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Painting a happy face on this taxmageddon is just putting lip stick on a pig. It’s just 45 days away until the US falls off the fiscal cliff and around $600 billion or 4% of Gross domestic product goes into the black hole of deficit spending from $450 billion in higher taxes on everyone not just the rich and an automatic $150 billion in spending cuts for a total of $600 billion shift in economic activity. For those with poor math skills pay attention to this, the taxes are not a plus to the GDP it is taken from existing GDP wages to employees and profits of companies


The current GDP growth rate is only 1.7% so far in 2012 and 4% of that will shift into the oblivion of deficit spending and deficit reduction and still leave us with an additional shortfall of $600 Billion in deficit spending. The CBO – congressional budget office has stated in their testimony to congress that just an increase in taxes on the rich of an estimated $80 Billion in tax increases will force a lose in jobs of 700,000 and a negative .5% GDP (½%) and or a recession. Now that number is just on the wealthiest and business owners has doubled to $160 billion a year in higher taxes to the wealthiest since the election and the simple math is negative -1% GDP and 1.5 million jobs lost just from taxing the rich not the taxmageddon that will tax the crap out of everyone and everything which is 3 times that number if they don’t do anything.


If you allow the bush tax cuts to expire January 1, 2013 than taxes go up on everyone including 25 million low-income Americans that don’t pay any federal tax at all will pay taxes. This is what the democrats voted for on November 6 2012 and all this will at the very least cause a decline in real terms of GDP gone missing of a negative – 2.5% of the GDP growth rate figured strate line without the projection of how businesses will react or how the spending habits of people will change and they will change dramatically more negative than a -2.5% growth rate decline.


The dollar amount lost by doing nothing and allowing current law to expire on January 1, 2013 and then tax rates go up 5% on every one who works and or pays taxes. it will cost the American workers and the rich $450 billion total and 150 billion in spending cuts totaling $600 billion then my estimate of job losses of 5 times the 700,000 jobs or 3.5 million jobs lost and the job losses will happen as fast as the money disappears from paychecks every week. The moneys just not there anymore for us to spend or save as it is taxed away at a rate of $1.2 billion a day from higher taxes to everyone. I want to repeat this part and make this clear, this is already the law, congress doesn’t have to vote on anything the existing laws will allow this to happen January 1, 2013 and congress doesn’t need to vote on anything it’s automatic. Next is why a deal will not be made and everyone working will get the 5% tax increase unless you move out of the country or your state succeeds from the union which neither is likely.


The political blame games and the real goals of the Democratic Party are why no deals will be made and why we will go off this fiscal Clift or so-called taxmageddon. This will be once again blamed on the republicans for what the democrats did. (There’s a 100 year history of this) The progressive, liberal democratic parties goal has been and still is to destroy the constitutional America we know and change us into a socialist dictatorship (I believe all the evidence shows we are already a socialist dictatorship and have been the last 3 years and 10 months and even possibly the last 12 years) and doing away with the constitution and replacing it with a communist constitution and this taxmageddon is exactly what the democrats need to do that and they will try to make it look like the republicans fault (this is already being done) and the lame stream liberal progressive socialist media will help them do it with their normal lies and disinformation.


Here is what to expect in the next 47 days. A lot of grand standing by democrats telling you conservatives economic policies are why the economies is so bad and its Bush’s fault even know the democrats have controlled congress for almost the last 6 years.


It’s at this point I want to inform and or remind everyone who reads this. The democrats have now controlled congress for 5 years and 10 months the reason the economy went off the Clift and the banks collapsed in 2008 was under the control of the Democratic Party for 21 months it was not the Republicans it was the democrat controlled congress that did it by their actions or lack of actions. To believe otherwise means you have been misinformed and you believe the lies of the liberal progressive news media.


The democrats didn’t inherit this economic mess they caused it. http://wp.me/pO1Ho-9w 


So if you still think this was all done by Bush your eating the little balls of crap the liberal media has been feeding you for your entire life and the last 6 years. All you need to do is a search for congress January 2007 to 2012 and you will see the democrats have controlled everything for the whole time period and then blames republicans and Bush for what they did. To say well that’s just politics does not make it right and it doesn’t fix the mess we are in. If they are getting away with these lies it’s because some Americans like those voting in democrat party for the democratic party are allowing them to get away with it. I don’t get my news from fox I seek the truth always this is the real no spin zone. I go to the federal record and look at the numbers and if you really want the truth it’s in the numbers not the news media they all sound like parrots to me spinning their stories as they see the truth with 10 different versions or opinions about the same story and none of them are right.


Facts compared to opinion and views. The glass is half full or is it half empty? No matter what you opinion or view is; the same amount of water resides in the glass. its math and math is not an opinion or a view. This goes to the next part the historical events of the past that can give us a clear picture of the possibilities and the near term effects of economic events like taxmageddon.


I have seen many economist discuss this $450 billion tax increase like it’s a good thing and the value of the dollar will increase because the deficit would shrink and that’s would be a good thing under normal text-book economic conditions it would be, except for the facts they seem to forget that we would definitely go into a very deep recession or depression from a $450 billion tax increase and while we have a deficit of $16.4 trillion hanging over our heads that’s not good for bonds or the value of the dollar if we are borrowing $600 billion while the economy is shrinking at a rate of 3% and could quickly go 6% negative GDP  it is likely under these conditions no one will loan us any money and people who hold our bonds would sell them very fast causing a panic sell off or a crash in the bond markets.


This has happened before in 1980. I can tell you right now when the economy starts to decline and go into a recession under the new much higher tax rates that what the economist are telling you say it’s a good thing is idiotic and that’s being kind. As the whole dynamics of the entire economy changes very quickly in economic declines the stock markets and bond markets will change and go into a severe decline and bond markets will be up for a few days maybe and then be sold off to cover losses in other stock markets and commodities markets this is always a worldwide event and everything will all change dramatically as well. None of it will be good. It will all be bad news (do you have a 401-K) and even before the first dollar in higher taxes is stolen away from the rich, the middle class and working poor this will unfold and become history. When this happens and it will, the economists college degrees can all be thrown out the window or used as toilet paper because nothing works in severe declines. I have been in 3 severe economic declines or crashes as a business owner and an investor.


Currently what gives the dollars or the bonds the value they do have is the confidence that the government can pay the interest on the debt and that confidence level all changes if we go into a recession. Confidence is nothing more than a thought and as quick as we can change our minds or in one day that confidence could disipere and this could cause a second bond market collapse worse than the one in 1980 because the debt is 32 times larger than in 1980


The Bond Market Collapse of February 1980 The time is November, 1979; the place, the White House. Like in November 2012, a dark financial cloud hovers over Washington — not only fiscal troubles, but also the threat of hyperinflation.


President Jimmy Carter and Congress have been gridlocked for months, unable to deal with the brewing storm. Unlike November 2012, the next presidential election is a year away. But investors don’t wait for the ballots. Nor do they have to. They begin issuing their sell orders immediately, venting their wrath primarily in the U.S. bond market by dumping medium and long-term U.S. Treasury securities. Treasury bond prices collapse, while interest rates surge. (We are set up for this perfect storm once again triggered by taxmageddon)


The tipping point comes on February 5, 1980. That’s when Treasury bond prices fall so far that their yields surge above the 11% level the all-time peak reached during the Civil War. “Faced with a prolonged buyer’s strike,” says one bond market pro, “we decided to throw in the towel and get yields up to a level where some cash buyers might be shocked off the sidelines.” But the next day, panicky bondholders begin unloading bonds at any price … and there are still few takers even at record interest rates everyone is still selling. The selling is so intense that all except two of the largest, best-capitalized bond dealers on Wall Street Merrill Lynch and Solomon Brothers effectively abandon their market-making role.


Now, it’s no longer merely a case of a price collapse. It’s a market collapse in the literal sense of the word: The dealers themselves are packing up and going home! By February 19, the collapse gathers even more momentum, as Treasury bonds lose over 5% of their face value in a single trading day!


Investors aren’t just shouting their protests from the rooftops. They are shutting down the market for U.S. Treasury securities, making it impossible for the U.S. government to borrow the money it needs to stay alive — and to avoid defaults on maturing debts. 


Result: With Paul Volcker (idiot) at his side, President Carter (another idiot) acts, announcing an anti-inflation bombshell: An unprecedented package of CREDIT CONTROLS that clamps down on virtually all forms of credit. (Dodd-Frank bank regulations will have same effects) The U.S. economy is pushed over a cliff and into a tailspin. Carter’s chances for re-election are doomed. But the bond market recovers and the U.S. Treasury is able to resume borrowing. 


But this all happened when the total of all federal deficits was about $ 500 Billion and now its $16.4 trillion anything even ½ of that historical recount would destroy the country and the dollar. Inflation ran between 12% and 15% in that period from 1977 to 1982 and bonds sold are governments borrowing money to finance the spending of money they don’t have. Just imagine if this only in part happens in such a weak economy and with borrowed money amounts $16.4 trillion and a need for a least and additional $50 billion a month after taxmageddon. While at the same time the economy is in a steep decline with a president that’s adverse to business. (The perfect economic storm that will end America) This also really screws up all the CBO estimates of the impact of the recession caused by taxmageddon and things will get a lot worse than there projected declines. The economy is always a moving target.


It was massive deficits of that time period that caused this to happen and those deficits were only $50 billion to $75 billion a year and now there over $1 trillion a year. This extremely high 16% interest rate at the peak is what the market set is the sacrifice that investors demanded in order to kill the threat of hyperinflation or the extreme devaluation of a currency. It really never worked but they won’t tell you this because it makes both Carter and Volker look like the idiots they are. Inflation remained high and the higher interest rate had only one purpose atract money to finance deficit spending. The higher interest rates fueled inflation in higher cost to barrow money that doest reduce cost it increases cost thus inflation increases. Liberal progressives always get it backwards. This is what Washington ultimately delivered. That at least in part will happen with taxmageddon coming in just 7 weeks. (Merry Christmas)


The general notion here is that, given the root causes of our economic distemper, rampant financialization, over-leverage and over-indebtedness, a politically dominant parasitic banking sector, an aging population, over promised entitlements, a financial business model based on fraud, Federal Reserve monetizing of debt, and a dysfunctional political system, to mention only the top of the list how can the USD appreciate in real terms? It cannot! It only has one way to go and that’s down. There only needs to be a trigger to set this whole decline into motion and I believe its taxmageddon.


This is how investors play the markets and why the dramatic decline or a crash will become obvious in the next 45 days or less. Businesses and market players make their decisions based on future projections of business activity and profits or the lack of profits. All market investment is determined by future projections or guesses of economic activity 6 months before they accrue not afterwards. You can expect a crash or at least a major correction of a few thousand points in the next few weeks and up to the week before January 1, 2013. Just like the decline after the banks collapsed in September 2008 this decline will continue well into 2013 just like the one in 2008.


Either way whatever happens in Congress the democrats will not make a deal because they want the economic collapse. They want the crash and they need it because democrats want the country to end as we know it so they can abolish the constitution. Making a deal with the democrats and Obama will not happen and their actions and the long history of changing constitutional law through the Supreme Court in the last 100 years and especially the last 4 years of ignoring constitutional law and playing dictator or King at every turn should prove that to people who have been paying attention Democrats hate the constitution.


Liberal progressive democrats have worked hard to circumvent the constitution and make unconstitutional law legal through the courts. It’s a term called judicial activism. This entire deal making process will be like trying to negotiate with a terrorist that wants to kill you, it’s a useless endeavor. Democrats’ have a long history of behavior that never changes in the liberal progressive Democratic Party. So why would any sane reasonable person expect that to suddenly change now? Liberal, progressive, Democrats want an economic collapse.


The conservative media will keep doing what they always do giving the benefit of the doubt to the liberal democrats and they will hope and or wish that Obama and the democrats will find a middle ground or a compromise with republicans, but the last 4 years of their actions shows that doesn’t fit Obama’s or the democrats play book. It’s always their way or the highway anything else is just imaginings and hopeful thinking so far hope has gotten us into this horrible position. The only compromises made have gotten us to the current fiscal Clift otherwise known as taxmageddon everything else has been my way or the highway with the democrat’s control of the senate and Obama. I think the democrats set America up perfectly for total economic destruction with an expiration date January 1, 2013


You can’t make a deal with the devil and expect anything good to come from it. I don’t think John Bonner will make a deal with the devil and if he does there’s a price to pay either way all Americans will lose no matter what our politics are.


What you are about to witness few weeks and months no one alive has ever seen before. This will be way worse than the great depression or the civil war. Hell on earth is what is coming and it’s not years away it’s only a matter of weeks and months and I repeat it’s not years away. To think this destructive pattern of the democrats’ and Obama can continue and Americas economy can survive 4 more years is just wishful thinking.


You can Hope I am wrong as I really hope I am wrong, but I said in back in 2004 and in my book 2012 that came out in November 2009 this president Obama would be the last president of the United States and so far I was right. From 40 years of observing politics and studying political history. I understand how a liberal thinks and they don’t use logic. This lack of logic is why all their ideas and policies always fail it is a form of insanity and that’s why what I say here may not make any sense to a sane person but their is no logic to there thinking it is insanity.


We don’t have 4 more years under any president or any dictator. The book 2012 explains it all. I said in 2009 it would either happen in 2012 or by the middle of 2013 and now we are just weeks away. You will see this unfold in the next 6 to 7 weeks in the stock markets as I expect a 2500 point correction from the September highs and so far it 1000 points down with 1500 to go and it will get a lot worse in early 2013.


I really hope I am wrong and I know you do too.


By the way very soon after taxmageddon and I mean very soon after we fall apart, the real Armageddon between Israel and Iran will start. First it will be conventional weapons but it will escalate quickly after other Arab countries join Iran in an all out WAR and an attack on Israel. Israel is surrounded by nothing but enemies with combined armies in the millions and with no allies. Regardless of what Democrats say or Obama he will not back Israel, Obama is a Muslim he will side with the Muslims. If attacked by multiple countries at one time Israel will have only one choice and that’s nuclear weapons = Armageddon. Israel has claimed 80 nuclear weapons and that’s enough to destroy all the Arab or Muslim countries major cities. The deadline for this is March 2013 set by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Here it comes! 200 million dead in one day is very possible with 80 nuclear weapons and the real sh-t hits the fan.


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There has never been a time in America’s history the evidence has been so strong and so out in the open for the charge of seditious treason. The liberal, progressive Democratic Party has done or tried to do everything in their power imaginable to hurt the economy and the American working class citizens.

The liberal progressive Democratic Party has intentionally tried to undermine the constitutional republic from within the governing bodies of the house the senate and the presidency. I will list the extensive damages they have imposed or tried to impose on the working class American citizens since they took control of the house and the senate in January of 2007.

Not properly regulating the banks.

Democrats Barney frank and Chris Dodd’s Failure to regulate the credit default swaps arm of the banking industry even know they were warned 17 times on the record by many republicans congressmen, president Bush, Alan Greenspan and John McCain who actually wrote a bill to stop credit default swaps in 2006 but it never even got to the floor for a vote because the chairmen of the banking committee Barney Frank wouldn’t allow it to. Now we have a zombie banking system that uses most of its available money to finance federal deficit spending by purchasing debt bonds rather than making loans to the public. This is why the economy is stagnant and not going any ware.

Regulations to control small business just like in a fascist government.

Democrat’s passed multiple bills to regulate and control the private sector small businesses that normally provide 70% of all the jobs. This was done in the identical fashion that the fascists under Mussolini’s government wanted to run their version of socialism in Europe. This is also very similar if not identical to Hitler’s national workers socialist party and how they would control privately owned businesses under Hitler’s regime through heavy regulation. Nancy Pelosi (D – CA) started this as soon as she became the speaker of the house in 2007

 I find it moronic that liberals try to tag republicans as being fascist when there’s not one thing in the republican party of Abraham Lincoln that even looks remotely like what the liberals progressive democrats practice which is fascism and Nazism, which are both based on socialism and they all came from Karl Marx communism.

Federal out of control deficit spending

The trillion dollars plus self-created Federal deficit spending by the liberal democrats was done as soon as they passed their first budget in April of 2007 for the budget year 2008 which ended September 2008 the month the banks collapsed. The media and what could be termed as common knowledge is in fact nothing more than the normal disinformation put out by the liberal fringe media. The general public still believes that the huge trillion-dollar deficits are the republicans fault but there’s no evidence of that except thousands of articles written by the great deceivers the liberal progressives in the media and the democrat party.

The records of the CBO, the federal reserve and the department of labor and statistics all show that it was the first democrat controlled congress in 2007 that blew up the budget by $1 trillion in their first budget as soon as they got control of spending and 18 months before the banks collapsed. (Seditious Treason)

Liberal progressive democrat’s refusal to cut any federal spending or any government program is lunacy and will lead to the demise of the currency stealing away all Americans wealth and savings through hyperinflation of our currency. We are barrowing or printing 43% of all federal spending and the democrats insist we need to do more spending. (Seditious Treason)

Republicans have voted unanimously against these out of control spending bills. Republicans had spending almost under control the last year they passed a budget it was 161 billion and now its $1.6 trillion or 10 times what the last republican budget deficit was. So how can anyone but an ill-informed person or a lying liberal make the claim that it’s the republicans fault, seek the truth I always do and you should too.

If I wanted to destroy the country from within I would do exactly what the democrats did from January 2007 to 2011 (and they are still trying to do) while they were in control of congress. (Seditious Treason)

Immigration laws

The federal government has been ignoring immigration laws and constitutional laws by refusing to protect the boarders of our country. We have been invaded by a foreign country and we have a government that refuses to repel that invasion. These 11 million illegal invaders are illegal and are stealing jobs away from Americans by the millions because of the policies of the liberal progressive Democratic Party. What part of the word illegal don’t they understand? (Seditious Treason)

Every time a state passes its own laws that mirror federal immigration law the department of justice sues the states. There have been six states so far that have passed their own immigration laws and Obama’s justice department has sued all six trying to stop the states from enforcing mirrored federal laws to protect their boarders and protect American citizens from an invasion of foreigners. (Seditious Treason)

I just can’t buy that crap line about Americans won’t do the work that they do because my whole family has been and still does all the things the illegal’s invaders do. They have beaten the prices down in the construction industry to the point it’s hardly worth being in it. I am American Irish and my family came from Ireland with the first settlers in the early 1700s and my family has been here since before America became a country and I do what politicians say Americans won’t do. They are so full of shit! I demand an apology!


Obama’s, the liberal democrats and Mitt Romney’s Healthcare

Obama’s Healthcare bill passed in 2010 has already cost the American people about $500 billion in higher premiums paid to insurance companies over the last 2 years. While the democrats promised this would bring the cost of insurance premiums down the opposite has happened and prices have skyrocketed. (Seditious Treason)

Let see how much this hurts the American people by doing a little math and looking for the logic in passing a mandate to force people to buy healthcare insurance.

The healthcare bill advocates and Nancy Pelosi makes the false claim it’s going to insure 36 million people but that’s not true. Here is what it really does! It forces 30 million of the 36 million uninsured people to purchase health care insurance or pay a fine. The 30 million forced into the system and the 180 million already insured will pay for the 6 million that can’t afford healthcare insurance. So you are going to force a total of 210 million people to pay for the insurance of just 6 million people. There is no logical explanation for this lunacy! If liberals want this kind of socialism make them pay for 100% of it, we know who they are.

This is nothing more than a power grab to get complete control of the American economy. (What’s left of it?) The democrats have passed so much legislation to regulate all sectors of the economy with this healthcare bill added governments now have it all. The Federal government already controls $3.8 trillion of the economy. This healthcare legislation gives them control of an additional $2.1 trillion more. The states have control of $1.8 trillion and when you combine all those numbers together the governments now have control of $7.7 trillion of the economy in a $15 trillion economy and these adds up to they now control more than half of all the money and people wonder why there aren’t any jobs. What they don’t directly control they control by heavy regulation and that’s what fascists do to control their economies. That didn’t work either ask Mussolini oh that right he’s dead they hung him.

Where is there any logic in all of this? If your one of those people who thinks it’s a good idea to force 210 million people to pay for some one else’s healthcare you probably don’t pay for your healthcare or you don’t have any and you want some free stuff or you may think money grows on trees or just falls out of the sky. Maybe it comes from Obama’s stash of cash or perhaps the money comes from leprechaun’s in fairy like Irish folklore.

I also want to remind you this has already cost the American people $500 billion in the last 2 years and before any of the 6 million who are to be covered by this mandate will benefit from it. This will cost another $500 billion or a total of $1 trillion price tag in higher insurance premiums before anyone gets a dime of benefits in 2014. This doesn’t include any government deficits that are now being estimated to add at least another $1 trillion in deficit spending over 10 years once benefits are being paid out. This is both insanity and Seditious Treason.

Crap and tax

H.R. 2454: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

This is the so-called Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill that got passed in the House of Representatives but never passed the senate. Even know democrats had a supper majority in both the house and the senate they didn’t need one republican vote and still couldn’t get this piece of crap through.

Some of the basic costs of this bill that would hurt the American people were as follows: it would raise gasoline prices 77 cents a gallon and diesel 88 cents a gallon by a direct tax adding to existing taxes. It was said that electric bills would go up 90% (How is that good for America?)

We have seen what $4.00 gallon gasoline does to the economy. Why would any sane person want to intentionally increase the cost of gasoline by 77 cents? My point is dual they are insane people and they are working directly against what’s good for the working class Americans the backbone of what makes this country work. Who are the people who already pay for all the wealth redistribution we already have? The American private sector worker and tax payer!

Liberal, progressive Democrats are trying to destroy us from within. (Seditious Treason)

In each of the above mention items pay a special intention to this. None of what the democrats have done or tried to do over the last 4 years is good for the majority of the American people. The very small percentages of people who have or would benefit from the programs are small and the cost in trillions of dollars is unbelievably huge, inexcusable and unforgivable.

The democrats plan was and is to pass costly legislation one thing building upon the other with huge price tags until all of them combined would waste and cost so much money the economy can no longer sustain itself and collapse. They have tried to do this with government spending and with heavy regulations on small business to slowdown the economy. This is what all of the above adds up to in dollars when you do the math it eventually becomes an impossible equation for the country to survive and the economy implodes. (Seditious Treason)

I will say it again here if I wanted to devise a plan to destroy America from within and without firing a shot and with no military. I would do exactly what the democrats have been doing and continue to do. That is the definition of seditious treason. Why hasn’t anyone of note on the republican side made this charge publicly or in a court of law?

Here is more peice of common sense evidence that the charge of seditious treason fits the actions of the liberal progressive Democratic Party. It has been said by me and many other economists in order to fix the country we have to undo all the democrats did in there 4 years of controlling the House of Representatives, Senate and the presidency. Logic dictates if this is the case and it is that if everything they did has to be undone to fix the economy then it really was all bad for the people, the economy and the country. (Seditious Treason)

Did Liberal progressive democrats do all this on purpose or are they just that stupid? This is a question I am not sure about I would ask your help as many heads are better than one.

To say the democrats did this on purpose implies intelligence on their part and I have a reluctance to give them credit for any intelligence. But then there is the other possibility and that’s they are intelligent enough to devise a plan to destroy the country, but don’t have the wisdom to see the consequences of their actions and no idea how to create or fix what they destroyed.


This is the exact law describing seditious treason.

Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government;

or Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing

or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence;

or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof – Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction. If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.

As used in this section, the terms “organizes” and “organize”, with respect to any society, group, or assembly of persons, include the recruiting of new members, the forming of new units, and the regrouping or expansion of existing clubs, classes, and other units of such society, group, or assembly of persons.

–18 U.S.C. § 2385: US Code – Section 2385: Advocating overthrow of Government



Amendments by act July 24, 1956, as applicable only with respect to offenses committed on and after July 24, 1956, see section 3 of act July 24, 1956, set out as a note under section 2384 of this title.


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The liberal media is at it again and no one ever bothers to check their story or their math. The so-called economists or economic advisors should be ashamed of their mistake because it so big. It’s hard to believe anyone could be considered an economist or an advisor and miss the number so badly.


I am going to show you the math to prove Obama’s so-called $60 Billion jobs bill will not create 1.9 million jobs it will only create 589,000 jobs. So the so-called economists missed the numbers by 1,311,000 jobs. In my industry that’s an inexcusable mistake. It’s obvious to me there lying for Obama and the liberal progressive Democratic Party. (Surprised?)


First I want to show you how they came up with the number 1.9 million from the $60 Billion spent on infrastructure and that is roads, bridges, renovations of schools or construction jobs. We take the $60 billion and divide it by the 1.9 million and it comes out to be $31,578.95 per job. That number is about right based on a $12.00 per hour and adding the cost on labor like workman’s compensation, unemployment insurance, employer’s contribution of social security and liability insurance on labor. My number based on $12.00 hour base wage came to be $31,200.00 a year. So there number is close on that point, but there 1.9 million jobs is figuring 100% of the $60 billion is all labor and that’s just plain wrong!


Here is the thing” I did construction bidding for more than 30 years and there’s a lot more to estimate a job then just labor and that’s the way their number works out there’s no money for materials and overhead cost or shameless, obscene  profits.


The very most basics of construction bidding practices are materials, overhead and labor cost, not just labor and let’s not forget those shameful obscene profits.


It seems they forgot about the cost of materials and what about the cost of overhead like trucks, office expenses and all the unseen expenses of running a construction business. The point is the so-called economists either don’t have a clue of what it’s like to run a business and they don’t know what they’re talking about or they just lied. Which of the two do you think it is? I think they don’t have a clue and they lied. This has been the pattern of the Democratic Party for the last 100 years and that’s never going to change it’s who they are.


The whole Democratic Party is based on lies they depend on their voter’s ignorance to get reelected.


Now I am going to show you why the so-called jobs bill will only create 589,000 jobs, not 1.9 million jobs


We start with $60 Billion and use the 31% labor average which is the standard for labor cost in the construction industry and just happens to be the national average for the whole economy based on numbers from the department of labor and statistics.


I derive my 31% labor by using the average wage, average number weekly hours multiplied by the yearly total yearly wage and divided into GDP to get the percentage of labor and that’s 31%.


To find the appropriate amount of labor in the $60 billion jobs bill we multiply it times the 31% labor average and it comes out the amount of labor is 18,600,000,000 then we divide that by their yearly wage $31,578 and that’s 589,007 jobs. That’s a very big difference from 1.9 million jobs and it’s a mistake of 1,310,993 jobs. Whoever made that large of a mistake should be fired.


The rest of the $60 billion less labor would be spent for materials, overhead and there must be a profit. This is exactly what they did in the first so-called stimulus bill passed in January of 2009 they said would create millions of jobs that never materialize and the dollar amount was about the same $60 billion for construction and infrastructure out of the $867 billion stimulus bill. This is just more of the same Bull shit.


I do realize this is just a political move to blame the republicans for Obama’s bad economy and the lack of jobs by not passing the jobs bill. But that will only work on the dummies that would vote for Obama anyway in 2012. One of the biggest reasons Obama won in 2008 was the very low turnout of the 55 million registered republicans, many never showed up to vote and that’s part of why McCain lost and Obama won.


Obama’s jobs bill is not the answer, the liberal, progressive democrats federal government spending is the problem.


If they use the excuse that some jobs will be created from incomes from this so-called jobs bill it will not be what they expect. Most business are not hiring because they don’t have the volume of business to hire new employees and some of their employees are part-time. If business does get better and extra manpower is needed that will be supplied by existing part-time employees until business gets really good and this jobs bill isn’t going to do it. There estimates on this will be way off as well as their other goofy estimates.


Also the same goes for the construction companies that would bid this work. They also have part-time employees because they don’t have enough work for a 40 hour work week now. Anyone who would get these government contracts would just use their part-time people and only add a few extra people. My whole family is in construction we do home improvement, renovation work and this is the case not a theory or a guess, it is the situation across the country.  

Another problem is the construction industry is or was 85% illegal aliens prior to the collapse of the construction industry. This makes it very difficult to recognize any large numbers of jobs for Americans. Most of the money and jobs in this bill will go to illegal aliens and 1/3 their money will be sent to South America. We have never hired one illegal alien and I guess that makes me a racist.


The only way to fix the economy is to rely on the part that still provides 120 million jobs and that’s the private sector corporations and small business.


The jobs Obama’s bill is supposed to create are like all the other jobs he has created they are temporary they will go away when the money runs out.


Government jobs are going away, the states governments are cutting their budgets they have run out of money and total number of government jobs are going away. There broke!


Government is the problem not the answer. The deficit spending from the federal government is sucking all the available money out of the banking system and a lot more from the worlds banking system. They are barrowing about $4 billion a day, about $126 billion a month and $1.5 trillion each year. As long as this continues there will be no recovery and there’s no end in sight.


The federal deficit is why our economy and Europe’s economy isn’t growing and adjusted for inflation they are shrinking and it’s all because the governments here and over there are sucking the banks dry. Governments are borrowing all the available money in the banking system and there is very little left for the private sector companies or the people to barrow and grow the economies. Then the politicians blame it on the banks to divert the blame from them.


The small cuts in the budget deficit the supper committee is trying to make of $120 billion a year are a drop in the bucket compared to the huge $1.5 trillion in deficit spending and will make very little difference.


Any increase in taxes to the rich just makes less money available in the private sector economy for the creation of jobs from an expansion in the private sector economy. This is the dumbest thing I ever heard next to the last dumbest thing and that was also one of the democrats and Obama’s brainstorms, the $867 Billion stimulus that didn’t stimulate anything except to increase the deficit by $867 Billion.


Here is the democrats and Obama’s newest plan: we take $70 billion in new taxes from the incomes of the small business and transfer that tax money to the federal government, than the government spends $60 billion to create jobs. How does that add to the economy or the GDP? It’s like taking buckets of water out of a lake and carrying it to the other side and dumping back into the same lake expecting the water level to rise? Or like standing in the bucket and trying to lift yourself up, it’s never going to happen.


These are the idiots someone put in charge of the country. Liberal progressive Democrats’ have proven they all have very poor math skills and serious sociological problems. You will lose a greater number of jobs in the private sector economy then the government created jobs will produce.


They also claimed these jobs will happen in 12 months but that will never happen. It will take at least 1 year to get started and another 18 months after that to complete most of the projects. That’s because of all the layers of bureaucracy on the federal level and then in the states. It’s impossible for them to do it in one year. Remember how shovel ready wasn’t really shovel ready?


The so-called economists and economic advisors are almost always wrong. When the economic reports come out why are they always surprised? If they were any good they wouldn’t be so wrong, so much. I wished I could get paid to be wrong all the time. Maybe I should run for president?





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1. The War on Poverty

 In their compassion for the poor, liberals earmarked $50 billion in 1964 to provide medical care, housing, cash transfers, and food subsidies to ease the plight of the disadvantaged.


Defiantly a failed liberal Idea


Hatched by social engineers who cooked up President Lyndon Johnsons great society the war on poverty spawned welfare mentality that has trapped the poor in a web of dependency, spent 16 trillion without making a dent in the poverty rate and its now higher than it’s ever been and will burn through another 10.3 trillion over the next 10 years.




2. The U.S. Department of Education


President Obama proposed a new education reform package called “Race to the Top,” which includes increased federal funding to states whose public schools improve student performance.


The U.S. Department of education has spent trillions of tax dollars growing a bloated top down bureaucracy but the American education still lags behind other countries. Now president Obama wants to bribe states with billions more if they give in to additional federal interference in their schools. If states show that there serious about reform says president Obama well show them the Money. I wonder-reform to what means? It sounds like more of that hope and change bull shit to me. We never got the memo on specifically what that was and look what we did get more liberal progressive failed socialism.


Defiantly a failed liberal Idea


If these ideas are so good why do liberals have to bribe people to use them?



3. The U.S. Department of Energy


Created in the 1970s as one of President Jimmy Carter’s bright ideas, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has seen its mission evolve from basic research and development to spending billions to commercialize technologies that aren’t yet viable—and might never be.


Despite funding numerous projects that never get off the ground, the U.S. Department of Energy has seen its budget grow by more than $11 billion in the last 10 years—a 76% increase!  Because our nation is looking for spending to cut, the DOE might be the place to start.  Instead of focusing on opening new sources of energy, the DOE pushes politically correct pet projects that are expensed to the American people.



Some of these ideas . . . like mood rings and polyester pants . . . are better left in the 1970s.



4. The Community Reinvestment Act



Liberals created the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) to encourage private lenders to meet the needs of borrowers in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods.


The CRA spawned sub-prime mortgage lending, which boomed starting in the mid-1990s under President Bill Clinton. When the bubble burst, millions of sub-prime borrowers—the low-income people the CRA was created to help—found themselves owing more than their homes were worth. This set off the foreclosure cascade, tipped the economy into a prolonged recession we are still in, and plunged many families into poverty after they lost the homes they couldn’t afford but that Washington induced them to buy.


Defiantly a failed liberal Idea Ignoring the law of unintended consequences: It just doesn’t work.



5. ‘Comprehensive’ Immigration Reform


Senate liberals’ latest immigration proposal offers multiple “paths to citizenship” for foreign nationals who are in America illegally.


They’re touting their Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2011 as the complete and real solution to America’s immigration problems. Hoping Americans will ignore history, though, liberals’ current manipulation is as catastrophically irresponsible as the amnesty law Congress adopted in 1986, which more than quadrupled the population of people here illegally.


Doing the same thing and expecting a different result: That’s not going to get us anywhere.



Have you had enough of failed liberal and progressive ideas?


If $16 trillion hasn’t made a dent in the poverty rate, isn’t it kind of ridiculous to think another $10.3 trillion will solve the problem?


And if President Obama’s $800 billion stimulus didn’t create jobs, isn’t it ridiculous to think another $450 billion “so-called jobs plan” will do the trick?


Of course it is.


President Obama and his liberal cohorts in Congress, however, don’t see a problem with recycling failed liberal ideas from the past and spending the country into oblivion to enact them.


Liberal ideas are a lot of things: dangerous, wasteful, unconstitutional, and all part of a socialist agenda of wealth redistribution.

But it’s time to call a spade a spade: MOST LIBERAL IDEAS HAVE FAILED.


Liberals love to call themselves compassionate. So why do their ideas so often end up with catastrophic results on the people they’re intended to help?


Who is it that makes the claim that liberals and progressives are smarter then conservatives? Other stupid liberals and progressives!


They call themselves progressive. Truth is, though, their ideas are recycled schemes that continue to blow trillions of dollars on bloated, failed programs that take the country backward.


They talk about personal liberty like they invented it. But everything they do butts into every corner of your personal life and takes away personal liberty.


In short, many liberal ideas are recycled failures that backfire and can’t get simple concepts straight.


We need to send a loud-and-clear message to Congress STOP THE FAILED LIBERAL IDEAS that are bankrupting America, undermining the Constitution, and weakening the nation and lead to its destruction. Vote conservative in 2012


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President Barack Hussein Obama and his entire Ilk of liberal and progressive Democrats are so mathematically illiterate it’s beyond belief. Their deficiency in math skills is to the magnitude they don’t belong in charge of anything that has to do with the economy or the country. It is as if we have a group of four-year old children in charge instead of adults and I think we would be better off with four-year olds running the country.

Points: President B.O. and his advisers do not realize the scope of the size of the automobile and truck fleet in the United States and that’s 260,000,000 cars and trucks. (260 million) this increases in size by 2 million cars a year as the population grows so does the fleet and so does fuel consumption even if they are fuel-efficient cars. As the number of people reaches driving age or about 2 million each year, cars are purchased adding to the fleet size and total fuel consumption increases. This is a moving target that as long as the population grows so will fuel consumption totals unless you collapse the economy.


 President B.O. and his advisers do not seem to realize we currently use 7 billion barrels of crude oil each year and that’s 583 million barrels each month. At 42 gallons for each barrel of crude oil this is 24,486,000,000 billion gallons of crude oil every month. Using just the $1.00 increase in the cost of a gallon of gasoline and to keep it simple, this cost the American economy $24,486,000,000 and that’s billions of dollars every month. This costs the economy $293 Billion a year. This is 2 Percent of the whole American economy or gross domestic product that just disappears into thin air. The bigger problems are food and everything else goes up with the cost of crude oil or gasoline in a like kind inflation percentage adding to the problem. For the report on total fuel consumption see it at this link.  http://www.eia.doe.gov/petroleum/


President B.O. and his liberal, progressive advisers and the Democratic Party are the groups that want gas to go to $8.00 a gallon. They haven’t got a clue what that will do to the economy or do they? I want to show you that with the kind of increases those so-called market experts and B.O are now talking about. I want to show you what $6.00 a gallon gas will do to the economy and the people.


 Barack Hussein Obama has stated he thinks it’s sociological and won’t affect the economy until it gets to $6.00 to $7.00 a gallon. I will show you the math that proves he’s either a complete idiot or he is trying to destroy the economy and the country on purpose. The numbers will also prove if he believes it’s only sociological and it is what he really believes then he is also an idiot, just like the rest of his ilk. The only part that may be sociological is, it really pisses off the American people. But as a whole nation it has a huge economic physically measurable effect on the country and especially once the price gets above the $2.50 a gallon price and now we are at $4.00 a gallon and the price goes up every few days.


 What I am going to do is show you the math in a progression from the $2.50 price of just 7 months ago back in September 2010 and up to the current $4.00 a gallon level. Then look at $5.00 $6.00 $7.00 $8.00 a gallon and figure the effects at each stage on the GDP and the country’s economy as hundreds of billions of dollars is shifted from all other sectors of the economy and diverted into crude oil and refined petroleum products. This is not psychological it is physical all we have to do is a little math to prove this statement.


Let’s use the Starting point of $2.50 a gallon gas in September of 2010 and  find the percentage of GDP that is spent on refined petroleum products to find the effects on the whole economy as the price increases. The gross domestic product for 2011 is estimated to be $15.2 trillion with a growth rate projection of 3.5% for the current budget year that started October 1, 2010 and runs to September 30, 2011. The numbers will be rounded off to nearest percentage and dollar amounts. There is only so much money in the economy at a given time including credit availability like credit cards. If things cost more from inflation or higher prices this back feeds into other sectors of the economy and takes away from the total number of products we can purchase with cash or credit. We don’t have a printing press like the federal reserve and we just can’t make money up as we need it. 


Liberal progressive democrats seem to think we all have wheel barrels full of cash just lying around waiting to be spent. B.O. on the campaign trail made a statement to a man asking about higher fuel prices and Barack Hussein Obama told him if he didn’t like it to just buy a more fuel-efficient car. Just like that B.O. takes it for granted the man can afford to go buy a new fuel-efficient vehicle. Now if the man is complaining about $30.00 extra a week in higher gas prices what makes Obama think he’s got thousands of dollars just lying around for a down payment to buy a new vehicle? There is no logic to what B.O. said and this is only a small part of why I call him an idiot. Now let’s get started on finding the truth about higher gas prices to prove it’s physical and not sociological.


My estimate is based on the cost of gasoline not a barrel of crude oil. The reason for this is we understand the cost of a gallon gas much more than we do the cost per barrel of crude oil. The reason I use total crude oil consumption is because there is refined crude oil in almost everything we buy. Gasoline is the cheapest product that comes from refined crude oil. Some examples would be Tires or anything made of rubber, diesel fuel, heating oil, or motor oil, plastics, fertilizers and thousands of other products all made from refined crude oil.


Every one of these products mentioned are much higher than the cost of a gallon of gasoline for those who may be critical of me using the cost of gasoline and matching it up with the total number of barrels of crude oil we use, if anything this would be underestimated since gasoline is the cheapest refined product coming from crude oil, so let’s continue.


September 2010. $2.50 base price x 24.486 billion gallons a month = $61.215 Billion monthly.

On a yearly basis x 12 = $734.580 billion

This is 4.8% of the gross domestic product and this is our starting point.

$2.50 to $4.00 a gallon = $1.50 x 24.486 billion gallons month of total crude oil refined= $36.729 Billion

On a yearly basis x 12 = $440.748 Billion

Added to the base price yearly of $734.580 billion we get a total yearly $1.175 trillion

This is 7.8% of the gross domestic product. This is where we are right now April 28, 2010


This is a 3% shift in spending from all other sectors of the economy and transferred into the higher cost of refined petroleum. The gross domestic product will not go up at this point. This will back feed $440.748 Billion out of other sectors of the economy and will not fully register in economic data for at least 2 business cycles and that’s 4 months from now. This is April and 2 business cycles put us into August or September 2011 before this shows up its full economic effects in the monthly data releases. The GDP rate of growth is expected to be 3.5% for 2011 but to find the true state of the economy we now have to back out the 3% that now is directed to higher fuel prices or inflation and that give us ½ percent in real growth for 2011 and that’s were we are right now, but we are not done yet, we have only started to disprove the notion or myth that higher priced gasoline is only psychological


The next price we look as is the physical loss of purchasing power effects of $5.00 a gallon gasoline.

 Now we will look at the physical effects of $5.00 a gallon from current $4.00 level.

$1.00 x 24.486 billion gallons month = $24.486 billion each month.

Multiplied for the price yearly x  12 = $293.832 Billion year consumption

Added to the $4.00 price yearly $1.175 trillion = $1.468 Trillion

This is 9.6% of the gross domestic product.


This 9.6% needs the base 4.8% of the gross domestic product back out from $2.50 a gallon gasoline price level and taken out and that gives us 4.8% negative shift in economic activity from other sectors. Then we take the expected GDP growth rate of 3.5% and we have in effect a negative GDP of -1.3%


It is at this point of gasoline prices at $5.00 a gallon that I think the economy will start into a second collapse and here are some of the reasons why. First after gasoline is food inflation that has been in lock step with the rising price of crude oil and refined petroleum products. In January of 2011 as a nation we did spend more money on food then we did on crude oil. This will also work the same way month by month like gasoline the additional money spent on food will go missing from other sectors. I calculated in January of 2011 that we spend $750 billion a year on food and that was based on an average per person eats $47.00 a week in food. This is what I could find and verify on several different websites and the average was $47.00. There are 308 million people according to the 2010 census. This means we spend an average of $2,444.00 a year per person on food and multiplied by 308 million people = $752 billion and that just disappears like gasoline.


I am not going to do the math here of food inflation increases. I just want people to know the scope of the problem is a lot bigger than just gasoline prices. But all the inflation or higher prices is most noticeable in higher refined crude oil inflation and this drives up the price of every single thing we buy.


 It is at this point the only reason I will go further doing the math is to show how ridicules the liberal fringe news media is and President Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal, progressive advisers and the Democratic Party to prove they really are total idiots. Then there’s the possibility they are doing it intentionally to destroy the country. I would like to know your thoughts on that possibility. There is a place for comments at the bottom of the page please leave your comments.


 Now we will look at the physical effects of $6.00 a gallon from the $5.00 level.

$1.00 x 24.486 billion gallons month = $24.486 billion each month.

Multiplied for the price yearly x 12 = $293.832 Billion

Added to the $5.00 price yearly $1.468 trillion = $1.762 Trillion dollars yearly

This is 11.6% of the gross domestic product.


 The 11.6% needs the base 4.8% of the gross domestic product back out from $2.50 a gallon gasoline price level and taken out that gives us a negative -6.8% from the growth in GDP of 3.5% expected growth rate. Then we have a net negative of -3.3% real GDP. In dollars at this point its $1 trillion that is diverted from other sectors of the economy. This is exactly like putting $1 trillion in a very big pile and setting it on fire. What happens to all petroleum refined fuels? We burn it. Also 72% of all crude oil is imported from other countries. We are totally at the mercy of foreign counties and that’s a huge security issue when 20% of the worlds crude oil supply comes from countries that hate us. This is also the exact equivalent of the economy shrinking in dollars from the expected $15.2 trillion down to $14.2 trillion. This also will greatly reduce profits for company and companies pay taxes on profits so less taxes will be collected and this means bigger federal and state deficits. The number of  jobs the economy can support is also greatly reduced because the money just diapered into our gas tanks. This adds up to massive layoffs of employees and greatly increased deficit spending from lower recites in payroll taxes.


 This does not include food inflation and we burn that too. Using a wild educated guess adding food inflation we could be missing at least another $300 billion a year before gas gets to $6.00 a gallon. It is my estimate from 34 years of following the economy as a business owner and doing cost analysis we will be gone before we reach $6.00 a gallon gas because higher fuel prices increase the prices every thing we buy not just gasoline.


But Barack Hussein Obama thinks otherwise he thinks its only psychological. He either doesn’t understand or comprehend the scope of the problem or doesn’t care. Then there’s the possibility it’s exactly what he wants to happen and that’s really what I think is happening. He wants to collapse the system or he is just plain stupid. There is no other answer like he’s smarter than the rest of us. I just showed you the math based on the latest government report of how much crude oil we use that proves to anyone with an ounce of common sense that Barack Hussein Obama is the dumbest man in the world.


The GDP numbers will go up slightly but nowhere near the amount of dollars the economy will go negative. There is no way out of this and the prices will continue to go up as the dollar declines in value. I believe it’s already out of the control of the Federal Reserve. They have to continue to expand the money supply to finance the deficit spending of the liberal progressive democrats and this will continue well into the year 2012. The alternative would be to cut every single expenditure of the federal government in half and that will never happen because of politics being what it is and the other part is this is what the Federal Reserve has to do by laws they are bound by they have to print or barrow up to the debt limit to keep the government running.


Americans will drive less and we will conserve gasoline, but the total effects will be a declining economy just like we used less gas after the bank collapse of September 2008.


We don’t buy barrels of crude oil we buy refined gasoline, diesel, heating oil, motor oil, and gasoline is the cheapest of all those products. So the real cost will be a lot higher than my estimates. This is all meant to show the direction we are headed in and the seriousness of the crimes being committed by the current politicians that still control the senate and the presidency. This will be the equivalent of genocide in the end and tens of millions of people will die in the United States and Billions worldwide.


 Printing more money will only make the matters much worse since that is what really did this in the first place. If they do print more money and I expect they will, it would accelerate to even higher crude oil prices and thus even higher gasoline prices.


I have heard a lot of talking heads say the federal reserve’s barrowing, printing or digitizing of money to cover the deficit spending gone wild isn’t getting into the streets. With three consecutive years of $1.5 trillion average for a total on and off budget spending at $5.3 trillion. These people don’t seem to understand what deficit spending is so I will explain. First of all every single dollar of this $5.3 trillion is being spent or has been spent into the streets of all 50 states and abroad. The deficit is the shortfall in taxes collected and regular expense obligations for the federal government. Here is a list of just a few, Social security monthly payments, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance, food stamps, the military, 2 wars in addition to the regular military budget and thousands of other federal expenses. In general 53% of the federal budget goes to some sort of socialism or entitlement programs. All these budget deficits are being spent into the streets every month and the whole world has been flooded with paper or digitized American dollars over the last 30 months. That is why the dollar is currently being devalued so severely. It usually takes about two years of a country dumping large amounts of its paper currency into a system for it to cause high inflation. We are now 30 months away from the bank collapse in September of 2008 and it was about six months ago that prices started to noticeably increase, so we are right on schedule. This printing of paper money is the main reason for the higher prices of petroleum products. It is a massive multi-trillion dollar printing and digitizing of the dollar that is causing the price increases.


 Now we will look at the physical effects of $7.00 a gallon from the $6.00 level to show the insanity of liberal progressive Democrats who would like to see gasoline at $8.00 a gallon.


$1.00 x 24.486 billion gallons month = $24.486 billion each month.

Multiplied for the price yearly x 12 = $293.832 Billion

Added to the $6.00 price yearly $1.762 trillion = $2.056 Trillion dollars

This is 13.6% of the gross domestic product at the 7.00 a gallon level.


The 13.6% needs the base 4.8% of the gross domestic product back out from $2.50 a gallon gasoline price level and taken out that gives us a negative -8.8% against the growth in GDP of 3.5%. Then we have a net negative of -5.3% real GDP. In dollars at this point its $1.3 trillion in additional money from the $2.50 a gallon price that is diverted from other sectors of the economy. I’ll say it again this is exactly like putting $1.3 trillion in a very big pile and setting it on fire. What happens to all petroleum refined fuels? We burn it. This -5.3% gross domestic product is right where we were shortly after the 2008 bank collapsed and were losing as many as 750,000 jobs a month. I expect this time around it will be much worse.


You should be able to tell by now that we will never make it to the liberal, progressives democrats and Barack Hussein Obama’s wanted price of $8.00 a gallon gasoline. These people really are clinically mentally ill. When you confront them with the facts they change the subject and divert to environmental issues or just blame it on the republicans and George Bush and that is not going to ever solve anything. That malarkey will not solve any of our inflation problems or bring down the price of gasoline. Trying to have a discussion with a liberal or a progressive is like dealing with a child like mind in an adult’s body. You will never get through to them and it’s a waste of time. The government reports I give at the beginning of this article are put out by the very same types using the total consumption of crude oil is a naughty thing.


The latest comments from Barack Hussein Obama is how to bring down the price of oil is.

 White House press secretary Jay Carney said at his daily briefing Tuesday that this is an apt week to highlight the tax breaks.

 “The oil and gas companies are all announcing their profits this week. They’re expected to be quite large,” he said. “And while we certainly are glad to see companies making a profit, we do not believe that. . . they need to be subsidized by the American taxpayer.”

 Okay……and? You raise taxes on them, so they raise their prices to keep up their profit margins and….? I mean, how was this supposed to work out for the rest of us?

 The United States oil and natural gas industry does not receive taxpayer-subsidized payments.


This is a liberal progressive talking point and it is the usual disinformation and class war always played by the democrats. The truth is the oil companies are just allowed to write off more of the money they spent to drill an oil well but not all of it. It is not the people’s tax money being given to the oil companies that is a lie and it’s not adding to deficit spending. It is just the oil companies being allowed to write off more of their expenses for which they would otherwise have to depreciate the expense over time which means they have to pay taxes on money they actually spent which they no longer have. The state and federal government does this to businesses all the time not just the oil industry and this is nothing new because I have had to deal with this myself going all way back to 1978 or for 32 years that I ran my own business.


As a business owner I can attest to this from experience there is equipment that I purchase and I pay cash for and I cannot write all of it off as an expense because the IRS requires me to depreciate equipment over time. This is the exact equivalent to me of paying taxes on money I do no longer have because I spent it on the daily operations of my business and how is that fair to tax me or any other business to pay taxes on money they longer have? I didn’t go on a cruise or vacation to Disney World with the money. I spent in the normal course of doing business. This tax back feeds into my profits that I may have and forces me to increase my prices to cover my costs of higher taxes on money that I no longer have. Do you work for free? Well neither do I.


Liberal, progressive Democrats consider this a subsidy as they do with any tax deduction because they think the money is theirs first and you get whats left over. One more example of this would be home mortgage loan interest tax write-offs. The Democrats want to do away with the public being able to write off the interest on their home mortgage loans. Their exact words are the government should not be subsidizing homeownership. It’s the exact same thing as what they call oil subsidies. The Democrats will never learn it is the people’s money first and not there’s. Keep voting for Democrats and you’ll keep getting more of this deception and disinformation.


If you really want to see the value home decline wait until they do take away the home mortgage interest tax deduction and your home will become absolutely worthless. Most people buy a home because of the tax deduction they get on their mortgage which means they get to keep more of their earned money and invest it in their home. When this goes away so will the value of your house and you will be able to thank the Democrats for that. This home mortgage deduction has already been limited once since Democrats have had total supper majority control of all branches of the government since 2007. The democrats limited the dollar amount to $400,000 and every thing above that you can no longer take the deduction for  the interest paid. Then we wonder why the housing industry is at all time record lows.


The United States oil and natural gas industry does not receive taxpayer-subsidized payments.


 Given the recent publicity surrounding this issue, this statement may come as a surprise, yet it is 100 percent true. Also true is that the industry pays more than $86 million to the government every single day and has an effective income tax rate of 41 percent. Why then have so many readily bought the notion that the taxpayers are supporting this highly profitable industry?


A fundamental pillar of the U.S. income tax system is that businesses are taxed only on net income. This means that there needs to be some practical method for businesses to recover costs. There are many tax code provisions that allow companies to recover their costs, but tax deductions and cost recovery mechanisms should in no way be confused with subsidies. 


For example, many inaccurately classify the ability to recover costs associated with drilling a well as some sort of unique subsidy for the industry. When companies drill, they incur intangible drilling costs, such as site preparation, labor, engineering and design. These “intangible” costs associated with drilling a well usually represent 60-80 percent of the cost of the well. Independent producers can deduct 100 percent of these costs in the year they occur while larger, non-independent companies can deduct 70 percent of the costs in year one and amortize the remainder over five years. 


This is the same treatment afforded many different types of taxpayers. Small businesses can expense 100 percent of certain equipment costs and mining companies can deduct mine development costs. Further, research and development (R&D) costs incurred by industries such as biotech, pharmaceutical and software firms can be immediately expensed.


As is the case with research and development, oil and gas development is no sure thing. Despite great advances in technology, drilling a well is the only means to determine the actual presence of hydrocarbons in reservoir rock or sand. And when companies drill, they often rely on new and innovative methods. While these methods have led to the recovery of domestic reserves few thought possible a decade ago, they remain, essentially risky ventures.


 Deductions allowed for the U.S. oil and natural gas industry are often more restrictive when compared with other industries. For example, in 2004, Congress enacted the Section 199 Domestic Manufacturers Deduction to spur job creation and retention for all businesses that grow, extract, produce and manufacture goods in the United States. Contrary to assertions, this is not a deduction unique to oil and natural gas manufacturing. It applies to all qualifying industries, from newspapers to home builders, electric companies to movie studios and — logically — oil and gas companies.


For most U.S. manufacturers, the deduction is 9 percent of their domestic net income. However, recent legislation has already penalized U.S. oil and natural gas companies by freezing their deduction at 6 percent. Oil companies are already being penalized and the liberals and progressives want to do it more. This expense will increase prices and will be passed on to the public, this means higher prices at the pump and if they don’t know what they are doing but they certainly should, or someone should tell them. I think they know exactly what they’re doing.


 The truth here is the oil companies are already being penalized and they are being taxed on money that they are spending to get the American oil for the American people. This is money that they no longer have that’s what the depreciation and depletion tax laws are all about more or less limiting the amount of money a business can write off even though they had to do it to accomplish their mission and to survive as a business.


 If you are a person working by the hour this is the equivalent of the government withholding tax money from your paycheck and then they tax you again on the after-tax money or your take home pay. Sales taxes are the equivalent of this type of taxing. This tax treatment of businesses is one of the main reasons tens of millions of jobs in manufacturing have left this country over the past 30 years. This is the atmosphere that the Democratic Party has created for small business and then we wonder why the businesses go to other countries to operate. This is not about the greedy corporation is about surviving as a business. If you are an employee and another company offers you more money then your current employer you will almost certainly go to the higher paying job. This is the same thing companies do and you say it’s because of greed well your guilty of the same behavior. This is also exactly why 80% of the economy is service sector and only 20% is manufacturing. The Democrats have chased the manufacturing out of the country with their taxing and regulation policies. It used to be exactly the opposite.


This is how these goof balls think and they think we the American people are stupid. Barack Hussein Obama and his ilk all need to go somewhere else other than Harvard or Columbia university for more education on how economies work because it is apparent he didn’t learn anything at either one of those collages he supposedly went to. He needs to ask for his money back, yes a refund to whomever footed the bill for his so-called education should demand to be reimbursed as the product of education was never delivered. I had a much better education at the 8th grade level. We have children running the country not adults.


William Buckley once said he would rather be governed by the first 400 people in the Boston phone book rather than 400 people from Harvard and I agree.


 But let’s look at those taxes on gasoline, shall we, and see who’s making how much money on a single gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel.


Gas tax table: A state by state report of Federal and state Gasoline taxes combined.



In my state and federal and state taxes are $.42 a gallon and the oil companies make about nine cents in profits for a gallon of gasoline. If I get 20 gallons of gas then the oil company makes $1.80 on an $80 purchase. The governments however make $8.20 in taxes on my 20 gallon purchase. So I ask you once again who’s making all the money the government or the oil companies? The government doesn’t own one oil company or one pipeline, they have no investment in the oil industry and yet somehow they seem to think that they are entitled to almost 5 times more than the oil companies that has done all the work. The truth of the matter is the government does under these circumstances own all the oil companies and they are making all the big money not oil companies.


So while the Liberal Democrats are playing class wars and trying to direct all the anger you have from higher gas prices at the oil companies the people are allowing them to get away with it. The Democrats are putting another commission to investigate price gouging in the oil industry I’ve seen this movie before. Nothing will come of it except to put more blame on small businesses like gas stations and the oil companies. This is just a continuation of the tactics of lies and disinformation I have seen the Democratic Party do for my entire life and I have watched liberal, progressive democrats do this for more than 40 years now. This will not change and the democratic party must be and will be beaten so bad in the 2012 elections that they become totally relevent.


The bottom line here is the higher gasoline prices come from the out-of-control deficit spending of Congress being controlled by the Democratic Party from January 2007 to 2011. It is the $5.3 trillion in unearned income made up by the Federal Reserve to finance the deficit spending that is causing all this inflation in the price of crude oil and refined petroleum products and the higher cost of food. The country is still under control of the Democratic Party federal spending and lack of a budget up to September 30th 2011. Make no mistake about it the liberal fringe news media and the Democrats will constantly blame it all on the Republicans and the stupid people will always eat these little balls of crap. I am talking about people who vote democrat because if they were smart people they would vote for republicans.



The question I have for the general public is under the above circumstances do you think we’ll last until January 2013?

 Here is the timeline to our financial ruin.


Currently gasoline is around $4.00 a gallon nationally. At the current rate of price increases from February to April 2011 it has gone up about one dollar a gallon in that three-month period. If the dollar continues to decline in value at a steady rate and the price of gasoline increases at the same rate it has for the last three months. This would mean that by the end of July beginning of August we will have five dollar gallon gasoline. Now this would only count if there are no natural disasters or political disasters in the middle east that would disrupt the flow of oil and only if nothing happens over the next three months. An attack on Iran from Israel before august 20th 2011 is very likely. That is when the nuclear reactor is scheduled to go online in Iran, so hold on to your hats its going to be a wild ride. Israel did this to Iran’s nuclear reactor and to Syria both before they went online, so you can expect it to happen again.


Also if the dollar’s value starts to decline at a faster rate or goes into a free fall we could see five dollars a gallon in a few days. How far and how fast can gasoline go up an additional 1.00 a gallon? Do you remember when Hurricane Katrina hit the golf of mexico offshore wells and is created a supply disruption? The result of that natural disaster was gasoline going from two dollars a gallon to $3.50 a gallon in just 48 hours. Just do an overlay of that scenario once we are at five dollars a gallon for gasoline, in two day’s we could have $6.50 a gallon and it doesn’t have to be a Katrina type disaster it could be a man-made intentionally created disaster like Israel bombing Iran.


Has anyone noticed the Middle East is on fire? 20% of the world crude oil supply production comes from those countries and there are two possibilities. First there is the disruption of oil supply from the insurrections now taking place. It doesn’t matter that we don’t get very much oil from that area of the world. Disruptions in supplies anywhere in the world will force the price of crude oil up in the commodities market and that is the price we pay.


A second possibility is any new governments that come from these insurrections in these Moslem countries will almost definitely be hostile to the United States government and/or the American people. Moslems are taught to hate Jews and Americans from birth. It is highly unlikely that any of these new governments that will come from these insurrections will treat United States favorably. 


They will do one of two things they will completely cut off the oil supply to the United States for supporting Israel or they will just cut back on the supply of crude oil production to the point where they push the price up intentionally to destroy the United States economy, Europe and therefore Israels economy and they will be completely at the mercy of the Moslems as they are surrounded by them and so will we. Then we get the real Armageddon as israel has a minimum of 80 nuclear bombs and could have more than 200 of them but 80 will do the job. The never again slogan becomes a reality.


Anyone who says differently has no idea what they’re talking about. I have been following the Moslem fanatics for 42 years. This is the most likely scenario that will come from all this Middle East turmoil. A Moslems idea of democracy is entirely different from that of an American citizen. Sharia law is a dictatorship much worse than total communism under Stalin and much more brutal. I read this in the Koran. I have also gathered information over 42 year period for which I have committed to memory.


I don’t need some talking head telling me it’s a peaceful religion, they have obviously never read the Koran and they have never studied the history of the Moslem religion and its people as I have. The bottom line on this subject is we are screwed one way or the other these new Moslem governments can either control us or destroy us economically at their will. This is due to an energy policy driven by the liberal, progressive Democratic Party for over 34 years now and I want you to know the truth. The Republican Party has tried over and over to reverse some of the damage that has been done to our oil industry and even when they had majority control the Rhinos in the party voted with the Democrats. A rino is a Democrat in disguise as a Republican. Arlen Specter for example.


Getting back to the timeline of when the cost of gasoline will certainly disrupt and/or destroy the American economy. As I’ve said above and we have look at the math is somewhere around six dollars a gallon for gasoline and the negative effects will ripple through the economy in a negative way that will leave us in a free fall economically and millions of jobs will be lost and this will feed the hyperinflation monster that will destroy us. This will come no later than the last quarter of 2011 or into the first quarter of 2012. This is where things really get bad. We will never get to $8.00 a gallon gasoline except for maybe the last few weeks or days before total economic collapse of the economy and the Government. The math just doesn’t work out to survive what I have explained here. 


Rather than the write another 250 pages to explain everything about how we got here and where we are going right up to the very end and I did point out in a book that it would be all of the above and a lot more. I would ask you to buy a copy of my book called 2012 what’s really going to happen in 2012. I wrote this book in April and May 2009 just after Barack Hussein Obama was elected. So far my predictions based upon my knowledge in business, economics and politics are right on schedule.


For a copy of the book 2012 what’s going to happen in 2012. See the cover in the right hand column top of this page it will take you to Amazon on-line book store. It’s also available at all on-line book stores if you have a club membership already just search the title.


 Believe it or not, even know I expected it all happen and it still scares the hell out of me. As I worry about my family, my friends and the American people and what will happen to them. My predictions or forecasts’ are not based on Bible prophecies or Nostradamus predictions or anything like that, so if you’re worried it’s a religion thing, it’s not. But my forecasts most certainly do fit the biblical end Times predictions for those of you that would like it to be so.


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 Democrats won control of Congress in the November 2006 elections. Democrats took majority control in January of 2007 and they exploded federal government spending by $1 trillion in just two years or the 2008 and 2009 budget years. This was all done before the bank collapse of September 18, 2008 read on and I will show the proof. Using the federal records from the Department of labor and statistics, the U.S. Treasury department and the Congressional budget office I will prove by federal documents that the democrats intentionally collapsed the system.
This is not circumstantial evidence, it is factual and it is exactly what happened to the country’s economy and why the whole world’s bank’s collapsed and this is what I aim to prove. The economy was intentionally collapse by the Democratic Party for political gain to make George Bush look bad so they could get a democratic president in the 2008 elections and it worked and thus we now have B. O. as president. If this is so and it is what took place the entire democratic party is guilty of seditious treason. See the law as it is written at the bottom of the page.

There are only 2 possibilities 

After looking at the federal off budget and on budget spending records from January 2007 to September 2008 as soon as the democrats took majority control of congress they exploded the deficit spending and created the problems we now have in 2011. There are only 2 possibilities one is they don’t have any understanding of economics at all and they are so stupid they don’t belong in control of changing a liter box for the cat as they are much to incompetent for that duty.

 The other is they do know exactly what they’re doing and there intentionally trying to destroy the country by destroying it economically in the same way Osama bin laden was trying to destroy the country and if that’s the case and it is what happened there guilty of seditious treason.

This is a year to year record of deficit spending and as you can see the republicans were bringing spending under control when the democrats won the election in November 2006 and took control by majority in January of 2007. The 2007 budget was voted on in early 2006 by the Republican Party who then controlled Congress by a thin margin. Notice the deficit was only $161 Billion and the media was screaming bloody murder about that. Now you hardly hear a peep about it unless there blaming the republicans for the current deficit and the deficit is going to be 1.6 trillion for 2011. This is 10 times what it was under republican majority.

Table one: Federal Government spending yearly 2001 to 2013

yearly Oct.1,  Sept. 30 controlling majority votes Deficits billion dollars Gov. Total Spending Total accumulative Deficit Federal tax Collected.
2001 REP -128.2 1,863.2 5,807.5 1,991
2002 REP 157.8 2,011.2 6,228.2 1,853
2003 REP 377.6 2,160.1 6,783.2 1,782
2004 REP 412.7 2,293.0 7,379.1 1,880
2005 REP 318.3 2,472.2 7,932.7 2,153
2006 REP 248.2 2,655.4 8,507.0 2,406
2007 REP 160.9 2,728.9 9,007.7 2,568
2008 DEM 458.6* 2,982.6 9,986.1 2,523
2009 DEM 1,412.7* 3,517.7 11,875.9 2,104
2010 DEM 1,555.6* 3,720.7 13,528.8 2,165
2011 DEM 1,645.1* 3,818.8 15,476.2 2,567
2012 REP/DEM 1,215.2 3,728.7   16,654.3 2,926 Est.
2013 REP/DEM   767.5 3,915.4 17,750.5 3,188 Est.
2014 UNKNOWN        
2015 UNKNOWN        


Once the Democrats got controlled Congress it was all downhill from there. Pay special attention to the 2010 total accumulated deficit up to  fiscal year 2011 which ends September 30, 2011. There is a $1.948 trillion expansion of the total deficit for fiscal 2011 this has to do with approximately $300 billion off budget deficit spending. By my calculations and estimates I believe the 2011 budget deficit will come very close to $2. trillion by September 30 of 2011 and here is why. I have been watching off budget deficits since the 1980s and they have always been larger than the year before. Since this number always seems to grow we can expect it to continue to grow or at least be the same. Also with gas prices going sky-high I believe tax collections for 2011 and 2012 will be very disappointing and they will get a lot less than they are calculating. Their calculations are counting $360 billion in additional taxes collected and GDP growth is only expected to be $600 billion and the tax revenue is figured at 55% and the top tax bracket is only 35% and they only collect taxes on net profits not on gross dollars. They need to rethink their 2011 and 2012 tax revenue estimates.

The first six years George W. Bush was president and the Republican Party controlled the House and the Senate and in this six-year period the on budget deficit spending only totaled $1.5 trillion. In 2009, 2010 and 2011 each of those years each exceeds $1.5 trillion or total of $4.5 trillion in just three years while the Democrats control the House of Representatives, the Senate and the presidency.

The January 2007 budget is the one created by the republican controlled congress, passed by April 15 th of 2006 and the budget deficit for the whole fiscal year of 2007 was only $163 Billion or an average of $13 billion a month. We are now running budget deficit at 10 times that amount at $1.6 trillion a year for 2011 and this is only the on budget amount it does not include off budget spending. This on budget deficit alone amounts to $133 billion a month or 10 times what it was once the democrats got control of congress on January 4th of 2007. The off budget deficit adds another $334 Billion for 2011 and that brings the total to $1.9 trillion and that’s $158 Billion every month in new debt.

 Don’t get exited or upset about off budget deficits this started in the early 1970s. Off budget deficits are not reported with regular deficits spending but doing a little math and taking the on budget numbers and deducting it from the total public debt will give us the off budget deficit for each year. Since I can’t find a public record of the off budget monthly deficits. I will have to use a monthly average to show or prove how the democrats intentionally exploded spending both on budget and off budget deficits and this also came from all borrowed money that’s why it is part of the total national debt. For the total current national debt as it changes every second see the national debt clock. By the way we are one week away from reaching the debt ceiling of $14.3 trillion on or about the end of April 2011.


This is the monthly deficit spending from the time the democrats took control of congress in January 2007. Take note that they started with a republican budget that extended to september 30th 2007.  Also note job creation stayed positive untill government deficits started to dry up the banking system in early 2008.

Table two: Federal Government deficits monthly 2007 to 2008

Date Fed. Deficit   $ Billions Off budget $ Billions   Total   deficits billions Job creation lost jobs Housing sales Yearly
01/2007 Surplus   40 -28.15   +111,000 937,000
02/2007 Deficit – 123 -28.15    +97,000 848,000,
03/2007 Deficit    -95 -28.15   +180,000 858,000
04/2007 Surplus  178 -28.15    +88,000 981,000
05/2007 Deficit    -68 -28.15   +157,000 915,000
06/2007 Surplus 27 -28.15   +132,000 834,000
07/2007 Deficit -36 -28.15    +93,000 870,000
08/2007 Deficit -115 -28.15    +89,000 795,000
09/2007 Surplus 113 -28.15 500.7 +110,000 770,000
10/2007* Deficit -56 -43.33   +166,000 728,000
11/2007* Deficit -98 -43.33    +94,000 647,000
12/2007* Surplus 48 -43.33    +18,000 604,000
01/2008* Surplus 18 -43.33     -14,000 588,000
02/2008* deficit -176 -43.33     -132,000* 590,000
03/2008* Deficit -48 -43.33     -397,000* 526,000

This table is continued below to show all of 2008 and into 2009.

The * in the date column is when the very first democrat budget started in full effect and supposed to be voted on and passed just 4 months after they took control of congress or by April 15, 2007 for fiscal 2008 budget from October 1, 2007 to September 31, 2008. This is the budget that collapsed the whole worlds banking system. In the 2008 budget we spent on and off budget a total of $978 billion and borrowing that much money took every available dollar in the world banking system out of the system and the result was a collapsed banking system.

 The unemployment rate was 4.5% when the democrats took control of congress in January of 2007. I made this chart to show how the democrat’s deficit spending dried up the money supply in the worlds banking system not just the United States and the Democrats caused and crashed the worlds banking system and the real-estate markets, it was not Wall Street and the banks but they did make a very good wiping boy for the democratic party and they still do. The people and the Politicians always blame the rich people and this comes from a human flaw called jealousy or lust. The democrats use this human flaw to gain the favor of the people or the common man and their constituents and this always works. Isn’t that what you want to believe?

 The actions of the Democratic Party created the poor jobs market that has existed way before the banks collapsed and has continued now for over 3 years from December 2007 to 2011. The democrats spend and tax policies have put us right where we are. If deficit spending or Government spending did in fact create jobs, we should or would be adding hundreds of thousands of jobs every month but we are not. If deficit spending or Government spending stimulated the economy it would be booming right now as we are borrowing and spending $1.5 trillion a year average and getting zero results other than an artificially bloated GDP number. The democrats and the liberals think we should do more rather than less and that’s insane. 

The federal government recorded a total budget deficit of $455 billion in fiscal year 2008, $293 billion more than the deficit incurred in 2007. The federal deficit rose as a share of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) from 1.2 percent in 2007 to 3.2 percent in 2008. Also notice that most of this deficit took place in the months just before the banks collapsed, From May to September of 2008. The federal government borrowed $413 billion of on budget deficit spending in just 5 months. This never happened before as the debt had never even come close to this amount in a 5 month period, all just before the banks collapsed in September of 2008. Up to that time the record deficit spending for an entire year was $412 billion in 2005 when the economy was strong and still growing at a rapid pace. We were creating the department of homeland security and fighting 2 wars in 2 different countries at the time so it was not just wasteful spending on turtle tunnels like we have now. 

Under the last republican budget of 2007 the deficit was $163 Billion and that was 1.2% of GDP and under the current 2011 budget year done by the democrats its more than 11% of GDP at the latest estimate of $1.6 trillion in deficit spending in a $15.2 trillion economy. This has been the general condition of federal government deficit spending for the last 3 years October 2008 to 2011, with federal deficits running above 10% of GDP every year since the democrats got control of the budget in April 2007. This mess was not created by the republican controlled congress it was all done under a democrat controlled congress. The federal budget originates in the House of Representatives, not in the white house. Presidents have very little control over the actual budget process. It was not George Bush’s fault as the news media continues to report and so does B.O.

Pay careful attention to the following months after the surplus from April 15th 2008 which is tax collection month, that’s the only reason there’s a surplus for April. The period from 05/2008 to 09/2008 if you add up the money borrowed from the world banking system in that 5 month period prior to the bank collapse, use both on budget and off budget deficits and its $683 billion and that’s $136.6 billion average each month. Don’t you find it odd that it’s almost exactly the same amount of monthly deficits we have now in 2011 or almost 4 years later? So is this by accident or is it on purpose?

 My conclusion is this started way before September 18th 2008. It started as soon as the first federal budget that the democrats voted into law on April 15, 2007 for the fiscal year starting October 1, 2007 to September 30th 2008 and it didn’t take long to collapse the world banking system with the democrats in control of the budget process. The budget passed by a democrat controlled House of Representatives and the senate was by design intentionally meant to destroy the economy for political reasons so they could blame it on George Bush and that’s exactly what happened and that’s exactly how we got B.O. This was their plan, this is what happened, this is what they did, this was all done by the Democratic Party that did control congress; this is seditious treason by its legal definition or are they above the law?

 Housing sales peaked in 2005 at 2.1 million units average per year, look ware we are now in February 2011 at 250.000 housing units per year, that’s an all time record low and an 800% drop in home building sector from its peak and they keep talking it up like its improving.

 End of fiscal year 2008 was 09/30/2008 the first democrat full year budget and ended the month the whole world’s banks collapsed.

 The number of unemployed is always in the millions as people are always losing jobs, getting fired, companies going out of business and so on, but there are usually jobs to be found to replace the old ones except when economic conditions turn negative for whatever the reasons. In this jobs creation column I show the progression of how jobs turned negative as the government spending went up jobs disappear as the banks had no money to lend for business expansion or home mortgage loans and this is because the deficit spending of the democratic controlled house and senate dried up the banks of all available money in the system. These numbers are taken from the yearend report with the revisions to the headline number which were much lower than the actual number of jobs being lost. The * in the unemployment column are from year-end revisions and this is to show the true state of unemployment as the banks were dried up, as the headline numbers are very inaccurate when they are first released. 


Table three: Federal deficits monthly 2008 to 2009

Date Fed. Deficit   $ Billions Off budget $ Billions Total   deficits billions  Job creation New Housing sales yearly
04/2008* Surplus 160 -43.33 +117   +145,000* 526,000
05/2008* Deficit -166 -43.33 -209   -861,000* 512,000
06/2008* Deficit -33 -43.33 -76   -126,000* 530,000
07/2008* Deficit -102 -43.33 -145   -248,000* 515,000
08/2008* Deficit -112 -43.33 -165  -640,000* 460,000
09/2008* Deficit  -45 -43.33 -88/-978  -403,000* 464,000
10/2008* Deficit -155 -39.6 -194  -320,000* 433,000
11/2008* Deficit -171 -39.6 -210  -533,000* 407,000
12/2008* Deficit  -83 -39.6 -122  -524,000* 331,000
01/2009* Deficit -63 -39.6 -102  -598,000* 309,000
02/2009* Deficit -193 -39.6 -232  -651,000 337,000
03/2009* Deficit -191 -39.6 -230  -663,000 356,000
04/2009* Deficit – 21 -39.6 -60  -539,000 352,000
05/2009* deficit 189 -39.6  -228  -345,000   342,000
02/2011* Much worse  2011 est.  $1.6 trillion   -N/A  270,000

 A combination of the deficit spending forcing the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates and an ever-growing need to barrow more and more in the world financial markets forced the collapse of the real estate market and thus the worlds banking system. In the last column I jump ahead to February 2011 to show that it’s just as bad and even worse as the Federal Reserve barrows, prints or digitized money to cover the $188 billion in March of 2011 an all time record high. The most current yearly estimate of the 2011 on budget deficit is $1.6 trillion and an additional off budget deficit of $330 Billion this gives us a total of $1.93 trillion for 2011. The overall situation has gotten a whole lot worse and no one is reporting this. Don’t any of these people reporting the news own a calculator?

 Only 33% of the current deficit is from a lack of taxes being collected from a drop in economic activity as 66% of the current on budget deficit was created by dramatically increasing the spending of the federal government ran by the democrats’ or about $1.1 trillion of the $1.6 trillion for 2011. They did almost all this new spending from the budgets of April 15 of 2007 for fiscal 2008 and exploded spending even higher by April 15 of 2008 for the budget year of 2009. This of course was way before the banks collapsed. This was obviously done on purpose, how could it be by accident? This was an intentionally created train wreck by sabotage for political purposes!

 The current job situation numbers can no longer be counted as accurate, in January of 2011 the department of labor started counting self-employed as being employees or employed. There’s no way to accurately determine the true state of unemployment after that January 2011 change to include self-employed as being employed. This new way of calculating the number of jobs being created will greatly exaggerate the true job situation until they run out of self-employed to add to the total number of employed and that should come in July or august of 2011. This is why the low monthly numbers of 30,000 jobs created all of a sudden jumps to 180,000 and 210,000 and no one is reporting this anomaly either. This was in the body of the employment report dated February 4, 2011 and here it is for download.


 Looking back at some history over the 12 month period from October of 2007 to September of 2008 the number of unemployed persons had increased by 2.2 million people and the unemployment rate has risen by 1.4 percentage points. It was up to the democrats who controlled congress to correct this problem but nothing was done. They had 21 months in power before the banking system collapsed to fix whatever was causing the economic problems but they were too busy blaming everyone else and especially George Bush for what was intentionally created by the democrat’s deficit spending and thereby drying up all the available money in the worlds banking system.

 They did this for absolute power and political gain and it worked. So the democrats could continue to destroy the value of the dollar with their continued deficit spending, push up the price of crude oil and thus gasoline and there by destroy the country economically to get them to save us from them, (but they will blame the republicans) and we will get a dictatorship style government under a socialist style system and a new constitution of their making. They may as well do so since they pay no attention to the one we have.

 This is the part of the law that makes them Guilty. The full text of seditious treason law is below; it describes what the liberal, progressive democrats have done and continue to do.  Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States.  

From 2007 and up to the end of 2011, the democrats will have added deficit spending of $6.47 trillion. They should get a badge of some kind or several badges. One badge should be for spending more on budget deficits in one year then the republicans did in six years. Another badge should be for increasing the total federal debt by 71% in the last 4 years. They should get another one for the record time as it took 93 years to get to $9 trillion in total deficits and it only took the democrats 4 years to get it to $15.5 trillion. At that rate it will double in 2 more years and that brings us to $18 trillion or by 2013. How many ways can I say the currency is screwed and so are the people and in the next 20 months, not years: your dollars will be next to worthless.

 All the numbers come from: Department of labor and statistics: The U.S. Treasury department: Congressional budget office




This is the exact law describing seditious treason.

Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government;

or Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing

or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence;

or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof – Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction. If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.

As used in this section, the terms “organizes” and “organize”, with respect to any society, group, or assembly of persons, include the recruiting of new members, the forming of new units, and the regrouping or expansion of existing clubs, classes, and other units of such society, group, or assembly of persons.

–18 U.S.C. § 2385: US Code – Section 2385: Advocating overthrow of Government



Amendments by act July 24, 1956, as applicable only with respect to offenses committed on and after July 24, 1956, see section 3 of act July 24, 1956, set out as a note under section 2384 of this title.

From Section 6 – 1:  of the U.S. Constitution

 They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses.

We the people should arrest all the democrats immediately for the crime of seditious treason as constitutional law allows for it

I do not seek to over through the government only to expose the Democratic Party for the high crime of seditious treason.

A summary: These records show that once the Democrats took control of Congress they intentionally drove deficits up and dried up the world banking system of all available money to finance their crazy out-of-control spending. I include the 2007 spending budget done by the Republican Party to show how quickly federal spending went from an average of $13 billion month to an average of $34 billion month as soon as the Democrats took control of Congress. Off budget deficits were even higher than on budget deficit spending. A large portion of the off budget deficit spending in the 2007 budget year was emergency spending bills enacted by the democrats and voted against by the minority republicans. Most of the off budget spending in the 2007 budget year was done by the democrat party with emergency spending bills on pork barrel projects and unnecessary actions to social spending. So the huge on and off budget deficit of $500 billion in 2007 was the faut of the democrats not the republicans.

What do you think about the charge of seditious treason are they guilty? Please leave a comment.

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The Muslim Brotherhood is a secretive Islamist organization that has raised troops to fight Israel, called for global jihad against infidels and martyrdom for its youth. A Muslim Brotherhood gang assassinated former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat for making peace with Israel, and the Brotherhood inspired and maintains links with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda.

I have been watching politics in the Middle East for 42 years. I was brought up in the Jewish religion and have watched the terrorism that the Middle East has been plagued with. I have read the history of the Arabs and the terrorism didn’t start with the creation of the Jewish state of Israel the terrorism started way before the State of Israel. Terrorism is the way the Arab people do business is part of their history and they are what they are.

 The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 by Hasan al-Banna, a 22-year-old elementary school teacher. The Muslim Brotherhood was also a terrorist group and take note that it started way before the current Jewish state of Israel which was declared a state 14 May 1948. The Moslem brotherhood started 20 years before the Jewish state of Israel.

 The public needs to be educated about the truths of the Moslem religion started by a warlord called Mohammed. Living within the Moslem religion is a harsh and cruel way of life. They believe in lopping off hands and heads as punishment for minor crimes. For the liberal, progressive Democrats in the United States or Europe under the Moslem religion or government, you would all be killed and heads chopped off because the lifestyle choices you have made or for what you believe.

 Moslems believe in wiping out entire nations because they don’t believe in the Moslem religion. In my opinion and in fact, if you read the Koran there is no tolerance within the Moslem religion. There is nothing peaceful about the Moslem religion found in the Koran. The people who say it is a peaceful religion have never read the Koran and only repeat what others have said. In the Moslem religion there’s no such thing as a moderate. The religion itself does not allow for any moderation you’re either a Moslem or you’re not, it is a religion that teaches radicalism.

 There is no such thing as democracy of any kind allowed in this Moslem religion it requires a dictatorship. The news media and people who are romanticizeing about some kind of democracy coming from this uprising in Egypt are living in a fantasy land. For those that believe the Moslem religion teaches peace, are the people who have never read the Koran and I have. Would you like to barrow my copy of the Koran and educate yourself?

 The Pew opinion survey of Egyptians should prove the only outcome of this will be the same type of theocracy that you have in Iran. That is a dictatorship and it is what the Moslem religion requires.

 There are scriptures in the Christian and Jewish Bible that tell of the Arab or Moslem people, they will not get along with anyone else and they will not get along with themselves. The most current history and ancient history of the Arab people proves this to be true even before the Moslem religion was created 1500 years ago.

 Whatever comes out of this it will not be good for the rest of the world. Egypt will not be the last Arab country that will be taken over by these radical people in the next few months, we will see as they will fall like dominoes one after the other. It hasn’t been two weeks yet Since Tunisia’s government was destroyed by the Moslem radicals and now we have Egypt. There is also unrest going on in other Arab countries like Jordan but there is little talk about that in the news media.

 The liberal news media complain about harsh dictatorships in these countries and say they should be overthrown but what they will get is much worse than they have now. The Arab people will only trade one dictatorship for the much harsher dictatorship required by their Moslem religion.

 What Western civilization has to fear is that these people get control of just some of the oil-producing countries in the Middle East. If they do they could hold the world hostage because most of the civilized world depends upon crude oil for their economies to function. This will give us $300 barrel crude oil and Just imagine gasoline in the United States at eight dollars a gallon and what that would do to our economy and then the rest of the world’s economy. If you can’t imagine that I’ll tell you. It will destroy the economy almost overnight and all of Western civilization. That is what we really face.


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