarah Palin proves that liberals are lying to women and to the public in general about everything the liberals would like the public to believe. 

 Let’s use a little common sense and logic. If these statements and conclusions were not true, what is it that Sarah Palin has done to the liberal and progressive fringe to create such hatred? Let’s examine the facts and comparisons. Sarah Palin in all her interviews is always nice to people. She is always upbeat and has a pleasant personality. Why so much hatred? Where does it come from? If they were not so threatened by Sarah Palin all that vitriol hatred would not be there. They’re very actions prove my conclusions to be true. Most of these progressives on the internet say they have never seen the clips at all or the interviews. Yet they hatefully respond something of no importance as if they had seen the clip. They say they didn’t see the original whole program in its entire form or they only saw the 5 second clip to discredit Sarah Palin. They also admit to only reading what other liberals and progressives have written about Sarah Palin. They are the stupid uneducated cool aid drinkers who do not research or question what their Ilk says. They just go along with whatever the liberal progressive fringe says on the blogs or in the fringe news media.

The latest rant from the liberal fringe news media is the accusation that Sarah Palin had some notes written in her hand and referred to them in an interview. This is the liberals and progressives latest charge. What about Obama and his teleprompter? We have a president that’s a good speaker as long as the teleprompter is working. There’s been about 15 times something went wrong with the teleprompter and the liberal fringe news media never says anything about this problem. The president reads thousands of words and everything he says comes off a teleprompter. But Sarah Palin isn’t aloud to look at two or three words she wrote on her palm without being called stupid.  This hypocrisy is normal and to be expected from the liberal and progressive fringe. The liberal fringe is so desperate they say she’s stupid just because she had a palm note. What about President Obama, how stupid is he on the stupid scale since he needs thousands of words from a teleprompter? He is totally dependent and lost without the teleprompter. How stupid is he compared to Sarah Palin? The only thing the liberal fringe media shows is a so-called palm note they can’t even prove. Sarah Palin looked down at her hand and instantly it’s a palm note. It could have been that her palm was just itchy and she looks down at her hand to see what’s with her hand.

 The liberal progressive fringe looks for every opportunity to discredit Sarah Palin. They have no proof she had a palm note of any kind, except she looked down at her hand. That’s not proof of anything. I looked at the clip and its nothing more than an accusation with no proof whatsoever except the liberal fringes claim that it is so. So what if it was a palm note, what about President Obama and his teleprompter? That doesn’t seem to matter to the liberal fringe. Obama is the president of the United States. It is much more important that he has a problem when the teleprompter goes down. Then Sarah Palin reads a few words from a palm note and its the end of the world according to the liberal fringe. Sarah Palin isn’t in charge of the country, Obama is.  God help us all if something really big goes wrong like 911 and there not a teleprompter available to help Obama make a decision on what to do. This just proves how the liberal fringe gives cover for the progressive president (B.O.) Obama and the rest of the liberal fringe Ilk.

 The liberal and progressive fringe news media can make excuses for President Obama’s lack of ability to speak without a teleprompter. I can make assertions based on common sense and logic the evidence proves that Sarah Palin had an itchy palm. That’s all it was. The liberal fringe is famous for saying what he said is not what he meant. I am saying she looked at her hand and that’s all she did. There’s no spin here just the facts. Sarah Palin exposes the liberal and progressive fringes news media and their entire ilk, just by being honest and being herself, no acting or any phony Hollywood tricks. The liberals and progressives also show just what a very unhappy and hateful group of people they really are.

2012 What's really going to happen in 2012

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