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There has never been a time in America’s history the evidence has been so strong and so out in the open for the charge of seditious treason. The liberal, progressive Democratic Party has done or tried to do everything in their power imaginable to hurt the economy and the American working class citizens.

The liberal progressive Democratic Party has intentionally tried to undermine the constitutional republic from within the governing bodies of the house the senate and the presidency. I will list the extensive damages they have imposed or tried to impose on the working class American citizens since they took control of the house and the senate in January of 2007.

Not properly regulating the banks.

Democrats Barney frank and Chris Dodd’s Failure to regulate the credit default swaps arm of the banking industry even know they were warned 17 times on the record by many republicans congressmen, president Bush, Alan Greenspan and John McCain who actually wrote a bill to stop credit default swaps in 2006 but it never even got to the floor for a vote because the chairmen of the banking committee Barney Frank wouldn’t allow it to. Now we have a zombie banking system that uses most of its available money to finance federal deficit spending by purchasing debt bonds rather than making loans to the public. This is why the economy is stagnant and not going any ware.

Regulations to control small business just like in a fascist government.

Democrat’s passed multiple bills to regulate and control the private sector small businesses that normally provide 70% of all the jobs. This was done in the identical fashion that the fascists under Mussolini’s government wanted to run their version of socialism in Europe. This is also very similar if not identical to Hitler’s national workers socialist party and how they would control privately owned businesses under Hitler’s regime through heavy regulation. Nancy Pelosi (D – CA) started this as soon as she became the speaker of the house in 2007

 I find it moronic that liberals try to tag republicans as being fascist when there’s not one thing in the republican party of Abraham Lincoln that even looks remotely like what the liberals progressive democrats practice which is fascism and Nazism, which are both based on socialism and they all came from Karl Marx communism.

Federal out of control deficit spending

The trillion dollars plus self-created Federal deficit spending by the liberal democrats was done as soon as they passed their first budget in April of 2007 for the budget year 2008 which ended September 2008 the month the banks collapsed. The media and what could be termed as common knowledge is in fact nothing more than the normal disinformation put out by the liberal fringe media. The general public still believes that the huge trillion-dollar deficits are the republicans fault but there’s no evidence of that except thousands of articles written by the great deceivers the liberal progressives in the media and the democrat party.

The records of the CBO, the federal reserve and the department of labor and statistics all show that it was the first democrat controlled congress in 2007 that blew up the budget by $1 trillion in their first budget as soon as they got control of spending and 18 months before the banks collapsed. (Seditious Treason)

Liberal progressive democrat’s refusal to cut any federal spending or any government program is lunacy and will lead to the demise of the currency stealing away all Americans wealth and savings through hyperinflation of our currency. We are barrowing or printing 43% of all federal spending and the democrats insist we need to do more spending. (Seditious Treason)

Republicans have voted unanimously against these out of control spending bills. Republicans had spending almost under control the last year they passed a budget it was 161 billion and now its $1.6 trillion or 10 times what the last republican budget deficit was. So how can anyone but an ill-informed person or a lying liberal make the claim that it’s the republicans fault, seek the truth I always do and you should too.

If I wanted to destroy the country from within I would do exactly what the democrats did from January 2007 to 2011 (and they are still trying to do) while they were in control of congress. (Seditious Treason)

Immigration laws

The federal government has been ignoring immigration laws and constitutional laws by refusing to protect the boarders of our country. We have been invaded by a foreign country and we have a government that refuses to repel that invasion. These 11 million illegal invaders are illegal and are stealing jobs away from Americans by the millions because of the policies of the liberal progressive Democratic Party. What part of the word illegal don’t they understand? (Seditious Treason)

Every time a state passes its own laws that mirror federal immigration law the department of justice sues the states. There have been six states so far that have passed their own immigration laws and Obama’s justice department has sued all six trying to stop the states from enforcing mirrored federal laws to protect their boarders and protect American citizens from an invasion of foreigners. (Seditious Treason)

I just can’t buy that crap line about Americans won’t do the work that they do because my whole family has been and still does all the things the illegal’s invaders do. They have beaten the prices down in the construction industry to the point it’s hardly worth being in it. I am American Irish and my family came from Ireland with the first settlers in the early 1700s and my family has been here since before America became a country and I do what politicians say Americans won’t do. They are so full of shit! I demand an apology!


Obama’s, the liberal democrats and Mitt Romney’s Healthcare

Obama’s Healthcare bill passed in 2010 has already cost the American people about $500 billion in higher premiums paid to insurance companies over the last 2 years. While the democrats promised this would bring the cost of insurance premiums down the opposite has happened and prices have skyrocketed. (Seditious Treason)

Let see how much this hurts the American people by doing a little math and looking for the logic in passing a mandate to force people to buy healthcare insurance.

The healthcare bill advocates and Nancy Pelosi makes the false claim it’s going to insure 36 million people but that’s not true. Here is what it really does! It forces 30 million of the 36 million uninsured people to purchase health care insurance or pay a fine. The 30 million forced into the system and the 180 million already insured will pay for the 6 million that can’t afford healthcare insurance. So you are going to force a total of 210 million people to pay for the insurance of just 6 million people. There is no logical explanation for this lunacy! If liberals want this kind of socialism make them pay for 100% of it, we know who they are.

This is nothing more than a power grab to get complete control of the American economy. (What’s left of it?) The democrats have passed so much legislation to regulate all sectors of the economy with this healthcare bill added governments now have it all. The Federal government already controls $3.8 trillion of the economy. This healthcare legislation gives them control of an additional $2.1 trillion more. The states have control of $1.8 trillion and when you combine all those numbers together the governments now have control of $7.7 trillion of the economy in a $15 trillion economy and these adds up to they now control more than half of all the money and people wonder why there aren’t any jobs. What they don’t directly control they control by heavy regulation and that’s what fascists do to control their economies. That didn’t work either ask Mussolini oh that right he’s dead they hung him.

Where is there any logic in all of this? If your one of those people who thinks it’s a good idea to force 210 million people to pay for some one else’s healthcare you probably don’t pay for your healthcare or you don’t have any and you want some free stuff or you may think money grows on trees or just falls out of the sky. Maybe it comes from Obama’s stash of cash or perhaps the money comes from leprechaun’s in fairy like Irish folklore.

I also want to remind you this has already cost the American people $500 billion in the last 2 years and before any of the 6 million who are to be covered by this mandate will benefit from it. This will cost another $500 billion or a total of $1 trillion price tag in higher insurance premiums before anyone gets a dime of benefits in 2014. This doesn’t include any government deficits that are now being estimated to add at least another $1 trillion in deficit spending over 10 years once benefits are being paid out. This is both insanity and Seditious Treason.

Crap and tax

H.R. 2454: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

This is the so-called Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill that got passed in the House of Representatives but never passed the senate. Even know democrats had a supper majority in both the house and the senate they didn’t need one republican vote and still couldn’t get this piece of crap through.

Some of the basic costs of this bill that would hurt the American people were as follows: it would raise gasoline prices 77 cents a gallon and diesel 88 cents a gallon by a direct tax adding to existing taxes. It was said that electric bills would go up 90% (How is that good for America?)

We have seen what $4.00 gallon gasoline does to the economy. Why would any sane person want to intentionally increase the cost of gasoline by 77 cents? My point is dual they are insane people and they are working directly against what’s good for the working class Americans the backbone of what makes this country work. Who are the people who already pay for all the wealth redistribution we already have? The American private sector worker and tax payer!

Liberal, progressive Democrats are trying to destroy us from within. (Seditious Treason)

In each of the above mention items pay a special intention to this. None of what the democrats have done or tried to do over the last 4 years is good for the majority of the American people. The very small percentages of people who have or would benefit from the programs are small and the cost in trillions of dollars is unbelievably huge, inexcusable and unforgivable.

The democrats plan was and is to pass costly legislation one thing building upon the other with huge price tags until all of them combined would waste and cost so much money the economy can no longer sustain itself and collapse. They have tried to do this with government spending and with heavy regulations on small business to slowdown the economy. This is what all of the above adds up to in dollars when you do the math it eventually becomes an impossible equation for the country to survive and the economy implodes. (Seditious Treason)

I will say it again here if I wanted to devise a plan to destroy America from within and without firing a shot and with no military. I would do exactly what the democrats have been doing and continue to do. That is the definition of seditious treason. Why hasn’t anyone of note on the republican side made this charge publicly or in a court of law?

Here is more peice of common sense evidence that the charge of seditious treason fits the actions of the liberal progressive Democratic Party. It has been said by me and many other economists in order to fix the country we have to undo all the democrats did in there 4 years of controlling the House of Representatives, Senate and the presidency. Logic dictates if this is the case and it is that if everything they did has to be undone to fix the economy then it really was all bad for the people, the economy and the country. (Seditious Treason)

Did Liberal progressive democrats do all this on purpose or are they just that stupid? This is a question I am not sure about I would ask your help as many heads are better than one.

To say the democrats did this on purpose implies intelligence on their part and I have a reluctance to give them credit for any intelligence. But then there is the other possibility and that’s they are intelligent enough to devise a plan to destroy the country, but don’t have the wisdom to see the consequences of their actions and no idea how to create or fix what they destroyed.


This is the exact law describing seditious treason.

Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government;

or Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing

or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence;

or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof – Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction. If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.

As used in this section, the terms “organizes” and “organize”, with respect to any society, group, or assembly of persons, include the recruiting of new members, the forming of new units, and the regrouping or expansion of existing clubs, classes, and other units of such society, group, or assembly of persons.

–18 U.S.C. § 2385: US Code – Section 2385: Advocating overthrow of Government



Amendments by act July 24, 1956, as applicable only with respect to offenses committed on and after July 24, 1956, see section 3 of act July 24, 1956, set out as a note under section 2384 of this title.



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The liberal media is at it again and no one ever bothers to check their story or their math. The so-called economists or economic advisors should be ashamed of their mistake because it so big. It’s hard to believe anyone could be considered an economist or an advisor and miss the number so badly.


I am going to show you the math to prove Obama’s so-called $60 Billion jobs bill will not create 1.9 million jobs it will only create 589,000 jobs. So the so-called economists missed the numbers by 1,311,000 jobs. In my industry that’s an inexcusable mistake. It’s obvious to me there lying for Obama and the liberal progressive Democratic Party. (Surprised?)


First I want to show you how they came up with the number 1.9 million from the $60 Billion spent on infrastructure and that is roads, bridges, renovations of schools or construction jobs. We take the $60 billion and divide it by the 1.9 million and it comes out to be $31,578.95 per job. That number is about right based on a $12.00 per hour and adding the cost on labor like workman’s compensation, unemployment insurance, employer’s contribution of social security and liability insurance on labor. My number based on $12.00 hour base wage came to be $31,200.00 a year. So there number is close on that point, but there 1.9 million jobs is figuring 100% of the $60 billion is all labor and that’s just plain wrong!


Here is the thing” I did construction bidding for more than 30 years and there’s a lot more to estimate a job then just labor and that’s the way their number works out there’s no money for materials and overhead cost or shameless, obscene  profits.


The very most basics of construction bidding practices are materials, overhead and labor cost, not just labor and let’s not forget those shameful obscene profits.


It seems they forgot about the cost of materials and what about the cost of overhead like trucks, office expenses and all the unseen expenses of running a construction business. The point is the so-called economists either don’t have a clue of what it’s like to run a business and they don’t know what they’re talking about or they just lied. Which of the two do you think it is? I think they don’t have a clue and they lied. This has been the pattern of the Democratic Party for the last 100 years and that’s never going to change it’s who they are.


The whole Democratic Party is based on lies they depend on their voter’s ignorance to get reelected.


Now I am going to show you why the so-called jobs bill will only create 589,000 jobs, not 1.9 million jobs


We start with $60 Billion and use the 31% labor average which is the standard for labor cost in the construction industry and just happens to be the national average for the whole economy based on numbers from the department of labor and statistics.


I derive my 31% labor by using the average wage, average number weekly hours multiplied by the yearly total yearly wage and divided into GDP to get the percentage of labor and that’s 31%.


To find the appropriate amount of labor in the $60 billion jobs bill we multiply it times the 31% labor average and it comes out the amount of labor is 18,600,000,000 then we divide that by their yearly wage $31,578 and that’s 589,007 jobs. That’s a very big difference from 1.9 million jobs and it’s a mistake of 1,310,993 jobs. Whoever made that large of a mistake should be fired.


The rest of the $60 billion less labor would be spent for materials, overhead and there must be a profit. This is exactly what they did in the first so-called stimulus bill passed in January of 2009 they said would create millions of jobs that never materialize and the dollar amount was about the same $60 billion for construction and infrastructure out of the $867 billion stimulus bill. This is just more of the same Bull shit.


I do realize this is just a political move to blame the republicans for Obama’s bad economy and the lack of jobs by not passing the jobs bill. But that will only work on the dummies that would vote for Obama anyway in 2012. One of the biggest reasons Obama won in 2008 was the very low turnout of the 55 million registered republicans, many never showed up to vote and that’s part of why McCain lost and Obama won.


Obama’s jobs bill is not the answer, the liberal, progressive democrats federal government spending is the problem.


If they use the excuse that some jobs will be created from incomes from this so-called jobs bill it will not be what they expect. Most business are not hiring because they don’t have the volume of business to hire new employees and some of their employees are part-time. If business does get better and extra manpower is needed that will be supplied by existing part-time employees until business gets really good and this jobs bill isn’t going to do it. There estimates on this will be way off as well as their other goofy estimates.


Also the same goes for the construction companies that would bid this work. They also have part-time employees because they don’t have enough work for a 40 hour work week now. Anyone who would get these government contracts would just use their part-time people and only add a few extra people. My whole family is in construction we do home improvement, renovation work and this is the case not a theory or a guess, it is the situation across the country.  

Another problem is the construction industry is or was 85% illegal aliens prior to the collapse of the construction industry. This makes it very difficult to recognize any large numbers of jobs for Americans. Most of the money and jobs in this bill will go to illegal aliens and 1/3 their money will be sent to South America. We have never hired one illegal alien and I guess that makes me a racist.


The only way to fix the economy is to rely on the part that still provides 120 million jobs and that’s the private sector corporations and small business.


The jobs Obama’s bill is supposed to create are like all the other jobs he has created they are temporary they will go away when the money runs out.


Government jobs are going away, the states governments are cutting their budgets they have run out of money and total number of government jobs are going away. There broke!


Government is the problem not the answer. The deficit spending from the federal government is sucking all the available money out of the banking system and a lot more from the worlds banking system. They are barrowing about $4 billion a day, about $126 billion a month and $1.5 trillion each year. As long as this continues there will be no recovery and there’s no end in sight.


The federal deficit is why our economy and Europe’s economy isn’t growing and adjusted for inflation they are shrinking and it’s all because the governments here and over there are sucking the banks dry. Governments are borrowing all the available money in the banking system and there is very little left for the private sector companies or the people to barrow and grow the economies. Then the politicians blame it on the banks to divert the blame from them.


The small cuts in the budget deficit the supper committee is trying to make of $120 billion a year are a drop in the bucket compared to the huge $1.5 trillion in deficit spending and will make very little difference.


Any increase in taxes to the rich just makes less money available in the private sector economy for the creation of jobs from an expansion in the private sector economy. This is the dumbest thing I ever heard next to the last dumbest thing and that was also one of the democrats and Obama’s brainstorms, the $867 Billion stimulus that didn’t stimulate anything except to increase the deficit by $867 Billion.


Here is the democrats and Obama’s newest plan: we take $70 billion in new taxes from the incomes of the small business and transfer that tax money to the federal government, than the government spends $60 billion to create jobs. How does that add to the economy or the GDP? It’s like taking buckets of water out of a lake and carrying it to the other side and dumping back into the same lake expecting the water level to rise? Or like standing in the bucket and trying to lift yourself up, it’s never going to happen.


These are the idiots someone put in charge of the country. Liberal progressive Democrats’ have proven they all have very poor math skills and serious sociological problems. You will lose a greater number of jobs in the private sector economy then the government created jobs will produce.


They also claimed these jobs will happen in 12 months but that will never happen. It will take at least 1 year to get started and another 18 months after that to complete most of the projects. That’s because of all the layers of bureaucracy on the federal level and then in the states. It’s impossible for them to do it in one year. Remember how shovel ready wasn’t really shovel ready?


The so-called economists and economic advisors are almost always wrong. When the economic reports come out why are they always surprised? If they were any good they wouldn’t be so wrong, so much. I wished I could get paid to be wrong all the time. Maybe I should run for president?





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For the real state of the American economy there are only 3 items to look at GDP, Inflation and Unemployment. Looking at these 3 major reports within the government documents you can find out why there is no recovery and no jobs. (And why there never will be a recovery)

GDP – minus Inflation = Unemployment and jobs or no jobs

The GDP headline numbers are not inflation adjusted numbers. Once you match up the GDP and the inflation you quickly find out why there isn’t any job creation.

The latest report on GDP growth was 2.5% for the third quarter of 2011. The latest report on CPI inflation was 3.9%. This adds up to the inflation adjusted growth of GDP is negative 1.4% – not positive. The Producer Price Index rose 0.8 percent in September and that in one month x 12 = 9.6% base on a whole year.

This is also using the seasonally adjusted headline inflation number and not the unadjusted true inflation number. That last unadjusted inflation number up to September 2011 is 10.5% and it’s on page 3 of the inflation report (see URL below) put out by the department of labor and statistics which shows a graph where it says unadjusted inflation rate. If we consider that number 10.5% and deduct it from the growth rate of 2.5% the economy is shrinking or negative – 8.1%

BLS report dated release Tuesday, October 18, 2011 See Chart 4 on page four 12-month percent changes in the Producer Price Index for intermediate goods, not seasonally adjusted: September 2010 – September 2011


Something you may find very interesting in this chart may be that inflation has doubled in the last 6 months and has been as high as 11.6% and this number is more in line with what the American people have experienced as no one believes the inflation rate is only 2% to 3% for the whole year.

This is what happens when governments flood the system with trillions of dollars in unearned paper money or digitized money and its called inflation

Here is why there are no jobs.

Barack Obama and the Liberal progressive Democratic Party make claims that 2.5 million jobs have been created since BO took office. That is just not true and there is no evidence of any job creation in the monthly reports since BO took office and the $867 Billion stimulus bill has been passed. Debbie Wassermann Schultz says 3.6 million jobs created (Which Is It?) But there’s no proof of their statements in the employment reports either. The fact is we had 142 million jobs in February 2009 and we just got back to 140 million jobs in the last report and only because of a change made in who and what they count as a job and I will explain why there has been zero job creation in the last 12 months.

In January of 2011 the department of labor and statistics started counting self-employed incorporated and unincorporated as employed. This immediately made the total number of jobs on page 4 line 4 of the January monthly report release date February 3, 2011 in the total number of jobs column jumped by 700,000 jobs from the December 2010 to the January 2011 report and this did not show up in the January headline numbers but it did show up in the headline numbers in February, March, April and May 2011 headline numbers.

In Those 4 employment reports did total nearly 700,000 just like the page 4 numbers jumped in January 2011 report. Now you know why those 4 months looked like we were coming out of recession and then the following 4 months June – September 2011 looked like crap. They are fixing the headline numbers to make things look better than they are by counting self-employed people as employees.

This report shows the change made by department of labor and statistics started adding self-employed to that jobs number in January of 2011 see January report release Feb. 3, 2011 top of page 4 


 The economy only grew at .4 % in the first quarter and only 1.3% in the second quarter and there telling the American people 700,000 jobs were created in the very same period! At the same time the inflation rate is several times higher than the growth rate.

In the last 4 months the total number of jobs added comes to 100,000 jobs for an average of 25,000 jobs a month. Our economy needs to be adding at least 250,000 jobs a month. If you can believe the bogus government numbers or if the economy is creating any jobs at all we are at 1/10th of what we need. Since they are now counting self-employed as employed anyone starting an eBay business and really is an unemployed person is counted as employed and only 1 in 1000 of these people ever make any profits.

(The last employment report claimed 105,000 jobs but that included 45,000 Verizon workers that came off strike so the real jobs number is 60,000 for September not the 105,000 headline number)

Another way to look at the employment situation for the period of the past 4 months and how bad it really is we needed 1 million jobs and we only got 100,000 jobs and that means we are 900,000 jobs short of the target in just the last 4 months. Any way we look at the numbers there real bad.

We have been in a jobs recession for the last 47 months. Just the number of people entering the work force at 125,000 a month is 5,875,000 million jobs needed. Every month that goes by we are falling further behind and the numbers get bigger.

This is the liberal progressive democrat’s economy as they had control of congress since January 2007 and 21 months before the banks collapsed in September of 2008.

The real unemployment problem and the true unemployment rate are done by using information in the monthly reports. I didn’t make this up it’s all in the monthly employment reports no one seems to be able to read any further then the headline statement.

There are 14 million unemployed with a 9.2% unemployment rate.

Adding 8 million that have given up looking for work and are no longer counted there are 22 million unemployed not counted because the government says they have given up looking. Just adding this brings the unemployment rate to 16%

This 8 million did not really give up looking they have just run out there 99 weeks of unemployment. We have been in a jobs recession for 47 months now or 188 weeks. If you have been paying attention since the very beginning of this self created mess we lost 8 million jobs from the outset prior to and just after the bank collapse in 2008. Do you see the numbers matching up, they are identical. Almost 4 years have passed and you can only receive unemployment for 99 weeks and that’s 1 year 10 months and 3 weeks.

Adding another 9 million part time employed to that 22 million there are 31 million total unemployed and partially employed and that’s a 23% unemployment rate almost the same as the height of the 1930s great depression said to be 25%.

This is all found in the monthly reports and no one in the media right or left seems to notice the total of the three categories of unemployed, the unemployed that have given up and the partially employed and I will repeat that total is 31 million people.

The reason for no jobs comes from the top part of this article and the economy is shrinking. The reason it’s not being reported is, it’s all politics. How bad would it look for BO and the liberal, progressive democrat party if every time they talked about jobs and reporting the real number of unemployed being 31 million people or a 23% unemployment rate. That would be real bad for BO and that dumb ass believes his own bull shit.

Using the GDP and subtracting or adjusting for inflation no matter which number we use 3.9% or the unadjusted inflation rate of 10.5% inflation in the currency explains why the economy isn’t creating any jobs. These truths must be told and the public needs to prepare, this house of cards could fall down at any moment.

As retail numbers and other economic reports come out at small increases of 2/10 % to 4/10 % if you just match them up with the monthly inflation numbers you will see they match almost perfectly and often lower than the inflation rates. We are not buying more products we are just paying a lot more for the same thing. That’s what inflation is! a loss of buying power in the paper currency.

The reason the economy grew at a faster rate in the third quarter at 2.5% is all the inflation in the dollar which is also accelerating but at a much faster pace. Look at that chart again at the unadjusted inflation of rate 10.5%. Just happens to be increasing with the so-called growth rate of the economy. For the proof Just click on the links they should open in a new page PDF File and look at table A-1 page 4 lines 4 were it says total number of jobs



(The economic recovery bill was January 2009)

September 2011- 140,025,000 jobs

Its 33 months since BO took office and the $867 Billion stimulus plan passed January 2009 and there are 2,074,000 less total jobs in the economy now according to department of labor and statistics. We already had a second jobs stimulus of $50 Billion that didn’t work either and now BO wants to try a failed policy for a third time! That’s insanity! The bottom line is this policy has been tried dozens of times since the creation of the Federal Reserve and in Europe and it never worked one time.

If we look back to the month the stimulus bill was passed the situation is a whole lot worse.

Total number jobs January 2009 = 142,099,000 the month stimulus bill was passed


Total number jobs last report September 2011 = 140,025,000 jobs

Total number jobs lost since BO took office 2,074,000 that’s 2 million jobs lost since the stimulus there have been no job gains. There counting backwards on purpose using the negative as a positive to deceive the American people but that only works on democrats now. The explanation of how BLS get their crazy head line number is in the reports and it’s all plus or minus of all kinds of moving targets.

 For the proof Just click on the links you should open in a new page a PDF File from the department of labor and satistics and look at table A-1 page 4 lines 4 were it says total number of jobs

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Employment situation report for June, 2011


 As an addition to an article I posted July 7th  (Why Government spending doesn’t create jobs explained) I need to add the July 8th employment report as it further proves this July 7tharticle to be the fact and not myth as liberals would call it. You cannot get economic growth or job creation when deficit spending is sucking the country’s banking system dry by borrowing every available dollar from the banks. ($130 billion a month) The latest jobs report and last month’s proves this to be true.


Once again the so-called experts are surprised. If they really are experts why are they wrong most of the time?


The Department of Labor’s statistics came in below even the most conservative estimates and lower than May’s fairly dismal numbers. The U.S. economy added just 18,000 jobs in June, way below market expectations of at least 125,000. The weakness was particularly surprising after a buoyant report from the ADP private payrolls firm earlier this week. (ADP report is wrong more than there right)


There was even more disappointment with the news that the May increase was more than halved to 25,000 from 54,000 and the rise in the unemployment rate to 9.2% from 9.1%. This is the 3rd increase in a row to the unemployment rate.


 Even more important is the body of the report shows the total number of jobs lost in the economy for June 2011 was -445,000 not the 18,000 jobs created in the headline number that is always way off from the true total number of jobs in the economy and that’s the important number if you are looking for a job or if you seek the truth.


See table A-page 4 line 4 total employed same line far right column -445,000



This is the true unemployment situation the headline number was bad enough but loosening -445,000 in the total number of jobs is a catastrophic loss of jobs.


Comparing this to prior month of June 2010 the total number of jobs added in one year

 June 2010 = 139,092,000

June 2011 = 139,334,000

 In this one year period the country has only added 242,000 jobs in 1 year period and including self-employed changes made in January of 2011


This total number of jobs in prior reports since January 1 2011 is also a diluted number because department of labor and statistics started adding self-employed to that jobs number in January of 2011 see January report release Feb. 3, 2011 top of page 4


 Revisions: The change in total non-farm payroll employment for April was revised from +232,000 to +217,000, and the change for May was revised from +54,000 to +25,000.


The claim the liberal fringe news media is making of B.O or the democrats creating 2 million jobs since the economic recovery act in 2009 cannot be found anywhere in these reports. It doesn’t add up in the headline numbers or in the body of any of these monthly employment reports over the last 2 years. It’s obvious to me there just making the 2 million new jobs up for political reasons and they know the general public doesn’t have a clue of how to check these numbers or read these reports and most people are just not interested until they lose their job.


Employment situation report march 2009. See page 2 line 2 of the monthly data total number of jobs

March 2009 140,887,000  (the economic recovery bill was passed)

March 2010 = 138,905,000  this shows a loss of 1,982,000 jobs 12 months later.

June 2011 = 139,334,000 July 8th 2011 employment report release for June 2011

Lost 1,553,000 total jobs since the economic recovery bill. (See all URLs at bottom)

From the time the economic recovery bill was passed in 2009 at the very beginning of BO as POTUS we have lost 1,553,000 jobs. The most important point is the reason for this lack of economic growth to create private sector jobs is there has not been one single thing done from January 2009 and up to July 8 2011 that would actually help the private sector economy create jobs. There’s been nothing more than a lot of talking about job creation with no actions that would result in any real job creation from BO or the liberal Democratic Party.

What the BO administration and the democratic party has done is pass heavy regulation on all industries in America to control business the exact same way as the socialist nazis under Hitler and the socialist fascists under Mussolini planed to control their economies under socialism.

Go read some history on how these dictators Hitler and Mussolini planed to control their model of capitalism under socialism and that’s exactly what the BO and the democrats have done and are doing here in America for the past 4 ½ years since January 2007 when the democrats took control of the house and the senate by majority.

Democrats don’t believe in democracy they believe in dictatorship, it is and was their style of governance the whole time they were in charge by a supper majority. The democrats idea of democracy is you get to elect your dictator. Their actions prove this to be the fact not political rhetoric, just fact by observation.

Don’t forget that when the democrats controlled the house and the senate they did in fact ignore the majority of the people and ran the country exactly like a dictatorship. They still do as they still control the senate and the presidency. Republicans now controlling only the house can stop them from doing further damage but cannot undo the damage already done.

Employment situation report march 2009. See page 2 line 2 of the monthly data total number of jobs



Employment situation report march 2010, one year later. See page 4 line 4 monthly data total number of jobs.

138,905,000 This shows a loss of 1,982,000 jobs, no gains as the media reports.


Employment situation report for June, 2011

 Lost 1,553,000 total jobs since the economic recovery bill in 2009


Notice that is doesn’t matter what employment report you pull up and examine they almost all show a loss in the total number of jobs in the economy for the last 27 months. The truth is we never came out of the recession. What the public is being told is all political driven and there is very little truth in anything the news media reports as all of them just parrot the news from other media.

I like fox news but for some time now I have noticed there not much different from other media and most of what they talk about is of little importance and its all for a distraction from what is important. It’s really saying something when you can get 10 times better news from twitter then you can from Fox news. Now that Glenn Beck is gone fox is becoming useless to me. Fox is more like a drama program rather than a news station.



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How stupid is Nancy Pelosi? She recently made a statement or implied that the government should just hire the 14 million unemployed. This article will prove she’s a complete idiot.

Nancy Pelosi and her ilk also like to use that word Investment. liberal, progressives democrats like Nancy Pelosi want to use and call government spending and its all deficits an investment in the future. This should also explain that what liberal, progressive’s democrats are actually doing by their actions is destroying any possibility of a future for the country.

There is a so-called cliché that government only steals wealth government cannot create wealth. It’s not a cliché or a bumper sticker slogan, it just a simple fact of economics and I will attempt to explain all these facts here also.

Most working tax payers already know this is true. They see the proof as 25% to 35% of their gross pay check is taken away by all the governments’ taxes. They see it every week in withholding taxes and the money disappears from their pockets and into the seemingly bottomless pit of governments taxing and spending.

Government’s state and federal don’t create jobs without first getting the money from you the tax payer, with their many taxes on everything you buy weathers its services or products.

Government workers pay taxes but again that money came from your pockets first and from the taxes you pay, their wages are paid. All money comes from somewhere and goes somewhere, even if you stuff your mattress with cash the money is somewhere.

In reality the money a federal or state worker gets in his paycheck and the taxes he pays to the government first came from taxes paid by you.

This means you the tax payer not only pay your taxes you also pay the government workers salary plus you are also paying his taxes.

All of a federal or state worker wages is paid first by the private sector jobs taxes and corporate taxes.

If this offends a government worker it doesn’t change these simple facts. This is to prove the point that government cannot create a job without first taking the money from the private sector in some way. State governments can raise taxes or barrow money and the federal government can raise taxes, barrow and print money but it all comes from somewhere.

All money in the economic system at a given time comes from somewhere and it goes somewhere. There is only so much money in the economic system at a given time. The only way the public can create money out of thin air like the government seems to, is for you to be borrow on a credit card or get a loan at the bank and that’s a liability not an asset. Money you borrowed must be paid back. The money you can barrow is limited by your income (if you have any) and it comes from people who have saved money in savings accounts. The money a bank can loan out is limited by the deposits of money into the bank or money the banks barrow from other banks.

As the government adds jobs or social programs (Liberals call social programs Investments?) it expands the amount of money it needs to pay the new employees. This requires the government to raise taxes or barrow the money from the sale of debt bonds. This borrowing is called deficit spending and it is the shortfall of tax receipts.  Deficit spending is the difference between the amounts of money the government collect in taxes and the amount of money governments spend. In round numbers the current situation is the Federal government collects about $2.2 trillion in federal taxes and is budgeted to spend $3.8 trillion for 2011 or a deficit of $1.6 trillion, this is all in round numbers.


When governments sell these debt bonds to finance their governments deficits either state or federal they go to the private banking system or to foreign governments that wish to invest their money in bonds for the interest income that is paid on these debt bonds. Once again the money comes from somewhere it doesn’t fall out of the sky or magically appear. (At least not under normal economic conditions)

When this money is borrowed by governments the money is no longer there for the private sector to barrow. This is why the private sector economy cannot grow. The government is putting QE 2 money into the banks and borrowing the money right back to finance the deficit thus it’s really just printing money to cover deficit spending. But this no help for the private sector economy as the QE 2 money is put into banks its sucked right back out by the deficits being financed.

This borrowed money is however expending the money supply in the system as they pay for all the government’s monthly obligations and the more money borrowed and put into the system the higher prices can be bid upwards because there is more money in the system. Higher prices are the outcome of excessive borrowed money allowing and forcing what we should know as inflation.

The more unearned or borrowed money put into the economic system the higher prices will go. Currently a lot of borrowed government money is being directed at the food stamp program (44 million people on food stamps) and thus food prices are rising rapidly. There are other factors contributing to higher food prices and this is just one of them.

Under normal economic conditions in a growing economy the general public would be borrowing the money to buy houses, automobiles and other personal assets to increase their standard of living. This money is no longer available in the quantities needed for economic growth because the government has been sucking the banks dry since May of 2008 with an average deficit and barrow of $130 billion a month and a lot more with off budget deficits added that are not reported to the general public. The off budget deficit money is still borrowed and shows up in the total yearly deficit numbers. The combined on and off budget deficit is an average of $158 Billion each month over the last 3 years.

This is why it’s impossible for the private sector economy to create jobs. You hear about record profits and money hording coming from the liberal fringe news media and on the business cable channels. But you are really being misinformed for political reasons. There are about 15,000 large publicly traded stock held companies on the major American stock exchanges. These companies may be doing well but what about the other more closely held 1,100,000 smaller businesses that are not traded on those major exchanges?

You never hear a peep about how the smaller businesses are doing and you won’t because the media is controlled by the liberal, progressive democrat party.

You will not get a clear picture of the true condition of the economy from any of these liberal fringe news media outlets, there just trying to sell stocks anyway. They are like any other salesmen they have a motive to lie to you and they don’t make any money unless people are buying and selling stocks. There always looking for the silver lining where there is none to be had. They don’t dare look inside the reports to see what’s really going on in the economy. They also wouldn’t tell you if they did look inside the reports. It would mean a severe cut to their paychecks if they told you the truth.

As the size of government grows and its need for money increases the harder it is for the private sector to expand because it has to compete for the existing amounts of money in the economic system. Once government needs for money gets large enough (like the current conditions) the private sector is cut off from that part of the money supply and can no longer grow because the money to grow the economy has been taken away and diverted to government spending programs.

If the government expenses get to high and take too much from the system the private sector economy shrinks and jobs are lost. This is where we are now and why in 3 years the economy hasn’t moved at all.

Currently there are approximately 5 million federal employees this does not include the military. There are about 14 million state employees, is it any wonder why we have so many problems in our country with state and federal deficits? 

There is a government worker for every six private sector jobs.

Then we have over 50 million people on social security receiving checks and there all either on Medicare or Medicare as well. This means for every 2.7 workers they are supporting and paying for one person on social security and paying for their healthcare. (I could go on but I won’t.) This is the main reason the deficits are as big as they are and we are borrowing 41% of every dollar the government spends in all categories.

There are over 500,000 elected government officials in county, state, cities and the federal governments. Is there any wonder why the problems are so big in our country and nothing makes any sense? Governments have become so big they are uncontrollable and it’s been out of control for a very long time. It gets worse by the day as we barrow $4 Billion every day just to cover the federal short falls in tax receipts. If you count off budget deficits it over $5 Billion a day.

So how do we fix it?

Some people say we should allow the taxes on business to go back to the higher tax rates when Bill Clinton was president, now let’s take a look at that. That sounds good to the average citizen who doesn’t understand how the economy works. Not understanding how the economy works doesn’t change the outcome of how the economy does work. You can’t wish things away or into existence in the real world but maybe in fantasy land you could. It’s like the truth no matter how hard you try to spin the truth, cover it up or lie about it, the truth is still there.

But it goes back to this: if you take the money from big business it also includes small businesses. The money is transferred from the pockets of employers into the hands of government. The fact is the small businesses and the large ones will lay people off to make up the difference not because there greedy as the media and the politicians will tell you; it’s for the survival of the business and they no longer have the money in their hands it’s been transferred to the government.

This higher tax rate for business is only $70 billion in tax revenue and isn’t even enough to be noticed in a $1.6 trillion deficit for 2011, the deficit would still be $1.53 trillion. The cost in jobs will be no less than 1 million lost and we still haven’t put a dent in the deficit, so this will not help it will only hurt the people who will lose their jobs.

If they did raise taxes there would absolutely be massive layoffs all over the country causing even bigger shortfalls in state budgets from those lost jobs. Forcing states to layoff even more state government workers. For every action there is a reaction and everything we do at this point has an extremely negative outcome. To date from December 2007 when the economy started losing jobs and up to July 2011 or for 3 ½ years not one thing has been done to help the private sector create jobs. What are they waiting for a collapse? The democrats are still in charge and have been since January of 2007. This is from 4 years and 6 months of democrat’s poor economic policies.

Then we have a lot of liberals and progressive democrats say raise taxes on everybody. It’s the same thing and 4 times worse when a lot more money disappears into the black hole of government deficit spending. If we did what liberals want to do and raise everybody’s taxes it would mean $230 billion in higher taxes on working people the real engine of what’s left of the economy and these even higher taxes on you and on businesses combined totals $300 billion that disappears from the private sector and we still have a $1.3 trillion deficit. So even if you get all these tax hikes either one or both it will not do anything for job creation and either one will most certainly make matters much worse. But the liberal, progressive democrats like it. Where is the logic in that?

Raising taxes on small business would force about 1 million jobs to be lost in the short-term and a lot more in the longer term. But raising taxes on the people combined with small business would absolutely lose about 4 to 5 million jobs adding to the already 14 million unemployed. Where is the logic in that unless they want to collapse the system?

The government can’t create any jobs with this new tax revenue. Currently there going to barrow the money to cover a $1.6 trillion deficit and the spending stays the same in either case. With the $300 billion from the tax increases which has the purpose of reducing that amount of borrowing to $1.3 trillion and this still doesn’t fix the massive debt problem, it’s still there. The $300 billion disappears from the private sectors pockets and the economy will react negatively by the $300 billion gone missing. The private sector will shrink by $300 Billion and that’s a negative – 2% of total Gross domestic product that just disappears.

A simple way of to explain this for an example is, take five $20 bills or $100 put it in your right pants pocket, than take one $20 bill and put it in your left pocket you still only have $100 in your pants and no matter how much you shift into the left pocket you still only have $100. This is why no matter what governments do state or federal, unless they can cut real spending and not shift money from your pocket to the pockets of government nothing will change and as a country we will continue this economic decline.

The real truth and the proof can be found in the monthly employment reports. The president and the liberal fringe state-run news media is lying about the 2 million jobs created. (Are you surprised?)The monthly employment situation reports show an entirely different job situation. The body of the unemployment reports shows that we have a net loss of 1.1 million jobs. There have been no net total job gains in the last 26 months since the economic recovery act in 2009 or since the bank collapse of September 2008 we are still in decline.

Employment situation report march 2009. See page 2 line 2 of the monthly data total number of jobs



Employment situation report march 2010, one year later. See page 4 line 4 monthly data total number of jobs.

138,905,000 This shows a loss of 1,982,000 jobs, no gains as the media reports.


Employment situation report may 2011 release date Friday, June 3, 2011 this is the latest report. See page 4 line 4 monthly data total number of jobs



This shows a net loss of 1,108,000 jobs from 26 months ago and no gains as the media reports to see why we have gained some jobs from 15 months ago see the reason in the next paragraph it is also a book-keeping trick.

I would like to show you more book-keeping tricks by the Federal government. Take a look at the January 2011 report. Here you will find the reason for the last 4 months of positive job numbers. It was in January 2011 department of labor and statistics started adding self-employed and counting them as employed like they were employees. This dilutes the true jobs picture and does not change the fact that even after doing this we are still negative 1.1 million jobs. The real number of lost jobs if they had not made that change is more likely 1.8 to 2 million lost jobs, not jobs gained.

See the top of page 4 of this January report Changes to Household Survey Data.


This should prove to anyone with a smidgen of common sense that no matter how much money government taxes, barrows, prints and spends and even if government did hire 500,000 government workers over the last 3 years it takes away the total number of jobs in the economy as the money is shifted from your pocket to the governments pockets. The money is taken from higher taxes or it comes from borrowing from the banks and then it’s no longer available to you or the private sector economy.

As the government documents show right up to the last report we are negative 1.1 million jobs. This is after we have added $5.4 trillion in borrowed deficit spending over the last 3 ½ years and not one real private sector job has been created to date. We are still losing jobs in the total number of employed and by now you should understand why. I am not using book-keeping tricks, the news media and the government is.

Are we still losing jobs? It will be interesting to see the next report that’s released Friday July 8, 2011. We had a very weak report last month of a very weak 54,000 jobs added (self-employed) in May. You will find the truth of the number in the same way as the reports above. On Friday July 8, 2011 see the first table line 4 total number of employed and compare it to the last report and you will find the truth in the numbers.

This also proves Nancy Pelosi is an idiot she has no understanding of how a capitalist or a socialist economic system works. If you added 1 million employees to the federal government’s payrolls where does the money come from? It’s either taken in higher taxes or it is borrowed and adds to the deficit and that deficit has to be financed by the banking system which takes away the money for business to barrow and expand, thus creating private sector jobs becomes impossible. Nancy Pelosi is an idiot.

Nancy Pelosi mentality of idiocy is what Republican speaker Boehner has to deal with in the senate and with the most Marxist president in the history of the United States. Speaker Boehner has to compromise on fixing the country or the economy and any plan of positive action once compromised will no longer be what America needs or wants.

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There are several very large holes in the story that the country has created 2 million jobs since the $1 trillion stimulus package passed in March of 2009 just after Obama took office. I will point you to the actual government reports as the information is hiding in plain sight so you can see proof for yourself. We don’t have 2 million jobs since the stimulus package was passed. The truth is we are minus 1.1 million jobs.

If government deficit spending really worked, why is the private sector economy still shrinking once you inflation adjust and take away the deficit spending? We have 1.1 million fewer jobs now than we did 2 years ago. Have a look for yourself and see table one the total number jobs. This is what $4.3 trillion in deficit spending on top of $1 trillion in a job stimulus bill does for job creation and its negative not positive. This is what deficit spending has done for job creation a loss of 1.1 million jobs since March of 2009.

THE EMPLOYMENT SITUATION: (MARCH 2009) see Page 2 , line 2 in Table A. Employed



THE EMPLOYMENT SITUATION –MAY 2011 see Page 4  line 4 in Table A. Employed



That’s a total job loss of 1.1 million not a gain of 2 million as the liberal fringe news media keep repeating. Once again it’s a lot worse than they are reporting and once again it’s political to make B.O. and the liberal Democratic Party look good. The point here is the American people are being deceived intentionally by everyone in government at all levels. You’re not supposed to recognize this.

In addition to the above numbers they are also counting self-employed people who were never counted before in the total jobs number and that makes the real employment situation worse than the numbers show. This started back in January 2011 and that’s where they came up with 700,000 new jobs that were not new jobs at all and again it is for political reasons to make B.O. and the liberal Democratic Party look like there economic policies are working but there not.

The proof of adding the self-employed can be found in the January 2011 report. See direct link below, read it at top of page 4 of the report.

Changes to Household Survey Data

Effective with this release, two additional data series—”Self-employed workers, unincorporated” and “Self-employed workers, incorporated”—have been added to table A-9  (This is copy and pasted directly from the report) Also notice the word changes, for those that would argue this, it is a change to the way the count the total number of jobs. That’s what change means.


They are counting self-employed as employees now. This does show up in the body of the reports month over month you can see it if you look at total employed the number are way off from the headline numbers. Look back at monthly reports October to January reports Summary table A. Household data, seasonally adjusted and you will see big differences in the headlines and the body of the reports that were showing huge job losses in November and December of 2010 while the headlines were showing job gains.

I figure the self employee would falsely dilute the employment numbers by about 1 million added jobs of the self-employed because that was never counted before.

1 year after the $1 trillion stimulus jobs bill



March.2010 1 year ago and 2 months and 1 year after stimulus bill.


MARCH 2009 (here we are still down 1,982,000 jobs from 2009 to march 2010)


In the last 26 months and $5.3 trillion in total deficit spending later and we are still minus 1.1 million jobs even after they add the self-employed that were never counted before. So what is the true number of the employment situation? I can get a total but we have to do a very complicated investigation of the December total number of jobs and my educated guess is roughly 2 million jobs lost since March of 2009 and not 2 million jobs gained but here is the proof

December 2010

139,206,000 million

May 2011

139,779,000 million

I would say all of 573,000 jobs added from December 2010 to May 2011 (5 months) are all the bogus self-employed being added. Starting in January 2011 and adding to the total jobs number and very possibly a lot more if the economy is actually loosing jobs.

I watch the monthly reports and I never look at the headline numbers. I always look at the total number of jobs because of the way the department of labor figures their employment numbers the headline numbers never shows a clear picture of the true employment situation.

Here is why: If you’re not looking for a job you’re not counted as unemployed. if you don’t qualify for unemployment you’re not counted as unemployed. If your unemployed and not getting unemployment befits you’re not counted. Even know you are unemployed if your unemployment has run out you’re not counted as unemployed.

We are very near 1.7 million jobs lost since March 2009 using what the reports show. What I believe by adding the self-employed has diluted the numbers dramatically from their true state. The true number of job losses in a lot higher. 2 years and 6 months on the road to nowhere in Obama land.

The true unemployment situation will show its ugly head in the July 8th 2011 report and hold on to your wallets when it does come out bad.

My main point in all this is no matter how much money the government spends there is no short-term or long-term jobs creation. The only thing it does is pump up the total number of dollars spent or wasted into the economy and gives a false gross domestic product number. If all whom are involved in the decision process are using bogus numbers to make decisions they are guaranteed to make bad decisions based on the false information and we will never get out of this self-created mess.

Every year 1.2 million people reach the age to join the work force but there are no jobs this recession started December 2007 or 11 months after the democrats took control of congress. It has been 3 years and 5 months since this recession started. That’s 4 million people and their most likely not counted as unemployed either because they could never find work. McDonald’s only hired 27,000 so far.

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I have heard a lot of people scorn Republicans if they do raise the debt ceiling. There are many people who don’t understand what would happen if Republicans don’t. I’m going to try to explain it and show you what will happen if we do not raise the debt ceiling.

Pie chart of federal budget


Some may ask what is the federal deficit. It is the shortfall between the taxes collected and the spending of the federal government. You can see in the pie chart of the federal budget the left pie is the taxes collected and on the right is the much larger pie which is the size of the United States federal budget .

Currently we borrow 41% of all the money the federal government spends on government expenditures. There are seven major categories and federal government expenses. The four largest are part of our social systems and military spending has about half of its expense goes to pay for retirements and VA benefits. All this combined makes up 78% of the federal budget.

Here we take and break down what would happen in dollars if we cut all government expenditures across the board to match up with revenues collected from all taxpayers employees of companies, taxes that businesses and corporations pay. We pay a total of about $2.2 trillion in taxes and currently we are spending about $3.7 trillion a year. This is more than the pie chart shows but I will use the pie chart number to show the severity of our situations. The federal budget deficit for the year 2011 is estimated to be $1.55 trillion for the current budget year-end september 31 2011. This does not including the off budget deficit will talk about that later.

First let’s look at the big social programs. 20% of government spending is Social Security. If we cut back 41% of all programs this is what you or grandma’s checks are going to look like or if you are on social security. If you currently get $1600 a month then your retirement check would be cut back to $944 a month. If you currently get $900 a month it would be cut back to $531 a month.

If you think grandmas having a hard time now what you think it will be like with a loss of that much income every month?

Then there’s Medicaid and Medicare this is 22% of all the money the federal government is spending on health care. To cut this program of $800 billion by 41% you would have to reduce the spending level down to $472 billion. This would absolutely mean grandma and grandpa would die If anything serious went wrong with their health. More or less the level of quantity and quality would be reduced down to 41% of the current care for the elderly and a lot of them would just die.

This is what will happen if they don’t raise the debt ceiling.

Then we have the unemployment insurance welfare and food stamps and other entitlement programs this makes up 16% of federal spending budget. If you’re getting unemployment at $300 a week currently, a 41% cut would bring you to $177 week.

If you’re getting $400 a month in food stamps this would be reduced to $236 a month.

If your welfare checks are $400 a month it will be reduced to $236 a month.

Are you getting the picture yet? About 40% of our population is either partially or totally dependent upon government through their many different social programs.

Then there’s the defense spending.

The military spends about $350 billion on retirements and healthcare from military service. We spend about $700 billion a year total on defense and about half of it is taking care of the veteran’s health-care and retirement paychecks. If you were to cut 41% of the defense budget this would only leave you with $413 billion a year for defense. As you can see almost all this is taken up by the veteran’s health-care and retirement paychecks. There would be almost nothing left for the existing standing military of 2.3 million soldiers.

This would mean we have to cut and downsize dramatically from current level of 2.3 million men in the military and this includes the Air Force, Army, Marines and the Navy combined down to just couple hundred thousand because we would have to figure out a way to take the current 350 billion a year to sustain this army of 2.3 million and then do it with $63 billion instead of $350 billion. This would mean cutting existing military down to about 1/6 of its normal size. Distributing the money using straight-line math this would also mean that the 2.3 million soldiers would have to be reduced to 383,000 and then spread out into four different branches of our military services.

This would mean mothballing almost the entire naval fleet. I have read that it takes six men to provide logistics for one soldier to keep one soldier in the battlefield. This would mean taking the current military down to one or two divisions in the Marines and Army. This would leave just a handful of ships left out of a fleet of over 300 war ships we are currently supporting. More or less the bottom line is we would have a much smaller military or about half the size of that of Israel. Down to the size of a country with only 6 million people and we have 308 million people. What this means is we would not be able to defend ourselves at all. We would have to close down and withdraw troops from every base in the world and I mean every last one of them. We would also have to close down most of the bases in United States to meet this kind of reduction in military spending. Plus it would add another 2 million to the unemployment directly from all soldiers being taken out of military and many millions more jobs being lost from the bases being closed all over the country.

The other alternative would be to cut out all military retirements and all the health-care benefits leaving 20 million veterans with nothing. This all may sound ridiculous but it is a situation we are in. This is what will happen if we do not raise the debt ceiling and this is what I’m trying to get across to the people who think that we should just stop spending and put on the brakes and just cut everything by 41% so we can meet our budget. This is what it really means when you do the math.

I agree with staying within our means but I also realize the results of that action would be devastating to both people and the economy as a whole. This is what I’m trying to point out here. Not raising the debt ceiling would be economic doomsday.

If you take military retirements and reduce them by 41% and assuming a person getting a $2000 a month retirement check would be reduced to $1180 a month. If the person was getting $1000 a month retirement check would be reduced to $590 a month.

Even doing this you would have to cut the size of the military down to less than half of the size that it is. You would still have to withdraw all troops from all the bases around the world and you would still have to close down most of the bases in United States just to get the federal deficit spending down to a level the federal government could afford. We would still wind up with extremely small military compared the one we have now. The bottom line is we would still not be able to defend ourselves.

Healthcare in the military or VA benefits is in addition to the health care from the different social programs we have in United States. I have not been able to find any totals but since we spent $724 billion a year on Medicare and Medicaid and if you add the VA benefits for health care it probably would be coming very close to $1 trillion each year just for health care benefits adding all the different programs for healthcare. With Obama’s health care passed in 2010 this will just be increased more so in years going forward as the new healthcare Law and its regulations kicks in.

There would be many millions of jobs lost from dramatic cuts like this in the military there are many subcontractors that supply the military that would just go out of business and disappear. There are many military contractors that build weapon systems, fighter jets, planes and ships that would just completely close down and no longer exist.

Then there’s non defense discretionary spending and its $431 billion or 12% of total government expenditures. Reducing this by 41% leaves only $254 billion for non defense discretionary spending.

For the deficit reduction spending hawks they may say yeah let’s do it. But what are we talking about in job losses? We are talking about 14 million jobs that will be lost at minimum. When using a 31% labor rule and all this money would just disappear out of the economy. This includes the initial 9.3 million jobs lost from the actual dollar amounts that go missing and another for 4.7 million jobs lost from the incomes of 9.3 million jobs lost. This would bring the total number of unemployed in the United States and around 29 million people. This would also mean an unemployment rate in the range of 19% to 20% and is currently only 9.1%. This is from a much smaller work force and a much larger number of un-employed.

Not raising the debt ceiling would be way worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s. We have a much different situation in 2011 than we did in 1930. In the 1930s 90% of the population was self-sufficient. They were self-employed or farmers and only about 10% of population worked and lived in cities. Now in 2011 we have over 50% of population that live in cities. 98% of the population relies on a job either in manufacturing on the service sector. Only 2% of population is self-sufficient self-employed or farmers.

Another way to look at this problem and measured it is with gross domestic product. This is all the money spent and the economy in a 12 month period and this would go from its current estimated level of $15.2 billion and be reduced to a $13.7 billion spending level. This would move the country back to where it was in the 1990s as far as the number of jobs it could support and you would have to inflation adjust the dollar amount. This would also increases the deficit as always jobs lost  decrease the taxes collected and this would increase the unemployment insurance cost as that would increase from all the many millions of job loses.

These are all straight line numbers and are not taking into consideration all the other problems that exist in the economy. We already have a very weak banking system the government is bailing out the banks at a rate of 300,000 mortgage defaults a month for total of 3.6 million home mortgages per year. If congress did not raise the debt ceiling this would almost certainly cause a collapse of the entire banking system worse than in 2008 and there would be physical runs on the banks with everyone being scared they would want their paper money out of the banks and in just a few days they would just close the doors on all the banks.

This is what we face if the Congress does not raise the debt limit. it’s a lot more serious and complicated than I just want the government to stop spending money. It’s not all about you and what you want, it’s about the actual economic impact in the real world of the results of our actions or a lack of action.

The federal government with 41% cuts would be all but shut down. There would be massive riots and disruption in business activities if you cut social programs by 41%. This would create even more disruptions in the economy and create massive fear. This is what will happen if they don’t raise the national debt limit. This comes about after August 2, 2011 or just eight weeks if they don’t raise the debt ceiling.

For those that think we can just stop spending like turning off a light switch I wanted to show you how it would affect different sectors of the economy and the people who are the receivers of these different federal programs. You may say you don’t care just stop the spending anyway and you might get your wish. The bottom line is they have to raise the debt ceiling or the economy will collapse almost instantly. The very idea that we’re not going to raise the debt ceiling would almost certainly cause panic and a complete crash of the stock markets and in commodities markets and this would spread all around the world overnight and affect every economy including China ,Japan and all of Europe and the end game is very ugly.

What we really in fact do have is an economy that is being supported artificially by social spending. If we take away that $1.5 trillion in government spending will see the true condition when the economy collapses from these massive cuts. On the other hand this massive deficit spending cannot be sustained. We are in a box we cannot get out of. If we had 5 or 10 years to fix it we might be able to get out of this mess but we do not. We were put in this self-created box by the Democratic Party who took control of the Senate and House of Representatives on January of 2007 four years and five months ago.

Here’s a comparison of the total federal dollars spent in the 2007 budget. It was $2.7 trillion from the last Republican budget and in the 2009 budget done by the democrats just two years later it was $3.7 trillion and this was the responsibility of the Democratic Party. The 2008 budget was passed or supposed to be passed by april 15th 2007 and that’s the first budget the democrats passed and no one reports that even before the banks collapsed the democrats spent $980 Billion in there 2008 budget ending in september of 2008, this all started way before the banks collapsed.

This bloating of the federal budget was all done by the Democratic Party before the September 2008 bank collapse not after.

While being told for the last four years it’s entirely the Republicans fault is absolutely false. The truth of the matter is it was all done by the Democrats and the proof can be found hiding in plain sight in the normal monthly government reports put out by the Federal Reserve, the Congressional Budget Office, or the Department of Labor statistics. Look at the tables made from these government records, scroll down the page to see three different tables tracking government spending. The third table is the one that shows why the banks collapsed.


I just wanted you to know who did this and what happens if we don’t increase the deficit ceiling. One way or another we are so screwed. Just review the pie chart at the top its a picture worth a thousand words. We are in a position where we have to keep spending and borrowing and the alternatives is to just stop borrowing and spending and collapse our system. The democrats are the boggy man.

I have proof we were put in this position intentionally by the Democratic Party. You can see the pain that will be felt when more than 40% of population, 123 million people who are partially or totally dependent upon these different social programs created by the Democratic Party and what happens when they are greatly reduced or just go away entirely in a total economic collapse.

There is not enough time to grow the economy and fix this problem. The politicians and talking heads keep repeating how we’re going to go broke and I don’t think they really understand what broke means as we are already broke. Borrowing, printing or digitizing $1.5 trillion a year to pay the bills looks like we’re broke to me.

Go take a look at the website with tables I created all from government records showing that Democrats as soon as they got control of Congress put us in this position. I believe their intention was to make absolutely sure the Republicans would never take control of all branches of government again. Their plan was by making so many people dependent upon the government that it would ensure their absolute power over the people forever. It may work for the democrats if you look at the polls and I know they are fixed but B.O. shouldnt even be close and he’s still ahead in all on them

In the democrat’s arrogance and lust for power they will destroy the greatest nation in the history of mankind. There is always a price to pay; I wonder what their payment will be? I know but I can’t put it here. Go have a look at the proof that this debt problem was intentionally done as soon as the Democrats took power in January 2007. I made these tables from the government records to show the public and you won’t find them anywhere else on the Internet. The only way to verify them is to go to the records of the congressional budget office, the Federal Reserve and Department of Labor statistics. But it is hiding in plain sight.





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