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There has never been a time in America’s history the evidence has been so strong and so out in the open for the charge of seditious treason. The liberal, progressive Democratic Party has done or tried to do everything in their power imaginable to hurt the economy and the American working class citizens.

The liberal progressive Democratic Party has intentionally tried to undermine the constitutional republic from within the governing bodies of the house the senate and the presidency. I will list the extensive damages they have imposed or tried to impose on the working class American citizens since they took control of the house and the senate in January of 2007.

Not properly regulating the banks.

Democrats Barney frank and Chris Dodd’s Failure to regulate the credit default swaps arm of the banking industry even know they were warned 17 times on the record by many republicans congressmen, president Bush, Alan Greenspan and John McCain who actually wrote a bill to stop credit default swaps in 2006 but it never even got to the floor for a vote because the chairmen of the banking committee Barney Frank wouldn’t allow it to. Now we have a zombie banking system that uses most of its available money to finance federal deficit spending by purchasing debt bonds rather than making loans to the public. This is why the economy is stagnant and not going any ware.

Regulations to control small business just like in a fascist government.

Democrat’s passed multiple bills to regulate and control the private sector small businesses that normally provide 70% of all the jobs. This was done in the identical fashion that the fascists under Mussolini’s government wanted to run their version of socialism in Europe. This is also very similar if not identical to Hitler’s national workers socialist party and how they would control privately owned businesses under Hitler’s regime through heavy regulation. Nancy Pelosi (D – CA) started this as soon as she became the speaker of the house in 2007

 I find it moronic that liberals try to tag republicans as being fascist when there’s not one thing in the republican party of Abraham Lincoln that even looks remotely like what the liberals progressive democrats practice which is fascism and Nazism, which are both based on socialism and they all came from Karl Marx communism.

Federal out of control deficit spending

The trillion dollars plus self-created Federal deficit spending by the liberal democrats was done as soon as they passed their first budget in April of 2007 for the budget year 2008 which ended September 2008 the month the banks collapsed. The media and what could be termed as common knowledge is in fact nothing more than the normal disinformation put out by the liberal fringe media. The general public still believes that the huge trillion-dollar deficits are the republicans fault but there’s no evidence of that except thousands of articles written by the great deceivers the liberal progressives in the media and the democrat party.

The records of the CBO, the federal reserve and the department of labor and statistics all show that it was the first democrat controlled congress in 2007 that blew up the budget by $1 trillion in their first budget as soon as they got control of spending and 18 months before the banks collapsed. (Seditious Treason)

Liberal progressive democrat’s refusal to cut any federal spending or any government program is lunacy and will lead to the demise of the currency stealing away all Americans wealth and savings through hyperinflation of our currency. We are barrowing or printing 43% of all federal spending and the democrats insist we need to do more spending. (Seditious Treason)

Republicans have voted unanimously against these out of control spending bills. Republicans had spending almost under control the last year they passed a budget it was 161 billion and now its $1.6 trillion or 10 times what the last republican budget deficit was. So how can anyone but an ill-informed person or a lying liberal make the claim that it’s the republicans fault, seek the truth I always do and you should too.

If I wanted to destroy the country from within I would do exactly what the democrats did from January 2007 to 2011 (and they are still trying to do) while they were in control of congress. (Seditious Treason)

Immigration laws

The federal government has been ignoring immigration laws and constitutional laws by refusing to protect the boarders of our country. We have been invaded by a foreign country and we have a government that refuses to repel that invasion. These 11 million illegal invaders are illegal and are stealing jobs away from Americans by the millions because of the policies of the liberal progressive Democratic Party. What part of the word illegal don’t they understand? (Seditious Treason)

Every time a state passes its own laws that mirror federal immigration law the department of justice sues the states. There have been six states so far that have passed their own immigration laws and Obama’s justice department has sued all six trying to stop the states from enforcing mirrored federal laws to protect their boarders and protect American citizens from an invasion of foreigners. (Seditious Treason)

I just can’t buy that crap line about Americans won’t do the work that they do because my whole family has been and still does all the things the illegal’s invaders do. They have beaten the prices down in the construction industry to the point it’s hardly worth being in it. I am American Irish and my family came from Ireland with the first settlers in the early 1700s and my family has been here since before America became a country and I do what politicians say Americans won’t do. They are so full of shit! I demand an apology!


Obama’s, the liberal democrats and Mitt Romney’s Healthcare

Obama’s Healthcare bill passed in 2010 has already cost the American people about $500 billion in higher premiums paid to insurance companies over the last 2 years. While the democrats promised this would bring the cost of insurance premiums down the opposite has happened and prices have skyrocketed. (Seditious Treason)

Let see how much this hurts the American people by doing a little math and looking for the logic in passing a mandate to force people to buy healthcare insurance.

The healthcare bill advocates and Nancy Pelosi makes the false claim it’s going to insure 36 million people but that’s not true. Here is what it really does! It forces 30 million of the 36 million uninsured people to purchase health care insurance or pay a fine. The 30 million forced into the system and the 180 million already insured will pay for the 6 million that can’t afford healthcare insurance. So you are going to force a total of 210 million people to pay for the insurance of just 6 million people. There is no logical explanation for this lunacy! If liberals want this kind of socialism make them pay for 100% of it, we know who they are.

This is nothing more than a power grab to get complete control of the American economy. (What’s left of it?) The democrats have passed so much legislation to regulate all sectors of the economy with this healthcare bill added governments now have it all. The Federal government already controls $3.8 trillion of the economy. This healthcare legislation gives them control of an additional $2.1 trillion more. The states have control of $1.8 trillion and when you combine all those numbers together the governments now have control of $7.7 trillion of the economy in a $15 trillion economy and these adds up to they now control more than half of all the money and people wonder why there aren’t any jobs. What they don’t directly control they control by heavy regulation and that’s what fascists do to control their economies. That didn’t work either ask Mussolini oh that right he’s dead they hung him.

Where is there any logic in all of this? If your one of those people who thinks it’s a good idea to force 210 million people to pay for some one else’s healthcare you probably don’t pay for your healthcare or you don’t have any and you want some free stuff or you may think money grows on trees or just falls out of the sky. Maybe it comes from Obama’s stash of cash or perhaps the money comes from leprechaun’s in fairy like Irish folklore.

I also want to remind you this has already cost the American people $500 billion in the last 2 years and before any of the 6 million who are to be covered by this mandate will benefit from it. This will cost another $500 billion or a total of $1 trillion price tag in higher insurance premiums before anyone gets a dime of benefits in 2014. This doesn’t include any government deficits that are now being estimated to add at least another $1 trillion in deficit spending over 10 years once benefits are being paid out. This is both insanity and Seditious Treason.

Crap and tax

H.R. 2454: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

This is the so-called Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill that got passed in the House of Representatives but never passed the senate. Even know democrats had a supper majority in both the house and the senate they didn’t need one republican vote and still couldn’t get this piece of crap through.

Some of the basic costs of this bill that would hurt the American people were as follows: it would raise gasoline prices 77 cents a gallon and diesel 88 cents a gallon by a direct tax adding to existing taxes. It was said that electric bills would go up 90% (How is that good for America?)

We have seen what $4.00 gallon gasoline does to the economy. Why would any sane person want to intentionally increase the cost of gasoline by 77 cents? My point is dual they are insane people and they are working directly against what’s good for the working class Americans the backbone of what makes this country work. Who are the people who already pay for all the wealth redistribution we already have? The American private sector worker and tax payer!

Liberal, progressive Democrats are trying to destroy us from within. (Seditious Treason)

In each of the above mention items pay a special intention to this. None of what the democrats have done or tried to do over the last 4 years is good for the majority of the American people. The very small percentages of people who have or would benefit from the programs are small and the cost in trillions of dollars is unbelievably huge, inexcusable and unforgivable.

The democrats plan was and is to pass costly legislation one thing building upon the other with huge price tags until all of them combined would waste and cost so much money the economy can no longer sustain itself and collapse. They have tried to do this with government spending and with heavy regulations on small business to slowdown the economy. This is what all of the above adds up to in dollars when you do the math it eventually becomes an impossible equation for the country to survive and the economy implodes. (Seditious Treason)

I will say it again here if I wanted to devise a plan to destroy America from within and without firing a shot and with no military. I would do exactly what the democrats have been doing and continue to do. That is the definition of seditious treason. Why hasn’t anyone of note on the republican side made this charge publicly or in a court of law?

Here is more peice of common sense evidence that the charge of seditious treason fits the actions of the liberal progressive Democratic Party. It has been said by me and many other economists in order to fix the country we have to undo all the democrats did in there 4 years of controlling the House of Representatives, Senate and the presidency. Logic dictates if this is the case and it is that if everything they did has to be undone to fix the economy then it really was all bad for the people, the economy and the country. (Seditious Treason)

Did Liberal progressive democrats do all this on purpose or are they just that stupid? This is a question I am not sure about I would ask your help as many heads are better than one.

To say the democrats did this on purpose implies intelligence on their part and I have a reluctance to give them credit for any intelligence. But then there is the other possibility and that’s they are intelligent enough to devise a plan to destroy the country, but don’t have the wisdom to see the consequences of their actions and no idea how to create or fix what they destroyed.


This is the exact law describing seditious treason.

Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government;

or Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing

or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence;

or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof – Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction. If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.

As used in this section, the terms “organizes” and “organize”, with respect to any society, group, or assembly of persons, include the recruiting of new members, the forming of new units, and the regrouping or expansion of existing clubs, classes, and other units of such society, group, or assembly of persons.

–18 U.S.C. § 2385: US Code – Section 2385: Advocating overthrow of Government



Amendments by act July 24, 1956, as applicable only with respect to offenses committed on and after July 24, 1956, see section 3 of act July 24, 1956, set out as a note under section 2384 of this title.



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The News media is leaving so much information unreported it’s pathetic. I’m going to make a list here of everything that is affecting the current state of the economy that no one is identifying not even fox news.

 To find the true state of the economy these listed items need to be identified and figured in. This is necessary Because of the way the government fixes the numbers because they do not want you to know the truth.

 Healthcare insurance premiums have increased dramatically from Obama care. I took the total dollar amount we spend as a country on health care and multiply it by the minimum percentage reported in premium increases of 12%. Using the lowest premium increase I came up with $252 billion a year in higher premium cost to the public. That money disappears just like the gasoline that we put in our automobiles. The true number is much higher as I use the lowest possible percentage to come up with my estimate of premium costs to the American people. This by itself is equivalent to a one dollar a gallon increase in the price of gasoline.

 The only thing the news media talks about in healthcare costs is either how much it costs in government deficit spending on Obama care or how much were going to save in deficit spending. They say nothing about the cost in higher premiums for the American people. These Higher costs and premiums is 1.6% of the gross domestic product or the total amount of money made in our economy this gives us a false picture that the economy is growing faster than it actually is. We are just spending a heck of a lot more than we used to and buying the same product.

 No one has reported a total current cost of crude oil refined products like gasoline and diesel and everything else made from crude oil. When gasoline was $2.50 a gallon we’re spending $760 billion a year on refined crude oil. Now we’re at $4.00 a gallon and spending $1.2 trillion a year on refined crude oil. This is a difference of $440 billion a year that goes up in smoke. This dramatic change has taken place over the last six months and we have gone from 4.8% of GDP spent on refined crude oil products to 7.8% of GDP. This is a -3% shift to the negative that takes away from all other sectors of the economy and no one is reporting this.

 The unemployment situation starting in January 2011 or four months ago, the Department of Labor and statistics made a change in the way they calculate the jobs. The new change the Department of Labor and statistics  is now counting self-employed people as employees. This means they will add approximately 1,000,000 people to the total number of employed. This will dramatically dilute and mask the true state of the job situation. This is precisely why we had two months in a row where unemployment came in at 39,000 and 31,000 which is very weak job growth and the numbers suddenly jump to 180,000 and then 210,000 in the following two months. This is because they added in 1 million people who were self-employed and now are being counted as employees. They have to blend them in over a period of months so that people don’t notice what is really going on. This is no more than just fixing the numbers. In other words they’re just plain lying to the American people. As soon as they run out of self-employed people to blend in will find the true state of the job situation and things will go negative very quickly from there on. I figure around July or August of 2011 the true nature of the job market will show in each monthly report after that we will have hundreds of thousands of jobs being reported lost from higher gasoline and food prices as all that money goes missing from other sectors of the economy.

 The Federal Reserve is borrowing money at a rate of $130 billion a month and $1.5 trillion a year. This money is being digitized or printed and 100% of it is being spent into the streets. The whole world has been flooded with US dollars as the money is being spent to keep up with normal federal government obligations of entitlement programs, two wars we cannot afford and other government expenses. What is being reported that it’s not a problem as long as the money does not get into the hands of the public, but it is! This is only on budget spending and does not include off budget spending. The CBO reports the grand total of on budget and off budget spending for 2011 will be $1.9 trillion. But they’re trying to keep that a secret. The on budget and off budget amount of deficit spending is $158 billion a month that is being borrowed digitized or printed and every penny of it is getting into the streets and it has been accumulating for a total of $5.3 trillion over the last three and half years.

 Since Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007 they have deficit spent $5.3 trillion of which every penny of it has been spent into the streets and all that has been either borrowed printed or digitized. When the Democrats took office and got control of Congress in January 2007 the grand total of the federal deficit was just $9 Trillion even. Now its $14.3 trillion and this is the current debt limit that we will reach in two weeks. Every penny of this money is spent into the streets with each passing month the number gets bigger and bigger. This is what is causing a severe devaluation of the currency and pushing up the price of crude oil as our dollar devalues against all other currencies. On The dollar index the dollar has devalued 17% in just the past ten months and this is the biggest part of  why gasoline has gone up to $4.00 a gallon. The liberal fringe news media is telling you its the greedy oil companies fault but the truth is, it’s all Democrats fault not the oil companies.

 No one is reporting the true reason why the banks collapsed in September of 2008. This biggest lie ever told is the Democrats blaming the mess as being created by the Republican Party but the facts prove a much different picture. In the five months from May to September of 2008. The federal government borrowed $413 billion of on budget deficit spending in just 5 months. This never happened before as the debt had never even come close to this amount in a 5 month period, all just before the banks collapsed in September of 2008. This does not include the off budget deficit and this made it much worse. If you add up the money borrowed from the world banking system in that 5 month period prior to the bank collapse, use both on budget and off budget deficits this brings the total to $683 billion in that five-month period and that’s $136.6 billion average each month.

  Don’t you find it odd that it’s almost exactly the same amount of monthly deficits we have now in 2011 or almost 4 years later? So is this by accident or is it on purpose? Blaming it on Pres. George W. Bush doesn’t work at all if you look at how Congress spends money and the dates that they spent it. The president can’t spend a dime without Congress first consenting to it. To get funding for the wars and our military George Bush was held at gunpoint to sign the spending bills. The deficit spending on the first budget the Democrats are responsible for which was the 2008 budget the total on budget and off budget federal deficit was $978 billion. This is exactly why the banks collapsed in September of 2008. This was 100% the doing of the Democratic Party who controlled Congress by majority votes not the Republican Party. No one is reporting this and all of his hiding in plain sight. Maybe that’s why nobody sees it.

 All the numbers come from: Department of labor and statistics: The U.S. Treasury department: Congressional budget office and its all hiding in plain sight.

 The gross domestic product numbers reported to the public is not an inflation-adjusted number. The recently reported 1.8% growth rate for the first quarter of 2011 by the Federal Reserve does not adjust for the inflation or lost buying power of our dollars. This is also a yearly average not a quarterly average. Although it is reported every three months is based on a yearly growth rate.

 If we just take the most recent inflation numbers also reported by the Federal Reserve and that yearly inflation was 2.1% only if you take out the higher cost gasoline and food. Now we just take that 2.1% and back it out of the 1.8% growth rate and we are negative 3/10%.

 Now if you put gasoline and food back in the monthly inflation for the past two months it has been half a percent each month and since this is reported on monthly basis you have to multiply times 12 and that gives you a yearly 6% inflation rate when you include food and gasoline. So now to inflation-adjusted and find the true state of the economy you have to take that 1.8% growth rate and back out the 6% inflation rate and it gives you a -4.2%. This is the more accurate state of the economy. This is not taking into consideration higher healthcare insurance premiums that continue to rise or the higher cost of gasoline as it continues to go higher every week.

 The bottom line here is the true state of the economy is its real bad.

 The government is lying to us about everything.

 When the Federal Reserve chairman gets on the news with reporters and tells everyone he’s believes in a strong dollar and he has no intention of devaluing the currency or the dollar when all the evidence proves otherwise. It is about the time they intentionally do devalue the currency and this is what they do in every single instance where some countries currency has collapsed. Just ask Ron Paul he will tell you the exact same thing.

 A summary of everything I talk about in a list that negatively affects the economy.

 The Higher insurance premiums from Obama’s socialized health care costing the American people minimum of $250 billion a year.

 Higher cost of gasoline by itself is a full -3. % negative from the gross domestic product reported at 1.8%. This gives us a -1.2% just from higher crude oil refined prices and this does not include food inflation.

 The $5.3 trillion printed up over last four years by the Federal Reserve is severely devaluing the dollar. This is pushing up the cost of gasoline.

 Since Democrats took office in January 2007 they have deficit spent by $5.3 trillion. This is 100% the fault of the Democrats it all happened with Democrats in charge of Congress not the Republicans. This is the big news this no one is reporting it, not even Fox news or talk radio.

 The Democratic Party caused the bank collapse in 2008 not Wall Street or the banks. $683 billion was sucked out of the banking system by the Democratic Party’s government deficit spending in that five-month period just prior to the banks collapsing in September of 2008. To see the evidence of this statement check out this page which I’ve created a table this is the year-to-year spending and who was in charge of Congress at the time. All the information was taken from the government records. I did not make this up, it is the truth.  Is the democratic party Guilty of Seditious treason? http://tiny.cc/anjwq

To show you how much trouble we are in look at this pie chart of how much we are spending and how much we are collecting in taxes. We are so screwed.

 This pie chart does not show all the expenditures for 2010 the total amount was really a lot more than it shows. The tax recites is correct but the total outlays was $3.7 trillion not $3.5 trillion. Again I say we are so screwed.

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Fromt cover of 2012 size 128 x 192 small

2012 cover

Representative Steven Cohen, a Tennessee Democrat, accused House Republicans of using the Nazi’s “big lie” strategy to try to discredit the health care law. Cohen accused Republicans of using Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels propaganda Minister as an example of how Republicans were lying about the health care bill. Nothing could be farther from the truth and Steven Cohen proves in his statement that the real liars and the real Nazis are in the democratic party.

Point Number one is Hitler’s political party run by Goebbels was called the national Socialist workers party. You get the part about socialist workers party. The Republicans and what they stand for and what they have done throughout their history looks nothing like Nazi Germany’s Socialist workers party. The Republican Party governs more from the Constitution and the beliefs of our founding fathers more than any other political party other than the Libertarian party. Libertarians are not liberals in the modern sense they believe in the government should only do two things protect the borders and provide an army to protect the country and nothing else. They would be considered extreme right. Libertarians believe in no socialism whatsoever. I think the Libertarian party should change their name to the Constitution party. Libertarians vote for Republicans and never for Democrats. The Democrats have always practiced what looks more like National Socialism and they believe in and practice wealth redistribution policies and this leads to a one class economic system like that of Karl Marx in his Communist manifesto.

The lies and deceit which Joseph Goebbels depended upon to control the German people’s way of thinking and to get them to go along with killing 6 1/2 million Jews and an estimated total of over 13 million people in Hitler’s concentration camps. Do you remember the part of the debate that went like this, we have to pass a bill to know what’s in the bill? If that’s not premeditated deception than what is?

I have watched the Democrats lie about everything they do for the last 34 years. If anything this tactic of Joseph Goebbels deception has been practiced by the Democratic Party consistently for my entire adult life. The tactics of the Democratic Party the liberals and progressives has a direct resemblance of nazi Nationalist Socialist workers party propaganda practices, it’s a perfect match for what the Democratic Party practices. This is not from what I have read in a news paper or a book; this is from what I have observed from their actions and the results of their actions.

The exact words of Joseph Goebbels were the bigger the lie the easier it is to believe. I read about all this when I was a teenager more than 40 years ago. I had a great interest in what happened in the Second World War and how 13 million people were allowed to be murdered in gas chambers and then the bodies were burned. Now what I have observed in over 34 years of watching the liberal, progressive Democrats is that they are the most likely group that would do this sort of heinous thing to people to get what they want. Their actions have proven them to be exactly like the Nazis. The healthcare bill they passed was against the will of the majority of the people. This should be evidence that they believe in dictatorship, that’s what Nazi Germany was and that’s what the Democrats did when they passed the healthcare bill against the will of the majority of the people.

The Democrats practice dictatorships to in their style of governance. That has no resemblance whatsoever to the Republican Party. When the Republicans were in charge of the House and Senate Congress tried to pass an amnesty bill for 20 million illegal aliens. That also included allowing 42 million more extended families of Mexicans to legally come into the country. The people were against it and the Republicans knew it and Republicans did not pass the bill. This was by the will of the majority of the people. There is a dramatic difference between the way the Democrats govern against the will of the people and the Republicans governed by the will of the people. The liberal and progressive Democrats think that the American people are stupid. They found out after just two years of having a supermajority and losing it, that the American people are not stupid and the Democrats are still in denial.

While the Democrats were trying to get the healthcare bill through when they had the supermajority of votes in both the House and the Senate. They couldn’t get the bill passed within their own parties supermajority. They constantly blamed it on the Republicans and they did not need even one Republican vote to pass the bill. This is just more lies and deception, more proof of who the Nazi’s really are. They still to this day blame the Republicans for having such a hard time passing the healthcare bill. Just like the Democratic senator Steven Cohen said the longer you tell the lie sooner or later people will believe it. This tactic is being practiced by the Democrats not by the Republican Party. But what I have seen the Democrats do over the last 34 years is exactly what Steven Cohen is doing by blaming the Republicans for what the Democrats are guilty of. This is what I have observed coming from the Democratic Party. So who are the real Nazis that are practicing the bigger the lie and the longer you tell it the easier it is to believe.

Here is what I have found the new healthcare bill is doing to the American people right now. The truth is not what the Democrats are telling us the truth is they are just lying to the public, but what is actually happening to the people and what I know for a fact is that people with their own paid health insurance coverage and everyone I know has gotten huge premium increases in their healthcare ranging from 12% to as high as 37%. The Democrats told us that it would make insurance cheaper. But 34 years of observation and watching what the Democrats say and the actual results are always much different. This proves again that Democrats are using the tactics of the Nazi party.

The very titles of their bills are a complete deception when compared to what’s actually in these bills. The people who have to pay these higher insurance premiums know who’s telling the truth and who is lying. Another example is the fair credit act passed in early 2009 after the Democrats got super majority control of Congress. This bill is primarily directed at credit cards and pushed the cost of using them up increasing the cost to the taxpayer. While at the same time giving people who don’t pay their bill special rights, projections and privileges. Who pays for this? The people who do pay their bills in the form of higher interest rates and fees. There was nothing fair and the fair credit act for the people who pay their bills. This is what I mean by a deceptive title, the facts are everything that Democrats do seems to be full of deceptions and this is why the Democrats lost control of Congress. 

Now the Republicans have more seats in the House of Representatives than they ever have in our history. Even though the evidence is in and the American people are on to Democrats tactics of deceit and we see the proof by the evidence of the results of the election on November 2, 2010. The Democrats continue to practice Joseph Goebbels tactics of the longer you tell the lie and the bigger the lie the easier it is to believe. But it’s not working for them anymore the American people are on to their lies more so than ever before, because it’s costing them and people vote their wallets.

If you look into what the National Socialist workers party was in Hitler’s Germany and then you look at socialism and modern socialist Europe and then you compare that to Karl Marx communism, you’ll see there’s very little difference in what they all believe and practice. They are all so much alike it’s hard to understand why Hitler hated communism so much, when their beliefs were so close you could not tell them apart. These are all political systems that are also economic systems. They are all a derivative of Karl Marx’s Communist manifesto. The problem I have with any form of socialism or communism is the economics never works out for the people. It’s about the math and you can ask any European how their socialism works for them and how their socialized medicine works, you will get the same answer from all of them, it just doesn’t work. This is exactly the same economic system that the Democratic Party and Barack Obama (B.O.) is trying to force on the American people against their will.

Here are the facts and the numbers to show there’s no common sense or logic in the way that liberal, progressive Democrats think. They put 180 million Americans who are already covered with their own health insurance in a position of having to pay much higher premiums for the year 2010 and 2011 and all years that follow. To provide health insurance for just 6 million people starting in 2014. Where is the logic in that? Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill and where’s the logic in that?

The liberal, progressive Democratic Party is claiming they’re going to provide insurance for 31 million people, but that’s a lie. What the new healthcare bill is going to do is force an additional 25 million people to purchase health insurance from insurance companies. You have to add the 180 million who already have health care insurance and the additional 25 million that will be forced to pay into the health insurance system just to pay for 6 million people who can’t afford healthcare insurance. The new healthcare bill is just another form of further wealth redistribution. The Democrats have found a way to force 205 million people to pay more money in insurance premiums to cover just 6 million people.

The Democrats have the public believing and they have stated many times (specifically Nancy Pelosi and the liberal fringe lame stream news media) that they’re going to provide health insurance for 31 million Americans. But the facts have shown since they have passed the bill so we could know what was in the bill. The new healthcare bill will force 25 million people to pay into the system and it’s not free. 25 million people are being forced into the health insurance system are going to have to pay for health insurance or pay a fine if they don’t comply inforced by the infamous IRS. More lies and deceit coming from the liberal progressive Democratic Party

This is exactly what all the lawsuits from the states are about; claiming that forcing the people to buy health care insurance or any product is unconstitutional. One court in Virginia has already made a decision that the new healthcare bill is unconstitutional. There are many more lawsuits to be heard and what the states really have a problem with his they’re going to have to pay part of this new healthcare bill and they just don’t have the money to do it.

So once again we have the Democrats who are practicing Adolf Hitler’s tactics of the longer you tell a lie and the bigger lie the easier it is to believe. This looks like it benefits the insurance companies more than it does anyone else. While the Democrats have demonized the insurance companies and are making charges that they make too much money (A 1.6% profit) they turn right around and pass legislation in the healthcare bill that puts 25 million more people into the healthcare system paying premiums to the insurance companies. Another lie told by the Nazi Democratic Party.

Representative Steven Cohen made statements accusing the Republicans of acting like Nazis and he says he will not apologize. I will not apologize for what I have put in these pages and I have no reason to because I am telling the truth and Steven Cohen is practicing propaganda of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany and he’s just flat-out lying to the American people. What I have learned in life is that everything we do matters. There is no such thing as it’s irrelevant, everything is relevant, everything we say and every action we take has consequences. I will finish with this. There is zero resemblance of Nazi practices in the Republican Party, but there is a 100% resemblance of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels Nazi Germany within the Democratic Party by the lies they tell, in what they say and what they practice. They look exactly like the Nazi party to me and this is from 34 years of observation.

 These are not my opinions these are just the facts and truths.I find it funny how liberals and progressive Democrats will say well that’s your opinion when you are stating facts. This is just another form of deception. liberal,progressive Democrats don’t really have an argument that deals with the truth or the facts. They cannot argue with the facts they can only argue with opinions and views which are not facts. They live and operate in a fantasy land of a psychologically and mentally defective environment completely void of logic and common sense. They seem to act like a trained seal only repeating what they have heard others in their own ilk say.

In Steven Cohen’s rant he cited the cost of health care being $210 billion in the first 10 years. He said that this was done by the congressional budget office. Why is it everything I read says the cost will be $1 trillion over the first 10 years? Is this just more disinformation coming from the liberal progressive Democratic Party practicing their tactics of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels. Then there’s the other part no one mentions. What about the cost and higher insurance premiums for the first full year of 2011 to the 180 million Americans that will have to pay directly through their higher insurance premiums. I have done the math on this and it works out to be $252 billion just for 2011.

This isn’t in any of the Congressional Budget Office numbers because they don’t know what the insurance companies are going to charge and it’s not something the government will have to pay so it is not their concern. They didn’t know when the bill was being written and they still don’t know. These are my numbers based on the amount of money that is paid from insurance companies each year on health care and using the lowest percentage of increase premium of 12%. The actual cost will probably be much higher than my estimate of $252 billion for 2011. This will show up in the next six months as $21 billion a month is diverted from other sectors of the economy to pay for these higher healthcare insurance premiums. It doesn’t matter whether you pay it or your employer pays for your healthcare all that money still goes missing. No economists have even recognized this yet and perhaps this is because they to think money just falls out of sky or we all have a printing press in our basement,  just like the liberal, progressive Democratic Party seems to think.

2012 What's really going to happen in 2012

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In the next 18 months there will be many very obvious signs that everyone will be able to see and follow our currencies demise. The evidence will be found in the two most noticeable commodities we purchase every week and that’s the price of Gasoline and food. While the governments’ bureau of labor and statistics is telling us we have no inflation reported to be 1.1% the cost of Gasoline and food will be skyrocketing upward.

 In the last report out December 15, 2010 the headline number on inflation came out at .8% or 8/10 of one percent. These numbers are calculated on a monthly bases and it seems no one ever looks at what’s in the reports. Here is the increased cost of the two most important items in America. The CPI report shows the last 12 month gasoline has increased 9.5%. Then if we look at food over the 12 month period we get 1.4% increase in price. The total of all items in all categories clams’ inflation is running at 1.1% per year. I think we all know that something is not right with these numbers. The cost of gasoline in just the last 3 months is up 20% where I live and I have seen that in other areas of the country is a lot higher.

 But the November Producer Price Index (PPI) for finished goods surged 0.8 percent is doubles most economists’ estimates. Moreover, the inflation is not stemming just from rising energy prices. Overall, the cost of food rose 1 full percentage point in November, which is equivalent to 12 percent annual inflation rate. Egg prices led the way higher, jumping 23 percent in November, while the price of fruit jumped an astounding 14 percent. Think these are one-time, freak price jumps? Think again, because since the first of this month… the price of corn is up more than 3 percent … coffee is up more than 8 percent … sugar is up 8.49 percent … oats are up nearly 6 percent … while cotton prices are up more than 16 percent — all of this in just 15 days!

 The consumer price index hasn’t started jumping yet. But just like night follows day, it will as companies pass on higher wholesale costs. The Fed SAID it would continue its QE2 policy, saying it would “promote a stronger pace of economic recovery” … But that reckless policy is driving interest rates skyward! In fact, two-year Treasury yields have doubled in 29 trading days. Five-year yields have surged 102 basis points, or 1.02 percentage points, while 10-year yields just hit a seven-month high. Thirty-year municipal bond yields soared to a 16-month high, as thirty-year mortgage rates jumped to the highest since the tail end of the spring home buying season.

 So not only is the Fed failing to promote recovery by driving borrowing costs down It’s actually hindering the recovery by driving costs up. Yet in the Fed’s fantasy world, everything is peachy keen! With interest rates rising and the Fed continuing to print money and buy bonds, despite a zero percent success rate so far, here comes hyperinflation!

 The price of gasoline has gone from under $2.50 a gallon to $3.00 that is a 20% increase in just 3 months. I do my own shopping and I believe food has gone up more than 1.4% in the last year. Any way my point is what we really need to buy every week is climbing at a much greater rate than the reports show. This is nothing new as I have notice this to be the case all my years of running a business. But in the following months because of the intentional devaluation of the dollar, the cost of petroleum products and food will increase as the dollar devalues against all other currencies. This is what happens when a country intentionally devalues its currency. Ben Bernanke has said we need to create some inflation because it’s to low at 1.1%.

 So here is what’s taking place right now and it’s the truth. I will explain how this will get out of control real fast. We will start with what the news media is referring to as QE-2 which translated means quantitative easing. The amount of money they are going to print or digitize is $600 Billion. Bernanke claims the purpose is to create liquidity in the banking system. The true reason is to finance the federal deficit of $110 billion a month. There are just moving digits from one Colum of a computer program and moving the digits to another Colum, there not even printing the money anymore. This has to be added to the federal deficit spending for all of 2008 and up to the end of 2010 and that dollar amount is around $3.9 trillion. Now we are adding $600 Billion for a total of $4.5 trillion. The money is getting into the streets with monthly government spending on entitlement programs.

 This QE-2 money will run out buy April of 2011, so what happens next? QE-3 will be another $600 billion and Ben Bernanke said this would be the case if needed and it will be needed. There’s no end in sight with the federal budget deficits of 1.55 trillion for 2011. That’s $129 billion on average added each month to finance the gap between government revenue and government spending. The QE-3 will run out by September 2011. So what comes next? QE-4, 5 and 6 there is no end in sight.

 Why does this matter and why should you care? As the Federal Reserve keeps propping up federal spending deficits over the short period of the next 18 months we will destroy what confidence is left in our paper currency. This means the prices of crude oil from were ever we do import it from will continue to rise with the continued intentional devaluation of the dollar. We import 72% of all the crude oil we use and we are not in control of the price. American oil companies only control 3% of the world oil supplies. Well why does this matter? For every dollar a gallon the price goes up it takes $27 billion each month out of Americans pockets they would otherwise spend on something else. We are not buying additional product we are just paying a lot more for it. $4.00 a gallon gasoline by July of 2008 is part of what caused the last recession or the one we are still in that lead to a worldwide bank collapse. That recession started in December of 2007. If you find a chart of the price of gasoline and a chart for unemployment as the cost of gas went up so did unemployment. They move in lockstep for the following reasons.

 On a yearly base $1 in additional cost to a gallon of gas is about $300 billion that goes missing for other purchases. I believe the threshold for decline in other economic activity due to the price of gas is $2.50 a gallon and once we get above that we start to lose jobs because all that money goes missing. There is also the secondary affect the higher price of crude pushes up the cost of food and all other energy related categories. There is also another problem and its ethanol that is added to the gasoline. This comes from corn and corn is also the main food use for cattle chickens and all farm animals. As we burn ethanol up we are forcing the cost up for farmers to feed their animals and this has a direct affect on the cost of all our food supply on top of the higher price from the higher cost of crude oil.

 In 2011 we can look for much higher Gasoline prices and much higher food prices. It will look like this by the end of 2011, gasoline will double to $5.00 a gallon and food will be up about 30%. The Bureau of labor and statistics will be telling us we have just 5% inflation. This is exactly what they were telling us in July of 2008 when gasoline was $4.00 a gallon in most parts of the country and in Crazy left coast California gasoline was over $5.00 a gallon. Most of the price increase in 2008 was from January to July or in just 7 months. That was all from speculation in the commodities market, not from the intentional devaluation of the dollar.

 The inflation of the currency has a quantitative number of jobs losses that will come from the money gone missing from the higher gas prices. Based on my numbers and numbers from the department of labor, I have calculated that for every $1.00 a gallon or $27 billion each month the job cost is 183,828 jobs that disappear with the money. On yearly bases that is 2,205,936 lost jobs and this doesn’t count all the income lost from the jobs incomes that no longer exist that will forces even more job losses. This is already happening in October and November of 2010 the last two unemployment reports have shown in the body of the report not the headline number, we have lost 503,000 jobs from the total number of jobs in the economic system. This coincides with the rising price of crude oil as it has crept up for the last three months. The headline numbers were positive, but just like all government reports they have diluted them in such a way the true state of the economy doesn’t show up until 3 to 6 months later, if it shows up at all. The interior of the reports show a decline in the number of people with jobs was negative 330,000 for October and 173,000 for November. So get ready for a wild ride as prices go back to $4.00 and then to $5.00 by the end of 2011

 The higher cost of food has the same results as the higher price of gas. Food has to be replenished on weekly bases we eat it and it disappears and if it cost more for the same amount of product the money just disappears. The money doesn’t exist anymore to purchase other products and the economy slows even more and even more jobs are lost. Currently the unemployment rate is at 9.8 % for November 2010. I expect at the very least we will lose at least another 6 million jobs by the end of 2011 if the above scenario plays out. This will put the unemployment rate at around 13% to 14% by early 2012, which will be catastrophic. The value of the dollar will have its ups and downs because of Europe’s economic problems but the long term direction over the next 18 months will be the same, a severe devaluation of the dollar. So what happens next?

 If you want to know the whole story on how we got into this position and were all this will take us and our country you have to buy my book called 2012: what’s really going to happen in 2012. There are no prophecies in the book, it’s not about wizards or any hocus pocus codes. It’s about sound economic practices that we have ignored within our own governments policies and how the very government we expect to protect the country has planned our demise and why. I show the proof based on simple math, a little common sense and the current history of the last 10 years to get us right where we are. 


2012 What's really going to happen in 2012

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 • A new 3.6% tax on all investment income including capital gains. That means that the capital gains tax rate (including California state tax) will rise to 33.9%. The tax on dividend income will rise from 15% today to 53.7% including California tax.

 • Additional Medicare tax on self employment income and wages. This removes the current cap on wages subject to this tax and it will effectively move the top income tax rate from 35% to 43.4% within a couple of years. Add in the California tax again and would then be close to a 54% marginal tax rate. I believe that this is the highest of any major industrialized country. But because spending is so high we would still have $1 trillion-dollar annual deficits even after this tax.

 • There is a 2.9% tax on all medical “devices”, which basically means everything used in a doctor’s office or hospital. Including gowns, syringes, and the like. This will increase health care costs for everyone who does not get free government insurance.

 • The deduction for Medical expenses is currently limited to those expenses that exceed 7.5% or your income. This will be raised to a threshold of 10% of your income. This means that fewer people will get any tax relief from medical expenses they pay for themselves.

 • There are various taxes on anything a person might do to pay for their own medical expenses. Things like Health Savings Accounts, Cafeteria Plans, and Flexible Savings Accounts are ways for people to save their OWN money for their OWN medical care on a pre-tax basis will be limited and taxed. This is all part of the way that President Obama gets to government-run health care by making it illegal or costly to pay for your own care so you have to go to the government.

 • A 10% tax on tanning services. I call this the “Jersey Shore tax”. This one has to be really upsetting to ‘The Situation’, Snookie, and Pauly D.

 • A tax on self-insured health plans. This is another penalty on those who try to pay for their own health care.

 • A new tax on pharmaceutical manufacturers. This will raise the price of drugs for everyone who does not get them from the government for free.

 • A new tax on “Cadillac” health plans. This is an up to 55% tax on any health insurance that costs over about $800 per month including employee and employer contributions. This tax does not apply if you are a union member or your plan is from AARP or Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. These are major Democratic constituencies and they exempted them. For everyone else, this discourages comprehensive health coverage. Isn’t that what the President says he is trying to achieve? Like most of what the President says, his actions are not even close to his words.

  There is a new tax on all ‘for-profit’ health insurance companies (except for a few favored ones). This will also raise the costs of premiums for everyone not getting free care from the government.

 • If you don’t buy health insurance (as dictated acceptable by a new federal czar), you will be fined up to 2.5% of your income even if you pay all of your medical expenses yourself. If your company does not provide said health insurance to all employees, the company will be fined up to $2,000 per employee.

  61% of Americans (including both Democrats and Republicans) are against the bill, those for it the majority have no idea about the taxes included in it. The 2300 page bill was finally released to Republicans TODAY and will be voted on in less than 48 hours.

 2012 What's really going to happen in 2012

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There seems to be so much anger on the internet blogs about Fox news from liberals, can’t they just not watch fox news and choose different news programs if they don’t like it? Why are the liberals and progressives so over the top emotionally about one news program out of hundreds of other choices? 

I have been following the liberal progressive news media for 44 years or since 1966. They have been lying to the public for a least that long. Until Fox news the liberal’s progressive news media had no competition as they have only been around about 12 years. They can’t seem to stand it that someone has an opposing opinion. They also don’t like it that the real truths of what liberals or progressives want to do to the country is being exposed. The American people will not stand for becoming a socialist European style country. I did not learn what I know from watching glen beck or listening to rush Limbaugh I wrote a book 20 years ago that predicted what is happening right now. The liberal, progressive news media spends most of their time trying to convince the public that Fox news is telling the people lies. Of course the opposite is true and the numbers prove it to be so. I watch all of them.

 I would say by the ratings of Fox news the liberals are not doing a very good job of convincing the public. Six times more people watch fox news then any of the other liberal progressive cable stations and ten times more than MSNBC. The more the liberal or progressives talk the more people watch Fox News. Americans are not stupid, just a little slow to catch on and that’s because there is so much disinformation. That’s the way the numbers are working out. I can sit in front of MSNBC for ten minutes and record pages of disinformation given to the public. I can’t write as fast as they can lie. I have lived history and I already know the truth and I don’t need them to tell me what the truth is.

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That I know of there is on one station that is considered right-wing and that’s Fox news. Then there is talk radio. I watch or listen to them most of the time and I don’t see were telling the truth is hateful. There is no one who gets hateful vitriol or verbally violent on fox news or the radio station in my area. Perhaps when I see someone reporting the facts I don’t see it the same way as someone who likes the president and wants the economically suicidal legislation passed. I have run the numbers on both bills. Health care and cap-and-trade each one of them by them self’s would be very damaging to the economy. Each one of these bills would immediately cost hundreds of thousands of jobs each month. I am an accountant who has done cost analysis for 32 years. What is hateful about exposing bad Ideas?

Healthcare is what everyone seems concerned with. No one is dying because we don’t have the healthcare bill passed. If you don’t have insurance they don’t toss you out in the street. The more likely scenario to play out in the real world is if you do have insurance and you are in the hospital, they toss you out because you have reached the limits of your paid healthcare insurance. I have firsthand experience at both.

2012 What's really going to happen in 2012

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