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I Started reading collage level books on the stock market and corparations at age 10. I was a Business owner for 32 years. Home improvement contractor, Real estate investor and ran my own real estate investment company along with a separate property management company in real estate industry. We operated three companies at the same time. I employed as many as 34 people at the same time. I have signed the front of a check as well as the back. I did all bookkeeping work for all my on companies as a Registered CPA. I have played the stock market and the commodities market. I was not really the office type. I got my hands dirty and worked with my crews whenever I could. I like the fiscal work. I have an original copy of the constitution and the bill of rights on my desk, along with a print translation. The bill of rights is part of the constitution. In my younger days I used to work 80 to 90 hours a week. I kept up that pace up to age 40. That’s how I did all of the above at the same time. I am a conservative by nature not just by political affiliation. It’s all about the math, what works and what doesn’t work. That’s what makes me what I am. I am not a member of the Sahara club; I am not sure exactly what it is, except a lot of wealthy people belong to it. That’s just not me.

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